Golden Touch Achievement

  • Golden Touch



    Have 100,000 gold

    First things first, the achievement requires you have 100,000 gold on you at any one time

    Anyway, some tips:

    Killing dragons and selling their scales and bones is a good way to earn some quick bucks.

    Doing missions for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood will net you plenty of coin.

    In the last Dark Brotherhood main mission, “Hail Sithis!,”you’ll get given 20,000 gold, which you have to invest in another mission. Simply put, don’t start that mission until you have this achievement and this will give you a 20,000 shortcut.

    Pick up what you can, when you can and then when you get back into the city, sell everything you don’t want and net the cash. Don’t waste your time with stupid stuff like bread, plates, wooden dishes, etc. Save it for the high money to weigh ratio.

    Remember, shops don’t have unlimited gold, so try to get rid of stuff as and when you have it. However, if like me you don’t, then you generally find that waiting 48 hours (in the store, using the wait button) they will have their allotted amount of money back, so if you’re desperate, do that. You can always buy back what you sell at a later time, obviously for a much more bigger cost. NOTE: If you do it this way it can be stupidly boring!

    Also, the higher your speech skill, the more you get per item (although it’s not really that noticeable). You can use the merchants in every town, but the best place to do this is in the Thieves Guild, with Tonilia… when I went to see her she had 4,000 gold every 48 hours, so it’s much quicker this way (this was after I had finished the Thieves Guild's questline though, so she may have less before then).

    Hitting the guide button just after you start to wait for 24 hours actually makes the timer click down quicker... so do that!

