- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 50 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 50-60 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [with lots of save/reloads - see below]
- Missable achievements: Yes [See Road Map]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

ELEX II is the sequel to ELEX, the vintage open-world role-playing experience from the award-winning creators of the Gothic and Risen series, Piranha Bytes. ELEX II returns to the post-apocalyptic Science Fantasy world of Magalan – with massive environments that can be explored with unrivaled freedom via jetpack, you will be able to move through the epic story any way you want.

Step 1: Read the Road Map Carefully
This may be redundant as you're already here reading the Road Map, but if you want to stick to one playthrough, the knowledge of when to use save/reloads and what to save/spend as far as consumables and AP/LP is imperative. So, read thoroughly!

Feel free to play the game on any difficulty, but I would highly suggest doing so on Story. The combat is brutal and even on this difficulty, enemies can take huge chunks of your health. The biggest things to remember are to never commit to a faction permanently, and only spend your Attribute and Skill points when absolutely necessary. You can only join one faction at a time (but there are five achievements to get), and you can only max out one skill tree (and there are five of those as well). Only commit to something when you're sure it will apply to every skill tree or faction, otherwise you could lock yourself out of something.

I realized much too late that you can spend some AP/LP as you go since most of the skill trees overlap in what the bare minimum for each attribute requires. I played almost all the way to Chapter 3 without spending a single attribute point, which made things much more difficult than they should have been - I could only equip a crowbar doing 13 damage per hit, and was completely reliant on my companion for damage - it was horrible. Once I invested properly in my character the game became much easier and much more enjoyable. More on the specifics of this in Step 4.

Step 2: Reach Level 30 / Chapter 3 / Good or Bad Destruction
Follow the main quest mostly during this step, and you can do some of the beginning quests for factions, as well as any side-quests for random NPCs you come across. However, be sure you do not commit to any faction, and do not lock yourself out of the Outlaws by making an incorrect choice during one of the Berserker quests. You can see more info on how each of the faction achievements work in the guide below. Once you hit Level 30, and have begun Chapter 3, you can now begin working on unlocking each of the five faction-related achievements in the next step. For reference, to hit Level 30 I did the map achievement and unlocked all the teleporters killing anything I found as I traveled, and every side-quest I could find. You can kill dozens of enemies in the far north of the map for huge XP gains if you're strong enough and on a low difficulty.

The other thing to take note of during this section is your Destruction level. You'll want to focus on either being good or bad to raise the level as low or high as possible. It doesn't really matter which way you go, as there is an easy way to increase or decrease this quickly. You can join the Morkons and go on a killing spree if you get the good achievement first, or donate a ton of money to the Bastion if you go the bad route first. More on these methods are in the guide below.

Step 3: Save/Reload for Faction Achievements
Make a hard save once you hit Level 30, as you'll have one of the major requirements for the two sub-factions out of the way. You can quickly get the Morkon achievement done on its own by doing their faction quests and joining, ensuring that you save prior and reload after. You can also get the Defector achievement quickly by following one of the first Chapter 3 story quests (again, save/reload here). However, the remaining achievements are much trickier. The Berserkers and Albs can be joined the same way as the Morkons achievement-wise, but you'll unfortunately need to stick with those choices so you can get the Outlaws and Clerics achievements later on, respectively - you can only join those two sub-factions if you have ranked up their corrosponding rival.

With that one main, hard save on hand prior to joining any faction, you can choose the Berserkers. Work through their faction quests and once you hit the third rank in the Berserkers (which is where the Level 30 requirement comes in), you will get a new quest that can allow you to betray them and switch to the Outlaws who you have been working with behind their backs. As I mentioned before, there is a choice during the quests leading up to joining the Berserkers that can cause you to lock yourself out of the Outlaws, so read carefully on what choice to make there. Get the two linked faction achievements here, then revert to that hard save we made before joining the Berserkers.

Back on the hard save prior to joining any faction, join the Albs. Repeat the same process we did for the Berserkers/Outlaws and work with the Albs through the third rank (again, requiring Level 30) and the next quest will then give you the option to betray the Albs and switch over the Clerics for their achievement. With all the faction achievements out of the way, you can either stick with the Clerics, or reload to your previous save and choose any faction you'd like to finish the game.

Step 4: Save/Reload for Skill Achievements
These achievements are mighty tricky, and take a TON of attribute points to earn. As I mentioned above, I was leary of spending any AP for the longest time, thinking I had to bank the full amount for each skill tree ahead of time, before I sat down and did the math of what each skill tree would require in the end. I have outlined that in the guide below, but essentially what I realized is that pretty much every skill tree had "minimum" requirements for some of the attributes, which would allow you to invest in those from the start without locking yourself out of a different tree. Doing this, you can still strengthen your character to keep the difficulty of the game down. I went from equipping a crowbar that only did 13 damage to a Legendary weapon with three socket slots that did over 100 damage and I was able to slot +3 enemy XP boosts into it as well.

