Skill Master Achievement

  • Skill Master



    Get a skill to 100

    And how do you get a skill up to level 100? Simple… over bloody usage! If you’re an archer, use your bow all the time, buy perks that improve and make you stronger in that discipline and just go crazy with it.

    There are three ways though to improve a skill which you can take advantage of:

    • Use the skill repeatedly. The lower the skill is, the faster it levels up.
    • Train with another character – this is going to cost you gold though and the higher the level, the more it’ll cost you. NOTE: You can train 5 times per character level (across every discipline), so use them wisely.
    • Finally, find a skill book. Chances are though this will be down to chance, so concentrate on the other two and then take this as an added bonus along the way.

    Here are some amazing tactics to raise skill levels (and thus, your character level) quickly:


    • Make use of the standing stones (see the "Standing Stones" achievement for locations. There are plenty that can speed the skill levelling so work out which ones you want to work on and make good use of them.
    • A good tip is making obscene amounts of gold and then getting training from people all round Skyrim. You’ll generally find deceptive tactic trainers in the Thieves Guild, merchantable trainers in the towns and cities, magic trainers in the Winterhold college, combat trainers in the Companions’ chamber in Whiterun and so on. Remember though, you can only train 5 times per character level (across all disciplines) so try picking the one with the highest level in your list, paying more gold and getting more of a boost.
    • A personal favourite of mine: if you do the quest "Discerning the Transmundane" (see the "Oblivion Walker" achievement for details on how and where you have to go) you'll get an artefact that significantly raises a selection of skills and attributes. Do this and heed the warning... use it when you have a lot of high levels to rise for added effect.
    • Smithing is an easy skill to raise and thanks to Vile Denial, there is a sound tactic already. He says: "If you want to reach level 100 in a skill easily (and get a few levels while doing so), I'd recommend smithing. Simply find/buy (I'd recommend buying) all the iron ingots/ore you can, along with leather and leather strips. Warmaiden's is a good place, since the wife outside and husband inside both sell these. Then simply make iron daggers. Once you run out of iron, switch over to leather bracers. Then sell all the items you've made (can even level up speechcraft here during selling). Simply wait until the shops reset (24 hours?), and repeat. You'll get to 100 in no time."
    • Another great tip from Vile Denial here, this time in regards to skill improvement books, which you can buy. He says, "Also, a small note for the skill books achievement. All skills books will have a value above 50 gold (although not all books with a value above 50 will be skill books - I believe there's one worth 200 which doesn't raise a skill)."
    • The Illusion spell "muffle," you can cast this anywhere and everywhere, I just put it on my left hand [weapon on right] and as i explored everywhere i kept pressing LT. You can buy the muffle spell from Drevis Neloren inside the Hall of Countenance at the College of Winterhold.
    • If you're close enough to an enemy and he can't see you, you can sneak constantly into the wall/corner... I just rubberbanded the analog stick and left it while I watched TV.
    • The heavy armour, light armour and block skills can all be levelled by finding an enemy that's not gonna kill you and just standing there. It does take a while though and if I can add, if you equip a healing spell when they're attacking you, you can build your restoration as well.
    • In regards to alchemy, all ingredients have 4 [perks or w/e] you can either experiment to find out or buy the recipes [from alchemy stores]. Turns out the the top left of EVERYTHING is found out by eating it. If you've got loads of cash, just head to all the alchemy shops, buy all the ingredients you can and just sit and make potions, then sell them all again afterwards and start again.