  • Picture of the achievement reminds me of Gondors White tree, looks easy providing the game isn´t full of cheapos that pay 2 coins for completing quests. This game looks brilliant so I´m going to be playing it for a while anyway. It´s a shame there´s no multi-player though, I know this game isn´t about multi-player and whatever but I´d love to play with my friends and stuff, I´d make my own fellowship and take the one ring to mount doom and... damn that picture.
  • I hope the economy is balanced...
  • this one could be a pain in the arse to get
  • well it could be hard but since todd is saying that u get bigger and better loot and rewards from doing quests i dont think it will be that hard to get, but dont know till we get it lol.
  • in Oblivion, I was all about the big money, so this should be achievable, it's just time-consuming.
  • @1 Two player co-op would be friggin awesome :D @2 The economy reacts to what you do, you can help build the economy in a city or burn down the log mill and hackle from the rooftops :)
  • Cackle*
  • I'm pretty sure after around the 'average' 200 hours of game play having 100,000 gold should be somewhat achievable ;-)
  • If the economy system is anything like it is in Oblivion this could take a while... I just got done with an Oblivion playthrough and without the money glitch I saved up a legitimate $30,000 after about 50 hours so... yeah.
  • this dosent sound like a whole lot of money, just loot and pilage everything and dont buy anything
  • Lol I do this on accident half the time. Just loot everything and sell anything you don't need or ever use.
  • Hopefully this isn't hard to achieve.
  • Early on it can be rough but Oblivion when played smart is not a hard game to make gold in. My main play through was past 600,000 gold before about 75 hours.
  • #11 I have the same issue I become a klepto. I take every item from every cave, town, dungeon. I have over 300,000 gold in oblivion 200+ hours of play time and I have yet to complete the main quest line which I will be doing in the next few days just in time for Skyrim. I cary 20 strength potions because I have kleptomania issues. lol
  • This will be hard if the vendors have limited amounts of gold per reset, as they do in Fallout and Morrowind. If the barter system is similar to Oblivion this is just a matter of collecting loots and selling it to your favorite vendor.
  • i had over a million gold in oblivion without using any glitches or cheats... and thats with having a weight capacity of 1200 and only picking up magical items
  • well you get 20 thousand after complete the dark brotherhood quest which puts a nice dent dent in this achievement I'm already on 89 thousand lol
  • still taking forever its just straight loot and sell
  • upgrade cheap weapons like iron daggers with banish enchantment it makes weapons with 30 value 1300+ as new value and it is the only enchantment that has such an increase in price
  • As you can probably tell, im not achievement hunter, but this is one I have to get... So far im just a little over 60k, with only 3 major questlines that I know of left. Plan on buying the 25k house and upgrading it to the max :) I am however selling dragon materials, as I heard you can still get the armour from rare ddrops at high levels.
  • Here's a question that hasn't been brought up. Is it cumulative or 100k at one time?
  • 100k over time I have had a total 0f 150k but not had 100k at once
  • I have had just over 103 000 in total but I never had 100 000 at once and I haven't gotten the achievement.
  • It's nice to see that there's no solution that involves every other money based achievement in a 360 game. -.-
  • i've gotten over 127k so far and still haven't gotten it. i don't know whats up
  • HELPFUL TIP ... POTIONS SELL FOR GOOD $$$ so just keep making high-value potions and sell them. I made about $75,000 in about 4 hours.
  • to everybody that did not read the achievement properly it is have a 100 000 gold on you at once so it means have a 100000 gold in you hands not overall
  • easy just do the glitch at sharp point near winterhold
  • please explain the glitch?
  • buy or find iron ore, you'll need the Transmute spell for this, turn it in to sliver then gold, u can smith it into rings and stuff, enchantment adds even more value. good way to get your smithing skills up if u want the daedric armour, and enchantment skills too.
  • comment 23, u have to have 100,000 on you, not overall total.
  • forgot 2 say turn the gold ore into ingots using a melter there one in whiterun and u can buy iron ore from the blacksmith too.
  • where is the transmute spell??
  • stolen goods can be sold at the thief guild and other places... i think is windhelm or w/e where you can go and there is a transmute spell behind a woman that sells war items and she also buys you stolen crap ... idk if its windhelm tho ... is where there is a lot of snow and the smithing guy has a woman helping him ALSO THEY HAVE LIEK 4000 after u sell them a lot of crap
  • easy to do once your married, since you get 100 gold per day from your spuse, and if you have lots of gear to sell just sell what you can and when the merchant runs out of gold, wait 2 days for the gold to return
  • Easy way for money.... raid every dwemer ruin.... collect everything you can... stash it in a house.... then wait a few days game time and raid the ruins again... you will fight spiders and spheres and get metal and scrap from them with you can sell outright or smelt into dwarven ingots... make sure you have amulets and armour that improves shop prices. and you sohuld have this acheivement in a few small hours. You can also do the wood cutting glitch.... but to me... dungeon crawling is a lot more fun.
  • Google "Skyrim Money Glitch" Its this glitch where you kill this skeleton and he has a book worth 50 gold and after you take it, you look at his "empty" carcass and the book is back. Repeat over and over until you can't carry more, go sell them and repeat. It seems really tedious. I couldn't do it because my skeleton glitched when I left to sell the books. Anyways, leave that gold achievement until the end. It will come naturally when playing. Just make sure to pickpocket people after they train you or you bribe them, if you can. Steal stuff from potion shops and whatnot.
  • Wow whoops! My hubby was signed in. I'm Miss Tracey xox, if you had questions.