It is important to understand how much is spent when increasing your attributes to know how many AP you'll need to save, as well as when to use the various potions you can get. From 10-45, each AP will increase the stat by one. From 46-66, it takes 2 AP to increase the stat by one. Then from 67-100 it takes FIVE AP to increase the stat by one. Obviously that's a big jump, so this is where you'll want to use the potions. You should also make sure you don't have any items equipped that raise your attributes until you reach 66, since that will force you to pay more. Get to 66 first, then equip the items that increase your stats.  Once you have all the skill tree achievements, you can spend all your points however you see fit.

Step 5: Complete the Game / Miscelaneous Achievements
Well, alright. Now we can just enjoy the rest of the game! There are a large number of cumulative achievements you've probably made good progress on, such as killing monsters, earning money, crafting, and opening locked safes/chests. Knock out the remainder of these (feel free to save and reload since these are account-wide and not tied to a single save file). Do any side-quests that have achievements tied to them, then finish off the story which should be your last achievement! Big congrats if you managed to follow all of that, this was certainly a tricky one.

ELEX II is classic Piranha Bytes fare. It has a decent amount of jank with an equal amount of charm. The achievement list is geared toward multiple playthroughs and has a bunch of missables but with some careful planning you can circumvent that and save yourself a ton of time. I really like the ELEX series, and this developer in general, but you have to know that you're getting yourself into a "B-tier" experience and just be alright with that.
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

ELEX II Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • "Nothing to Lose" completed.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • "Strong Alliances" completed.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • C.R.O.N.Y. U4 found.

    CRONY U4 is a mechanical drone companion that can be obtained right away when the game starts. You simply need to head to the marked location below and speak with it to recruit it. I'd highly suggest doing this right away to make combat easier, especially on higher difficulties.

  • Joined the Berserkers.

    The Berserkers are one of the three main factions in the game. During Chapter 1 you will be tasked with meeting the leaders of the three factions and it is suggested you should join one of them. However, if you're going for the full completion and only want one playthrough, be sure to read the Road Map thoroughly as you don't want to commit to any faction at this time. However, you can go ahead and do all the pre-work required to join them (The Berserker's Trust), and simply save prior to join and get the achievement, then reload your save to continue on. You'll need to have a favorable Destruction value to join them.
    IMPORTANT: When working through the "pre-work" section to join the Berserkers, make sure to give the stolen ring to Yasme and lie to Wulf about the location of the Claw hideout. If you do not do this, you will lock yourself out of joining the Outlaws later to unlock Outlaw (20G).
  • Cleric



    Joined the Clerics.

    The Clerics are one of the two sub-factions in the game. They are tied to the Albs, and you will need to reach the third rank in the Albs before the option to join the Clerics becomes available. This makes things difficult as far as keeping the completion to one playthrough goes, so be sure to read the Road Map fully to ensure you can do every faction. See Alb (20G) for the steps to join their ranks, and follow that questline until you reach the Trooper rank, which requires your character to be Level 30. After becoming a Trooper, ask about your next mission for the Albs and head out. On this mission, you'll be able to look for orders from Hagen of the Clerics on one of the bodies, which will prompt you to go to the Castle and meet with him. At this meeting, you can choose to betray the Albs and switch over to the Clerics, which will finally unlock the achievement.

    See Alb (20G) for how to join them, then this guide for ranking up in the Albs, and finally this guide for help with switching sides and joining the Clerics.
  • Outlaw



    Joined the Outlaws.

    The Outlaws are the second sub-faction in the game, and they are tied to the Berserkers. You will need to work with the Claws behind Rat's back to work toward joining the Outlaws. Be sure to read the warning in the Berserker (20G) solution, as doing some of the pre-work required to join the Berserkers can permanently lock you out of the Outlaws if you make the wrong choices during those quests. You'll need to play both sides at once to do this properly. Work your way up in the Berserkers to get the Paladin rank, which requires your character to be Level 30. From there, begin the final mission where can betray the Berserkers and join the Outlaws. See this guide for a walkthrough of that mission.
  • Alb



    Joined the Albs.

    The Albs are one of the three main factions in the game. To join them, you'll need to complete two fairly simple quests: Tracking With the Albs and An Alb Agent. You can either head to the Depot on your own to start these, or be led there by Skibor, who you will meet in the Crater. This faction is fairly easy to join, but does require a Destruction level somewhat neutral to high. If you are too good, you won't be able to join.
  • Morkon



    Joined the Morkons.

