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    Escape from jail

    I simply went to Solitude, pickpocketed someone, got caught and submitted, saying take me to jail. When in jail, in the back corner of the room you can activate some loose rubble and it’ll create a hole that’ll allow you to escape ridiculously easily. Probably the easiest 10Gs in the game!

  • ...which means I have to put myself IN jail. Hopefully this will connect with the "D.B."
  • Could be story related. Deja Vu?
  • if not, you would just save, get thrwon in jail, escape, then load the save :)
  • it might mean escape from the jail you will inevitably start in at the beginning of the game, like all Elder Scrolls games.
  • Uriel septem seeing your face all over again and been slain by a sneaking b*****d and then do we deliver the amulet of "Queens" to jauffre's great great great grand son/daughter lol
  • this one will be a doddle with a invis or chameleon spell
  • Don't drop the soap.....
  • @ #5 wut
  • Not story related, story and guild related ones have "" around them :) There was an art to escaping in Oblivion without magic! Except now there's an achievement too :D
  • Actually just like Oblivion, you start Skyrim in a jail. So yes this could be story related.
  • It's not going to be story related, you're not in a jail you are on your way to your execution. Also, how stupid would it be to get two Achivements at the same time (the story one as well as getting out of jail). No, it will probably be like Oblivion in that you get to keep a lockpick when you get thrown in jail, you have to lockpick a very hard door, and sneak out.
  • Huh? I wonder how this will play out... Thieves guild start maybe?
  • This will most likely be one of those achievements that i will do afterwards just to get the 100%
  • I made a video on hoe to get this the easy way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIlFiMBM5OI
  • Actually, in Whiterun, you can just dash to the door on your immediate left to get it. You won't be outside, but it'll still unlock as you've escaped from the prison area.
  • @#10 correction...you start skyrim on a wagon being taken to your execution
  • Save, steal something or attack then just let the guards take you to jail escape, then load.
  • Get put into jail in solitude then turn around and there is a wall you knock down follow the path to a ladder go up it wait for it to load and you will have yourself the wanted achievement
  • the easiest is in winterhold just pick lock fight 6 monsters then escape
  • does anyone know if completing "no one escapes from cidna mine" side quest unlock this?
  • @20: no, it doesn't.
  • i just did this in white run, under the bandit is a novice lock to pick, all i did was drop all my items outside in a corner before being put in jail so i did not loose them.
  • A simple and quick way to get this achievement and also keep your equipment is to simply load a save file before you put yourself in jail. Took me about a minute or two to get this achievement. :)
  • Load the save file after you are out of jail and have got the achievements that is. Forgot to mention that above, haha. ^^
  • I did this is Riverwood very easily. There was a novice trap door, once in the cellar just 'round the corner and climb the ladder and you get it.
  • steal something in whiterun and go to jail. open the locked trap door drop down go around until you get to a two storied room. on your right will be a locked chest sticking out of the wall with all your items in it. both locks are novice. you get all your items back and now you can exit and if you had a follower they will be waiting and its like nothing happened.
  • just do this along with the 1000 bounty in all 9 holds.
  • Honestly I ran through the Solitude Jail, which 18 suggested and it took less than a minute to get the achievement. Just need to have a save file before you get thrown into jail.
  • If you are in jail and escape, is there anyway to get your stuff back without reloading? Just curious. I searched all over and can't find it.
  • easy enough, did to get 100% though as never got around to being taken alive :-p
  • I just saved, talked to a guard who recognised me and put me in prison. Then I escaped to the barracks, got the achievement, loaded my game where I saved it and didn't talk to the guard but played on instead :)
  • Should be easy thanks for the post
  • If you don't want to lose skill levels, just save before committing a crime and restart afterwards.
  • Think I did this the hard way by accident. Tossed in jail in Solitude, picked the adept lock on the door, walked around, went back to the cell, then found the wall to knock down. As if that wasn't enough, I picked the expert lock to get my stuff back before going up the ladder. Two locks, one lockpick, and no lockpick perks chosen. Tough! :)
  • Pickpocket in a city marketplace and submit to the guard after being caught. Go to jail. Save game. Pick thenlock and escape the jail. As soon as you load into the city from the jail the achievement should pop up. Then reload the save and spend time. Get appropriate lockpicking perks previously, as you only have one pick!

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