  • Sorry that was me in #38 & #39. Another major thing to add is to join the Thieves Guild! You can sell your stolen items to a member in the Ragged Flagon. She also has over 1k gold to start. So if you have a lot to sell, see her. You can sell until she is out of money and then wait 48 hours and sell more. :)
  • I started going for this achievement the other day and with about an hour or so of playing I was already halfway at 50,000. My speechcraft is high enough to invest in shops which gives me an extra 500 gold at each shop. All I did was travel between Whiterun and Solitude, invest in all the stores to give the extra 500 and travel between the two towns and sell all my loot. Once you get to each town just wait until morning and you are able to sell at the shops again. And I always buy out all the alchemy supplies and make potions as this is a great money maker too.
  • I just walk around doing quest and go into every dungeon I see, every place loot-able. I've collected so many expensive minerals. and jewelry. along with all the gold I've already collected I could probably get cost to this. I'm only LVL 21 10% into the game maybe.
  • In Oblivion it was easy to get money without exploits. Use the Oblivion gates and kick daedra butt and loot them. My main character after about 100+ hours has all but 2 of the homes available for purchase and $800,000+ in spending money available. I think I shutdown over 15+ Oblivion gates. Also alchemy worked better just made a lot of potions and sold them. Skyrim is harder because materials are more expensive for alchemy and smithing. Don't make as much money yet. I wish in some since there was co-op I could help others save money with smithing as my LVL 32 character is at 100 already and I could use a better enchanter.
  • If you marry Camilla you get 100 a day and killing a dragon, then search the dragon and you'll get +100. you just have to be patient.
  • i have only just started the games story lines and i all ready have just over 50k and a house full of junk worth just over 30k this is one of the easiest achievements in the game
  • For anyone doing this I started up a new game a few days ago (I play slow taking my time and enjoy the scenery lol). Joined the Thieves Guild first thing and didn't do anything else. Just completing the main questline for the Thieves Guild earned me 50,000g in rewards and loot. So yeah thieves ftw lol.
  • @44 No matter who you marry you will get 100g a day. It even stacks so you don't actually have to visit once every 24hrs game time.
  • Become a master alchemist, create loads of potions, then sell them to anyone who will purchase them. Helps to have the perk that allows you to sell to any merchant, not just alchemists etc. Easy money.
  • Should have said, also helps you to buy whatever you want, as you can immediately recoup the money you spend on an item by selling a few potions back to them.
  • If not already mentioned, doing the Dark Brotherhood quest line to kill and Emperor you will be paid 20,000 septims. Thats 1/5 of it done, just don't finish off the quest line and upgrade the sanctuary.
  • hard....
  • does this mean you have to have 100,000 at one time or is it have 100,00 in lifetime earnings? I'm a bit confused.
  • The easiest way to get this is through Alchemy.. Once you have discovered three/four of the major cities go and buy as many ingrediants and then start messing about with making potions... choose three items then create a potions and with luck you will find a potion that makes you 1000nds!!! eventually you will have loads of recipes and will make lots. I can produce 100000 golds worth of potions in 5 mins. The only issue you will find is selling them all as most vendors dont seem to carry much gold. Tip. unlock the perk in speach so you can sell and item to all merchants. My fav potion is Giants toe and wheat, makes over 1000 gold.
  • I saved all my money by gathering things and selling at stores while not spending. But I realized, you can just do the playthrough and by the time you get to level 50, you should have 100,000 easily. I would buy the house in Whiterun, marry either muiri in Markarth or the one with red hair in Whiterun, both of who can set up shop. Every time you come out of a dungeon, travel back to Whiterun, sell all of your stuff to your wife. If she can't afford to buy it all, then just go across the street to the back entrance of the Drunken Horseman. THere is a guy there with usually about 1000 gold. He'll buy your weapons and armor. And then theirs the general goods store.
  • i just made legendary enchanted daedric armour and kept selling it
  • In the darkbrother hood main quests there is a quest to kill the emperor so you get a reward 20,000 gold it might help a little for this achievement.
  • here's a tip for people trying to earn money for this quest. First, start in Markarth or Riften (doesn't matter which) with as many items you wish to sell as possible in your inventory. Second, sell items to every merchant until they have no more money. Third, go to the city you did not go to in step one, as these cities are approximately 25 in-game hours apart, so it will only be an hour later the next day. Just keep repeating this until you have no more items to sell. This is an easy way to get a good amount of gold (depending on how much unwanted stuff you have to sell). Hope this helps
  • HELPFUL TIP!!!! HELPFUL TIP!!!! Sell goods to any shopkeeper untill hes low on money, then save your game. After you save, KILL the shopkeeper and reload your save. Voila! He has all of his money again, and you still have the profit you made.
  • This worked for me and my friend (not sure if its a glitch or not), upgrade your speech perk so that you can invest money in merchants (permanently increase their gold) then go to the merchant of the general goods store in Riverwood (1st city after escaping Halgen), come back to him and he should have 10k.
  • A great strategy if you're someone like me (looting ruins + homes bare) and want to nab more stuff without being over-encumbered, but don't have a horse. If you have a spell/staff to make zombies, find (or make) a corpse, then store all your stuff in them. You can now sprint/fast travel, and your undead buddy (and all that random crap you picked up) teleport with you. Helped me out a ton before I knew about the save/kill bug, looking for people with enough money to buy all my stuff.
