Expert Achievement

  • Expert



    Reach Level 25

    See “Master” for more details on how to get this achievement.

  • this seems easy enough i will be getting this in 2 or 3 days at the most
  • edit i mean after the game goes out lol
  • haha #2 u can start from now if u like, some practice before the release !
  • lol leveling up is super easy if you try working on all ur skills
  • i feel like leveling up is too easy and quick and i am afraid i will be stuck without any level ups for like the second half of the game. just got this achiev and so far i havent even started the Way of teh Voice and still have like a third of side quests in whiterun left. not sure if this is partially because i am playing on master difficulty and thus have to heal/block/attack more in order to kill anything
  • It takes you about 20 hours.

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