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    Clear 50 dungeons

    What is a dungeon? That’s the first question. A dungeon might not necessarily be a dungeon in the classical sense, for instance, a clearing in the woods that is overrun by beasties and evil spirits might be classed as a dungeon. So whether you’re talking about a cottage full of evil spirits, a clearing, a fort, a proper dungeon and so on, as long as it’s its own separate icon on the map, with a few exceptions of course (monuments, major cities (and places within the cities), etc.) you should be able to “clear” it.

    But wait, how do you clear it? Well, you basically go in and kill everything in there and grab every unique weapon/item/armour piece that’s found in there. In fact, we think killing stuff is enough actually. It’s that easy. The best thing is, if you bring up the menu, go to map, you’ll be able to see areas you’ve cleared with a “cleared” tag next to it. You’ll get this one as you work through the rest of the achievements, guaranteed. If you want to check your progress, there's a stat in the stats area too.

  • good I like encouragement to explore : D
  • Theres something wrong if you dont get this
  • Hahaha yeee if you can't get this chieve you're probably remedial and should not be playing RPG's.
  • I think it's cool they even track "clearing" dungeons. Good idea.
  • This will be a fun one!!!
  • Whats counted as, "clearing" a dungeon though? All enemies? All loot? Both?
  • I hope it means enemies but i will be happy with exploration of a dungeon or loot. but they also said that dungeons are where you learn the words to shouts so that might be what they mean by complete
  • i can't wait to do this achievement. I remember the eerie feeling of the dungeons in oblivion. hopefully they are a lot more scarier in skyrim.
  • #6 I feel like you. What is the definition of clearing? Perhaps there is an objective or treasure at the end of each dungeon which counts towards the achievement.
  • this achievement gonna be so much fun. And there are 150 dungeons !
  • Do you think this will be tracked in the menus? I really hope the tracking system is like Oblivion's only with more detail. Thoughts?
  • Most likely there will be a boss at the end of each dungeon like the Dragon Priest in the demo, so we'll probably just have to dispose of him. Another option would be that each dungeon now has a separate exit, and just going through that exit counts as "clearing" the dungeon.
  • I hope it is a clear definition like all enemies or all lit up on the map and not like a combination with problems with missing tiny bits of map or something. Not like I wanna rush through it but if I gotta spent like 30 minutes in each one and go back on some I miss small areas in that will be a long one....
  • By "dungeon" I assume they mean all varieties of holds/keeps/tombs/crypts/caves/caverns/dungeons/mines/etc...
  • I can't wait to explore every single dungeon I can. That's one of my favorite things about TOS, not to mention how the dungeons are randomized. I wanna find the one where it's just a skeleton with a bunch of plungers lol
  • Has anyone figure out what it means to "clear" the dungeon? Ive gone through about 15 of them but only have 6 cleared.
  • It's Is supposed to be kill all enemy's and go in all rooms I think.
  • After you "clear" a dungeon, that location will have a "Cleared" notation on the world map. That's what is meant by cleared. And to clear a dungeon, you have to kill all baddies. I've cleared a couple while missing treasure chests that I went back for later.
  • I just hope its worth clearing-> good loot :P
  • I have been to atleast 20 dungeons and have cleared 15 of them. 2 of them i went back to and went to places i wasnt in before and bingo.. clear. Also @19 most of the the reward is good if not apart of a bigger reward like in Geingurd ruins, you find part of an amulet.... it fortifies your stamina... there are 3 parts to it... i am going after the 3rd part now. One of the Things i love about elder scrolls.... you dont have to do the main quest till you want to... Like Morrowind... i looted everything and stashed stuff in houses... only problem with that was... i found main quest items and had to remember where i stashed it. Oh, and if you are low level do not do the quest where you get the letter from a friend after doing a shout.... loot is very good...but enemies are lvl5-
  • i had 47 dungeons cleared and then i just explored 3 dragonheads on the map to kill dragons and learn new words and the cheevo popped so dragonspots count as dungeons aswell somehow :P
  • Anyone have any idea if this all needs to be with the same character or can it be cumulative for all your characters?
  • To clear them you probably have to kill all enemies, and make sure when you look at the local map when your in the dungeon that there are no corners unexplored, thats what im thinking
  • its you have to clear out all the enimese insides and outside
  • At #22, I'm not 100% but I would assume it has to be on just one character.
  • This is a lot easier than I expected, considering how many 'clearable' locations there are that aren't even dungeons
  • The 'Dungeons' are anywhere with enemies, and for some reason you can clear out giant camps more than once if the giants respawn after its already been cleared. I think you can do that with any place tho.
  • This was my last achievement. is that bad?
  • Any examples of dungens? Like a specific Fort or Camp? I have 44/50.

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