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    Discover 100 Locations

    In order to discover a location all you have to do is walk up to it so it flashes up with “Location discovered: blah blah” on the screen… there are 300+ locations in all, so 100 is absolutely nothing. If the worst comes to the worst, pick a place on the map and walk to it, stopping at every location along the way. The more locations you discover, the less travelling and more fast-travelling you’ll be able to do in the future. Think of it that way.

  • Totally easy one to get, point yourself in a direction and walk!
  • I love these achievements in Bethesda games. Exploring was easily my favorite thing to do in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout.
  • Yesss more reason to go to the random caves
  • Interesting considering Todd Howard mentioned "Over 150 hand-made dungeons" in the game.
  • I just glad there are a lot of places to explore visiting the same 10 or 20 can get boring
  • Easy Achievement! I love how when you clear a place of enemies it says "Area cleared" on the map. It is so much faster to do this with a horse though.
  • Indeed #7 it is faster on horse but werewolves run alot faster lol and for longer
  • i find it faster with good stamina and the whirlwind sprint. gets you places faster then horse. Unless there are better horses or upgrades, my horse is kinda slow.
  • Horses tend to be slow for this achievement unless you use Shadowmere, since he has the best Stamina of all the horses in the game.
  • =1 lol
  • Ride round on a horse and discover every location on your compass. Just take your time. You may want to link this with the delver achievement.

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