  • At least its just one.
  • Even if it was all skills, I'm sure I would get it eventually. Cannot wait.
  • I'm gonna level all 18 skills to 100 anyway :D
  • Alchemy, duh. easy money.
  • I hope it's not too easy, like with sneaking in Oblivion. Go to a house with a person in it, go sneak mode facing a corner, put something on controller. That was 100 sneak in Oblivion...
  • With a game like this it will probably be the same as Oblivion; there's most likely an easy way to put up each skill. Like swimming into a rock, sneaking into a wall, or having rats attack you for an hour.
  • Hopefully this won't be extremely hard, yet not too easy. But this game will be so much fun that it wont matter at all :D
  • I found it easy to get a half dozen skills to 100 even if some just take some time.
  • This will be so much fun, why take the easy way out?? Get it legit
  • @3. Go Viper, get all your skills to 100 and post proof in forums! I wanna see this.
  • Im already at 100 on sneak lol I had to do it
  • anyone having problems with this not unlocking? i got smithing to 100 and bought ALL the perks in the smithing tree and the achievement still won't unlock :( help someone please!!
  • White River Watch is a cave of bandits just east of Whiterun. To level your sneak quickly, you need to kill a few bandits outside. Then a few inside. Then you will run into Ulfr the Blind. (Hes the man sitting at the table guarding the enterance) I went into sneak mode and walked behind him (backwards) backing my character up toward the wall behind him. (in between the pot and the wall) I put a hairband on the controller (thx jess :) ) and let it build about 4.5 hours (got to 100%)
  • to #13 thats not a good idea, because if you do that to lvl 100 and your other skills or low still ( since that mission is at the begining), your level will grow aswell and also the enemies in the game, your sword and blocking skills will be to low to kill anything and you will die everytime. Unless you did that and then restarted just to get the acheavement.
  • #14: Well, I'm working on the same sneak trick only in a different place. My 'plan' is to sneak-kill as best as possible to build up attacks, although the perks I'm getting are to make killing easier anyway. I figure if it's not possible to carry on I'll start over, but a good dagger and a 15x damage bonus might make for decent balance...
  • lvl 23 wood elf with 70 archery lol can't wait to be 100
  • Another exploit for this one is to grab the Atronach Blessing, then go to Roldbthar (Dungeon where you have to kill someone when doing The Dark Brotherhood questline). There's a sort of fire trap right at the start, do a quick sweep for nearby enemies, then just go into the fire and rubber band your healing spell. (Not going to do it to lvl 100 atm, so can't say how long it'll take).
  • I think my Smithing skill might get to 100 before my 2-Handed, Archery, or Heavy Armor!
  • lololol, during the alduin's wall quest, I just started sneak slashing Delphine and Esbern in the back, I soon realized that about every 5 slashes, my sneak would go up, my one handed would go up, and I was lvling up like mad....
  • Smithing done easy; every time you visit a town with a smith, like Whiterun, you buy all their Leather Strips and Iron ingots. then go to the forge and make Iron Dagger over and over. sell the dagers and repeat the process when they re-stock, or in another town. you will level both regular levels and smithing like crazy. just saying=)
  • @20 That method goes very fast! At the moment I'm level 99, and I missed like 1 iron ingot before I've got level 100... Out of money.
  • pickpocket was my first 100...a ring and necklace boosting success % and the muffled boots left a lot of empty pockets. now I'm stealing everyones clothes around town...just cant seem to catch the chick on the throme in blue palace with any equipped clothes.
  • the easiest way that i found to do this is have someone train you something from lvl 15-20, then steal the gold you gave them from their pocket. and you should gain a level every time you do all 5/5 for the lvl if your low enough. and the more money you start stealing the more your pickpocket will skyrocket. this should only take like 20 mi
  • minutes at the most. and if you have the thief stone it will go up faster obviously
  • Probably the easiest way for me was speech go to riften and enter te black brier meadery and talk to the guy that is behind the desk, ask him about maven Black briar and just keep persuading him. It will only take about 30 min of constantly pressing the a button and if ur under lvl 25 u have to bribe him until ur a 25 then just pursued him
  • buy the spell muffel from the mage in dragonsreach, and then get a small dagger and go to the greybeards, equip both the spell and dagger, find any greybeard, and crouch hit him from behind with the dagger a couple of times, let him heal while he heals use the muffel spell,you will level up both your sneak and illusion to 100 dead fast worked for me, anyone want to add me my gt unbrokenrick
  • I found 2 new ways of doing it and got both skills from 50-100 in 2 hours. Block 100: find a mud crab, tie down your block button while the mud crab is hitting your shield. The mud crab wont move side to side so you can walk away and do something... 1-1/2 hours max. Heavy Armor 100: I had really good armor(650 rating)370 health and a heal spell. went to a giant and let him beat down on me. he was only doing 3-4% health per swing so I could easily heal... 30 mins at most from 70-100
  • Smithing 100 you'll need (a lot of) money for this 1st step: buy very much iron ingots (or ore, then melt 'em) 2nd step: buy very much leather strips 3rd step: make a lot of iron daggers --> your smithing will explode from 20-100 in 1 hour (if the smith doesn't have any iron ingots/strips left, wait 48 hours)
  • Its really easy to screw your character by power leveling a non-combat skill to 100 too early. I'd wait til about level 30 before you do it. Either that or make a save before you go for the achievement. Its really easy though. Just google skyrim speechcraft power leveling or something like that. 20 minutes or so later.... Achievement!
  • This was actually the second achievement that I got in the game. It took about an hour but I was on the phone anyway so couldn't actually play properly. In the jail cells of the Keep, at the beginning of the game, hitting the Torturer is a really easy way of leveling up your One and Two Handed damage, and your sneak, as he doesn't hit back unless you hit him 3 times in quick succession. Just stand behind him, crouch, wait until you're hidden and attack. Wait until you're hidden and his health is restored, and hit him again. At the start, you go up a level with each hit. When you're at level 90ish you level up after every 12 strikes. Tip; if you can back him into a cell he gets stuck and won't wander around. Tip; Don't bother charging your attack. A simple tap is enough.
