Apprentice Achievement

  • Apprentice



    Reach Level 5

    See “Master” for more details on how to get this achievement.

  • The level achievements should be pretty easy :)
  • yeah, for beginners !
  • If you do little side-questing. You will get this before you kill the first dragon.
  • This one is very simple, when in the first village after escaping helgen make sure to help faendal and find some gold around have him follow you. after having him follow you and have him train you in archery then go to his inventory take your money back and keep doing this until you can afford it or get archery to level fifty. you can probably get to level ten doing this
  • really easy
  • Easy if u murder everything in sight like i did to whiterun
  • It takes about 30 minutes, not long at all.

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