  • Tonilia in the thieves guild bar has 4000 gold every 48 hours. Didnt take too long selling 60 dragon bones and all my weapons to get this.
  • the hidden chest glitch we totally help you easy money i get 750 ever time
  • #61 really? I wonder if it's like that for most of the merchants?
  • a friend of mine did this.first be sure to keep a space of around 100 in your invertory.and what he would do is go to a dragon lair and just kill the dragon.if your strong enougth you should be able to kill it in about 30 seconds, then just absorb the soul and loot the dragon for the bones and scales. each dragon bone is worth 500 and scale 250 and have around 3 bones and 1-2 scales on them, along with other loot (armor, jewlery and weapons).then you can sell them (i personally go for the shop in riverwood.have discovered at least 4 lairs keep going back and forth to the lairs.and if the dragon is not there go to your house or an inn and sleep for 3 days and at least one of them should have spawned again. once you've got the achievment, you can have a cup off tea and a bannana , sit down a
  • I love RPGs but hate leveling, so luckily I found an easy way to get 100k gold as well as 100 in Alchemy and Smithing. I won a bet against my brother-in-law (thanks Kentucky!) and now he has to use MY character (that I haven't even started yet) and chop enough wood to get 100k gold(has to be chopping wood, was the most boring thing I could think of), collect ingredients and brew potions to get 100 Alchemy, and collect leather and smith gauntlets to get 100 in smithing! He's not looking forward to it. FUN! LOL! :)
  • just got this achievement today. just sell junk you dont need and store what u do need into the chest inside your house. and for some reason, my riverwood trader gets 11,000 gold every 4 hours :P i just go to him. use the potion of haggling and the amulet that makes prices better then i sell it all to him. and since ive gotten his golden claw back, i can take almost everything from his house. i sell all that back to him also
  • Well, my BIL welched on our bet. He said it would take too long! So I'll have to earned 100k (or 88k, since he got 12 for me already) on my own. Why did I let him off the hook? As a tradeoff, and the he agreed to let me play as his Skyrim character for one day! That sounded like even more fun to me!! Any ideas on what I should do to his character? I was thinking sell some of his stuff to random vendors all over Skyrim so he'd have to go hunt it down and buy it back! LOL! By the way, he's level 60-something, so he has a lot of stuff!!
  • If anyone still wants some tips for some easy gold late game. try the Missing In Action sidequest. The fort you have to raid is filled with bandits using all glass weapons and armor. If you loot everything in that fort you could probably sell it back for about 30,000 gold. Also, upgrade speech so you can invest in people and invest in the riverwood trader merchant. The game glitches and he ends up with 11,500 gold every 48 hours. That's who i sold all of my stuff to.
  • This achievements takes long to get !!
  • I'm halfway to getting this.
  • Every time I get my gold total up, I waste it. Lol.
  • So I haven't seen this mentioned yet so read this even if you've gotten this achievement but skip to the end if you don't need this because it probably won't be relevant to you unless ou're a mogul-ass pimp or something. The easiest way to get this achievement is to collect things during your playthrough of the game for all of the normal acheievements and such. Fill your pack in each dungeon you come to. Focus on weight versus payoff, meaning steel armour is not worth it if it's 30lbs and only 150g when you get get 3 swords that will pay off more This is the same for dragon scales and bones, worth a bit but extremely heavy, it would be in your better interest to use the weight space for armour and weapons. Some things to look out for is jewellery and gems of all kinds, enchanted weapons, a
  • armour, jewellery, potions, some alchemy ingredients. Search everything relevant, I mean don't bother searching cupboards and drawers, they rarely have anything. Instead, search all urns, chests, bodies, alchemy pouches, and rich people's pockets like jarls. One place to stop by often is the market in Riften at night, the jewellery store's supplies alone can net you 5-10k. The armourer store also usually has enchanted armour which can range from anything from a meh 300g armour to a good 2k boots. They usually restock all the stuff within a couple days so do this everytime you come back to Riften to sell your loot like you would do with the practice chests or wait and exploit it. Okay, here is the part that should be relevant to all players. Waiting 24 hours normally is painful and you usu
  • you usually have to wait around 48 have traders restock their gold. So do this, when you go to push A to start the the wait, open up your XBOX menu. This should make the waiting time speed up all of a sudden, wait until you here the ticker stop because if youclose early it changes back to normal and you have to wait the rest out normally. Hope this helps some of you with this achievement and wait times in general.
  • Farming Giants is also good source of gold. plus their toes are one of the best Alchemy ingredients in the game.
  • this achievement is fairly easy guys. here's a tip. if you complete the set of stones of barenziah you get an item called the prowler's something. don't remember the name. anyways it greatly increases the chances of finding gems in dungeons. You'll usually find a couple gems per container. Helps a lot. Also don't forget about the 48 hour thing to reset vendor gold.
  • For anyone having problems with this, just travel to Dawnstar, find the hidden chest with the respawning loot. Not only does that chest contain 790 gold, but it also has great loot like Ebony ingots and Grand soul gems.