  • Got this fairly early on with Enchanting. Just disenchanted most magic items, enchanted some weapons with soul trap set to 1s, went exploring with as many cheap gems as I could buy, whittled enemies down with destruction magic, struck them down with my enchanted weapon, trapped a lot of souls then enchanted the most valuable loot I could find with common, lesser and petty gems, with whatever was my most valuable enchantment. Rinse and repeat. Saved any enchanting potions I found for when enchanting hit 100, drank that and made some pretty sick (as-in, better than most in-game items) double-enchanted gear with grand souls.
  • cheapest and easiest way is to level Smithy. Go and buy as much leather and hide as you can and make 400 leather strips and 200 leather peices. Then go to a forge and make leather braces (1 leather & 2 strips)should take less then an hour to get to lvl 100 and you can then go and sell all the braces for lots of gold. :)
  • getting my 100 in archery!
  • another easy way to level a few different stats to 100 is to use the torture victims in the dawnstar dark brotherhood sanctuary after you complete that questline and restore it. They cannot attack you back, so it is incredibly easy. 1. You can do restoration and destruction at the same time by putting flames on one hand and healing hands on the other. 2. you can level conjuration by repeatedly soul trapping them. 3. Sneak by walking into a corner of the room when hidden 4. one hand and two hand and archery normally, just don't forget to heal them every few strikes.
  • saw this on website: Well in the part were you follow one of the storm cloak and you go into the stronghold he will ask you to find a key to open the gate well don't open it just start hitting him until he falls then stop let him back up then his health should be back up just keep repeting this and your destrucion and one handed will go all the way up and don't weary he wont attack you back -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tried this on companion and as long as you do two to three hits and let them heal they wont attack back. Might take a while this way though... save often as Lydia gets annoyed sometimes and fights back!
  • Like Go smurf said, the easiest way if you are lazy is to go to Riften and speak to the Wood elf at the table, there is an option to ask him about the Black Briar head and he can be persuaded to tell you what he really thinks. You may need to bribe him with gold till about leel 25-30 speech, then just keep asking him his opinion and watch your level rise. Tip: Save before talking to him though and now and again just incase your console freezes or whatever
  • Just pickpocket people lol. It is the easiest thing to level to 100 just go around pickpocketing everyone of their jewelry gold and lockpicks and arrows. You will have it in no time. You can also save before a pickpocket in case you fail you can just load your save.
  • The easiest way to do this is to sneak attack the greybeards while they are praying. best putting it up to master to make their health last longer and also best to use an iron dagger to snaek attack them. should reach 100 in less than 15 minutes.
  • @#35 that must have taken ages to get your skills to 100. an easier way to level your magic is to get enchanting to master and have all the perks for the first perk and then the master perk to allow you to put two enchantments on stuff. then you can use muffle to level illusion, soul trap on a horse you own or even a random corpse, does not need to be a human corpse either, to level conjuration. if you do the Quest Infiltration, you get it outside a fort west along the river from Riften, you get rewarded with a detect life spell, which when used with 100% spell reduction levels alteration faster than any other skill. Destruction needs you to have 100% reduction for conjuration as well, put the difficulty to novice and summon two dremora lords then use fire runes and flames to trigger them
  • restoration needs the Dead Thrall spell or at least a staff with a resurrection spell on it so the corpse dosen't turn to ash when it runs out. just use the spell then use Turn undead on it.
  • @#33 no longer works with Dawnguard as the Smithing skill now levels depending on the value of the item made.
  • another easy 100 is alchemy. large quantities of Chaurus eggs are found in falmer and dwemer dungeons. mix them with luna moths found all over at night and you get a nice invisibility potion with a small side affect, p.s. this side effect actually adds to the value even though its a negative one.
  • An easy way to easily get 100 in smithing with the new patch is to get transmute from halted stream camp, then transmute all iron and silver ore to gold ore. Then smelt it and make gold jewelry.
  • I have found a very easy way to get two skills at once to 100 which are pickpocket and smithing. 1. Get about 10,000 gold and go join the thieves guild in riften and ask for pickpocket training from someone in the back. Get that to anywhere between 20-25 you'll be good. ( you can try to pickpocket your gold back to level it up more and get your money back ) 2. Go to whiterun and join the companions ( you have to be a member of the circle to do this ) 3. Once your a companion go srtright above to the skyforge and ask for smithing training. ONLY TRAIN ONCE! 4. Then pickpocket your gold then repeat. ( you might want to save after every other one ) 5. You will get pickpocket to 100 but not quite smithing due to your chance of being successful on your pickpocket so you need to go to the h
  • Just buy iron ingots, iron ores, and leather strips and go smithing :)
  • Surprised it was Conjuration, I thought for sure I would max out Lockpicking or Destruction first. And without any exploits! 50g well earned. :)
  • *40g, thinking of Master because I got that one a couple hours later.
  • Like most of Skyrims achievements you will need to play it a lot before getting any of the good ones. By playing the game long enough you will eventually get this one.
  • In all seriousness, stock up on iron ore & simple crafting items. Then make iron daggers until the achievement pops up
  • A little tip here to farm the skill quicker. At Cradlecrush Rock which is a giants home south of Winter Hold college other side of the mountain there is a giant paying no attention to its surroundings just stood by the fire sneak up on him and just rock backwards and forwards with your character. Its one way of levelling up the sneak skill the giant doesn't even need to pop up as an enemy IE red dot life line etc.
  • I would go conjuration Just kill something like a goat and keep casting soul trap on it It takes FOREVER so maybe do something like one handed

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