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    Read 50 Skill Books

    There’s no out and out shortcut with this one, you basically have to just keep reading as many books as you possibly can, hoping that they give you a skill point. That means reading books on desks and in book cases for the most part. Remember, you can read a book without stealing it and getting done for stealing, so go into people’s houses and read as much as you can without actually putting the book in your inventory.

    It’s probably worth nothing though that the Hitting The Books mission from the Urag gro-Shub sends you to get books from Fellglow Keep and upon returning them Urag will give you a handful of skill books in return for successfully completing it (provided you’ve not read them elsewhere). There’s also a library in The Arcanaeum inside the College of Winterhold as well, where you’ll find skill books.

  • after like 100 hours in oblivion I only found like ten WTF!!!
  • Yeah this one is most likely going to be extremely time consuming... we'll probably have to wait for a guide.
  • I bet there will be 100-150 minimum books in the game. With Oblivion I know on a few play throughs I ended up finding at least 50.
  • guys chill there will be a quide book with all them in just like oblivion plus there will be a book shop like the first editon where u can go in and buy like 20 of them and then after clearing the 50 caves achveimnt ull be surprised how little you have left 2 find btw does anyone no if there is a arena of some sort in skyrim??
  • This one will be interesting, I know I only found like 25 in Oblivion non thieving. But breaking into people's houses or major building I found a buttload of books, like 100 or so.
  • Do the Skill Books work the same was as in New Vegas?
  • They'll probably be more like the books in Morrowind and Oblivion, you can actually open and read them, but only the first one you read will give you the skill boost, and not all books are skill books. The books themselves can be pretty interesting and entertaining too, and I think some of them actually increase multiple skills.
  • This one is actually quite easy, just a little time-consuming. Just read all books you come across (theres usually more than 1 per house), and you will get it. I played for about 4-5 hours and read at least 8.
  • I've logged 22 hours so far and have 25-30 skill books. You don't need to flip through the pages on a book to learn from it. If its a skill book, the skill increase will be announced as soon as you open the book up. They're not exactly common to find, but just make sure you're looking for books everywhere you go.
  • ive found that all the skill books have a price of 50 gold or higher, if theyre low low cost eg 2gold pieces dont bother with them, cause i was looking through every book i found never found a skill book under 50 gp
  • The Jarl's wizard in Whiterun and one in Winterhold sell upwards of 30 books I belive.
  • My fault, ignore that. I didn't realize until now that was Skill, not Spell...
  • #11 is right on with the tip for this. The skill books will be priced high. Which is a bonus because they have a great gold/weight ratio for selling later on. I got this achievement last night after around 70 hours of game time. It will come about easy if you just use the >50g tip while doing a play through.
  • The Orc in the Winterhold College gives you 8 skill books as a reward for doing one of his quests. Here is a link that I found showing the names and locations of skill books.. hope it helps, i haven't used it yet.
  • cheers #15
  • This achievement sucks, my least favorite out of the list.
  • I just wonder: If you read a skillbook for a skill you already maxed out, does it still count towards this achievement? I recently read a book, got no skillpoint and - if I remember correctly - it did not count due to the statistics-menu oO
  • wondering about the samething as #18 if it doesnt count i guess i need to start a new game to get this achievement since i'm close to maxing out all my skills, 6 of them are already at 100, and i have only read 33 skill books
  • @18+19, I think you can get it even if you've got your skill up to level 100 as I got it as I read a book but didnt get the skill up notice.
  • 6 more skill books to find but know idea where to start looking. any thoughts?
  • This achievement sucks. It only counts that i read a skill book like 50% of the time anyone else having this problem? Like the last 3 skill books i found and read i got no credit for it. I need 10 more skill books but and this rate i may never get it.
  • They always wanted to put this achievement in Fallout...
  • There are some skillbooks with the same titel in different locations thus not counting for the achievement
  • just unlocked this achievement. it doesn't count towards the achievement if you read the same book in different locations. you have to read 50 different skill books. it's a pain in the ass achievement but if you read all the books you come across and find in dungeons etc. then it's fairly easy. sometimes the books may have sumbols of, conjuration, destruction etc so some of the skill books are easy to spot. and som books are named so that you can guess what's a skill book and what's not. example: warrior, the master lockpicker, etc.
  • #22, if you didn't rank up then they weren't skill books...
  • I have 48 grrrrrrrrr. I cant find any remaining ones. I cleared every mine/dungeon and broke into every house atleast twice. So it looks like I wont be getting this achievement.
  • I've played for about 65 hours and am level 54. Most books valued over 50 gold are skill books (not all of them). I gained this achievement just by reading every book valued over 50 that I found over Skyrim. Not too hard at all
  • Is it 50 different skill books or just 50 in general? I've only found like 15 or so, the others are all repeats.
  • For anyone who was asking about getting Skillbooks with Skills at Level 100. You can still get the achievement.
  • And I finally got this achievement after figuring out #31.
  • has lists of the books. Pick a skill and find the books. Easy. for example, would give you a list of alteration books. Substitute in the different skills, and you can find like 6 books per skill.
  • @28...only 65 hours? i finally popped it close to 190 hours....first char i made and over 200 hours still finding new things to do....finally hit lvl 80 tho....getting close to all skills @ 100 so maybe 1 more level is all i got left
  • Good job my house has a book shelf, however I'm dreading the moment i have to flick through them all.
  • if you have a skill at 100 and read a skill book does it still count towards the achievement?????
  • if anyones wondering it does still count :D
  • i was about to ask the same thing..thanks skuller
  • is there a counter or something that tells u how many uv read? iv put in bout 50 hours now n cant believe i havent read 50 books!
  • Yeah. It's in the pause menu under general stats.
  • @35 you don't have to read the book through for it to count, just open it up is all
  • The last achievement I've got to get, trouble is i have no clue which ones I've read and which ones I haven't
  • There is well over 50, with multiple locations for each, if you need a full list of the books and locations, click this
  • so much trouble with this its not even funny.... loll
  • Just run through a bunch of dungeons and make sure to check the tables and such. If you see a solitary book, chances are it is a skill book. I am at 40 skillbooks and I haven't even finished a single guild yet.
  • NOTE: Thanks for the 200+ positive votes, guys! :D (and PLEASE comment before you vote negatively, it's rather frustrating getting bad feedback and not knowing why) This guide will enable you to do each book in order, with the next one being located close to the last one as often as possible. Also, if you feel any descriptions are too vague, or maybe simply wrong, do leave a comment and I'll correct it as soon as possible. Tips on book locations are also welcome, but I'll have to personally verify them before I can add them to the guide. For this achievement, keep in mind that you only need to read one of each skill book. So, for example, finding more than one Light Armor Forging book won't grant you two skill points, just one. You don't need to pick them up either, just a quick gla
  • sorry for the up comment something went wrong... this is a link to a guide of all the skill books and where you can find them. hope it helps, T3j00
  • you can just go to youtube and look up this achievement some guy goes through and shows where 50 books are
  • Got that achievement once the number hit 50, I've also read skill books which skills I got to 100 already so it seems they counted towards the achievement too
  • im on 60 hours and i have 0 wtf
  • you should get this at around 50 without searching out the books. Just click on books when you're exploring if the title seems unfamiliar.
  • Gah, I have over 100 hours yet I'm still 5 books short! Is there a list anywhere of skill books and their locations?
  • Here's a link for some book locations.
  • Thanks guys for books locations
  • frick yeah! so excited when this one finally popped!

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