  • I found six ways to complete this achievement: 1. Hoarding items and continually selling them (Naturally) 2. Dawnstar secret chest glitch. Refer to what others are talking about. 3. Being an Imperial race. They are granted with the golden touch attribute, which allows you to find more gold around skyrim. (Slow but more than regular races) 4. Selling lots of Dragon scales/bones. Very pricey and weights a lot. Will not be necessary until you maxed out on smithing. 5. Avoid buying, training, and paying off bounty's. Every coin counts. 6. Store a majority of your coins in a home chest to help control your usage of spending. This'll make your brain think, that you need to earn more money fast to be level grounded again. These are ways to get this achievement but honestly,
  • This is actually easy.. I got it after about 50 hours (as an imperial) at level 35. Just keep looting and selling, looking everywhere in the dungeons you visit. You don't really need to buy stuff up to this point in the game either, you'll keep finding better and better stuff. I did buy the house in Whiterun (5000 gold) though, to store my stuff.
  • Thieves guild is a really good way. By doing quests it increases the amount of money the fences have :)
  • do the darkrother hood or the the end of the dark brother dont spend the 20K
  • just picked up this game, and money isn't going to slow for me, already have 35k and really haven't played that long. but i'm guessing ill have to use some of the tricks mentioned before
  • the thieves guild will make you rich, and this helps getting the thieves guild to its former glory achievement
  • One of the things that helped me to get this achievement was to do a lot of side quest. A lot of the time the people you help will give you money and you will probably find money while doing the quest, depending on what it is.
  • If anybody still doesnt have this; the hidden chest in dawnstar is by far the easiest and most time efficient
  • Secret chest: To tthe left of the dawnstar iron breaker mine. Between to rocks. Search iton youtube.
  • I would always collect everything (even baskets) and sell them continuously. Once you invest, wait 48 hours and they will replenish in gold.
  • Such an easy achievement to get when you're imperial and have the treasure hunter and golden touch perks.
  • I pick up only things with a 10 gold per pound ratio. I fill up on pounds then sell it all. Rinse and repeat. Set out on a quest and collect the goods along the way. I might be a bit tedious traveling back to the city to sell after every quest, but it's really that simple.
  • This achievement dose take a wile so be patience. The easy way to do this is to join the Thief's Guild and do missions with them. Also at the same time you can work on the "One With The Shadows" achievement. So yeah, just be patience.
  • This achievement is actually quite simple. While doing the thieves guild mission there is a "hidden" active affect given which enables you to receive 50% more loot and 100% better loot. All you will find from looking in Urn's and such are rare misc items; Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, etc. Very helpful and the easiest way to gain good money. Investing in shops helps too.
  • The one is very simple to get, just listen to a few of my tips. First get a wife/husband who owns a market. Then carry on your quest and loot as much as possible. Gems, scrolls, ores, jewellery and any other items of value. After that, you will sell these to your wife/husband. You skip each two days in order to sell them to him/her again. After each two days they will gift 200 septims to you, you can sell 750 septims worth of items per two days. You generate 950 each two days and if you use the glitch/exploit to skip time faster you can quickly get days passed. I have played roughly for around a month and generated nearly 200k septims by using little tricks like this. I hope this helps.
  • Just did the get married achievement, once i got to my home after a day or two of looting, found out that the new wife has set up a shop and is happy to give me free money (800 for the first trip) don't know if that will carry on but its there if it helps anyone.
  • I just got this achievements today
  • This achievement is actually very easy its just time consuming, and here are a few tips 1. Whenever possible try to pickpocket a valuable item or pick preferably master or expert lock in dungeons because there are usually chests behind those doors. 2. When you have a far destination for a quest walk there dont teleport to the closest thing or use a carriage on your way there go in most dungeons you see. 3. If ever in an alchemy shop try to buy ingredients for making potions and sell them back to the alchemist or keep the potions (this will level up alchemy as well) 4. When in any of the nine holds talk to the blacksmith and buy smithing materials for either advanced armor perk or orcish armor and make it and sell it back to the blacksmith 95% of the time you will get more money
  • Most carried gold: 487,256 once you hit 100k there's no going back omfg
  • Yeah, this is pretty easy overall, just time consuming. I've always found it easiest to do with alchemy, specifically Invisibility potions and Damage Magicka Regen potions. Bear Claws + Blue Mountain Flower or Blue Mountain Flower + Blue Butterfly Wings. Dwarven Oil + Taproot - the same 4 effects are on both ingredients. Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust is the most valuable invis potion I've found but use any of the following 2 together - Luna Moth Wing, Vampire Dust, Nirnroot, Chaurus Eggs, Ice Wraith Teeth. There are a couple other ingredients that have the invis effect but I've never run across them as far as I can remember.
  • Just sell everything in the Dungeons.
  • easier way to get the money back for the shop : save, kill, and reload. don't have to waste your time waiting 8)
  • Dawnstar secret chest Fortify restoration glitch Two videos of glitches that will help get 100k god, if you don't mind glitching.
  • Currently working on this achievement..
  • Join the Dark Brotherhood Loot everything Sell lots Link with clearing 50 dungeons Smithing- especially dwarven This takes time, remember.
  • Alchemy is your friend here; as you're adventuring, collect any ingredients you see lying around, then use make potions whenever you get to an alchemy lab, then sell for a profit. There's also a glitch to get around the merchant gold limit. Sell everything you want to sell to the merchant, then save your game, and then attack the merchant. Reload, and for some reason, the merchant's gold has been replenished.

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