Words of Power Achievement

  • Words of Power



    Learn all three words of a shout

    See “Thu’um Master” for details and locations on the game’s dragon shouts.

  • 3 words for 1 dragon shout. This is so epic!
  • WHAT THE FUUU- *Achievement Unlocked*.... huh?
  • yeah, this one is gonna be complicated....i heard you gotta do a certain few quests, and you get a black ninja costume as a result, then another request will get a yellow waistcoat. after all that, you have to go to a harbour and steal an anchor from a large boat and a harpoon. THEN....go to a blacksmith, get the chain removed from the anchor and attached to the harpoon, then go dragon hunting, when you find one, throw the harpoon at the dragon and use the shout button to shout "GET OVER HERE!" that sounded so much funnier in my head....
  • After watching the demo vids... I will DEFINITELY be getting the stormcaller shout. I plan on being an electricity mage anyways. :D
  • @3 thats f***in hillarious man lol OT seems prety easy since im going to 100% this game over time
  • There's 3 words to a shout, you hold down the shout button (RB) and the longer you hold it down the more words you shout making it more powerful :D But I don't know if you need all 3 words to use the shout at first, or if you need a dragon soul per shout :/
  • I meant a soul per WORD in a shout :)
  • You need three souls for this Achievement, one for each part of the word. So you can get it after you kill three dragons.
  • @8 You need to find all 3 parts of the shout first, as well. Can't train into the next work unless you've found it's wall.
  • Poo-tis=POW.
  • there is a shout with three words at sherpoint right next to irkngthand there is a dragon and a leech (i think thats what they r called) the dragon is chilling right on top of the word wall
  • if you do the quest for arnuir on high hrothgar they will eventually teach you all three words in unrelenting shout " fus ro da" you only have to kill the first dragon outside whiterun for this achievement. the last quest is when you have to find the horn of jurgen windcaller or something like that.. and when you get back with the horn they will teach the final word to you and so the achievement will unlock. unless you already raped the world and found all three words inn another shout! :)
  • I'm pretty sure it comes with the main storyline.
  • In the quest where you prove yourself to the companions right behind where your objective is on the wall youll find the 1st word to fireball or fire breath i forget its exact name
  • The easiest way to do this is to talk to the Gray Beards when the option is avaiable they teach you the other two words to Unstopable force
  • You can go to shearpoint and just kill the dragon there and then kill the krosis(hate them, be prepared) and get three words to one shout in one place. That's how I got the achievement without getting da for fus-ro-da
  • shearpoint is one location but it would be better just to do the graybeards way....its alot simplier than trying to fight a krosis and hope u win against that and another dragon at the same time
  • thank god you don't have to get all the words for each shout... that would've been cruel!
  • WOW
  • Complete the Horn of J├╝rgen Windcaller

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