Daedric Influence Achievement

  • Daedric Influence



    Acquire a Daedric Artifact

    See "Oblivion Walker."

  • wow no love for this achievments? It was the only one with no comment......I felt bad...
  • My favorite part about Oblivion after the Dark Brotherhood.
  • heres hoping for the skeleton key
  • This achievement was so fun! I chased down a Werewolf and murdered him based on what a ghost of a dear I killed told me to do. Insane quest, amazing quality though.
  • Meh, the skeleton key doesn't count for this achievement...
  • well i posted this video online...the location is in description but this is one oof them http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=5Wh3XDtzxBs
  • so does anybody no the story behind the daedric artifact under winterhold college?
  • You are talking about the glove where you touch each of the fingers, yes? If so, there is a key on the table next to you. Grab it, go back up to the library. Along the left wall when you enter and head towards the desk, there is a chest. Warning, it is stealing so you better sneak. Take the rings from the chest and go back to the glove. Once you put them on the right fingers, there is only 1 possible combination and the rings will show on the glove when they are right, it will summon sombody, cant remember who. You can wither accept his offer or kill him.
  • go into the pelagius wing and you'll get one
  • So far ive gotten the staff of magus from the mages guild quest line and the 2 hand axe from the companions quest line (left it on the statue) but this achieve hasn't unlocked, any ideas?
  • Somebody at Bathesda needs a bullet for making this achievement one that is only obtainable if you do certain things correctly. I have 49 achievements, this one is the only one hanging. I play the game normally without looking anything up...then after I finish, will go achv. hunting. I have 13 artifacts...and now realize I can't get the other ones. Unreal. Reminiscent of the bobble head in Fallout in the Brotherhood of Steels bunker. Once it blew up, there was no getting back, had to start game completely over to get that achievement...and now this one. Dumb asses.
  • Look up the house of horrors quest. That's how I got my Daedric mace. :3
  • I got two of these and sold them because the achievement never popped. So I just assumed it wasn't Deadric Artifacts. So now I can't get Oblivion Walker and no telling if this one will ever pop. smh
  • I screwed this one up
  • Just complete the Wabbajack quest, or any others.

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