    The Morkons are the final main faction in the game, and the worst of the bunch. You will need to complete the Morkon Values quest, and have a neutral to high Destruction value to join them. If you are too good the option will be unavailable. This is the one faction in the game that is a complete outsider, so you don't need to worry about working through their ranks or anything else. You can save prior to joining, get the achievement and reload, then forget about them forever if you'd like.
  • Decided not to join a faction.

    Shortly into Chapter 3, you will be able to complete the quest "Partner of the 6th Power" which officially locks you into a faction. If you had joined a faction at this point, you'd be officially stuck with them, even if it was one of the two that have sub-factions you can switch to. However, when having the discussion with Adam during this quest, if you have not joined a faction yet, you can choose the proper dialogue choices to tell him so (they are super obvious) and you will then lock yourself into playing the rest of the game without a faction affiliation, unlocking this achievevement in the process. From there, so long as you've unlocked the achievements for the factions as outlined above, you can reload if you'd like and actually choose a faction to ally with and get the benefits of their skill tree.
  • Raik forgoes his salary to benefit the Cultivators.

    This achievement takes place during the Thorhild's Cultivators quest, which is a submission of The Berserker's Trust. During this quest, you have a number of options to end the quest and gain Thorhild's trust, but you must extend the quest as long as possible to get the outcome where you scare Raik off and gain his salary to distribute among the rest of the Cultivators. Read the entire walkthrough for that quest before getting too far into it so you can ensure the proper outcome. Make sure you don't choose to beat up Butch, and don't give Thorhild the extra money yourself so you can pursue the Raik options.
  • "Hitch and the Three Investigators" completed.

    This achievement takes place in The Fort. You will find three children to interact with, and you'll need to help each of them with their "investigations" as well as making the proper choices toward the end of the quest to unlock the achievement. If you choose to lie to Justin or take credit for the kids' work, the quest will cancel and the achievement will be unavailable. Be sure to follow this walkthrough for the quest to complete it properly and unlock the achievement.
  • Discover the secret of the old map.

    There are a total of 16 map pieces to find in the game which can be put up on a board in the Bastion. Once you have collected all 16 and assembled the map, you'll learn the location and combination of a safe. Inside the safe you'll earn a device that shows the location of all the teleporters in the game on your map and increases your XP gains. Use this guide or the video below to collect all the map pieces and complete the quest. Map Piece #7 will require a large number of fuel upgrades for the jetpack, otherwise you can run and grab all the others pretty much right from the start.
  • ELEX II completed.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • 300 missions completed.

    This seems like an extremely large number of quests, but Elex handles the quest progression differently than many similar games. Usually in these games you will have long questlines with multiple steps, and that is basically true here as well, but each step in the questline is essentially its own quest, and each step that completes and rewards experience will count toward this total. You'll probably have around 100 "quests" per faction area in the game and the main quest as well, making this come much more quickly than you'll realize.
  • All combat skills learned.

    To fully upgrade all the combat skills, you will need the following attributes raised:
    • Strength: 75
    • Dexterity: 75
    • Intelligence: 50
    • Constitution: 40
    Once you have all those to the proper levels, you will then need to find the proper skill trainers and purchase the corresponding skills. You can find a full list of skill trainers and what they teach HERE.

    See Idealist (20G) for a breakdown of how upgrading attribute points works, as well as some tips on when to use AP boosting potions, and what types of items can help in this process.
  • All survival skills learned.

    To fully upgrade all the survival skills, you will need the following attributes raised:
    • Strength: 55
    • Intelligence: 40
    • Constitution: 85
    • Cunning: 70
    Once you have all those to the proper levels, you will then need to find the proper skill trainers and purchase the corresponding skills. You can find a full list of skill trainers and what they teach HERE.

    See Idealist (20G) for a breakdown of how upgrading attribute points works, as well as some tips on when to use AP boosting potions, and what types of items can help in this process.
  • All crafting skills learned.

    To fully upgrade all the crafting skills, you will need the following attributes raised:
    • Strength: 70
    • Dexterity: 85
    • Intelligence: 55
    • Constitution: 50
    • Cunning: 55
    Once you have all those to the proper levels, you will then need to find the proper skill trainers and purchase the corresponding skills. You can find a full list of skill trainers and what they teach HERE.

    See Idealist (20G) for a breakdown of how upgrading attribute points works, as well as some tips on when to use AP boosting potions, and what types of items can help in this process.
  • All character skills learned.

    To fully upgrade all the personality skills (which is what it's called in-game, not "character" skills), you will need the following attributes raised:
    • Intelligence: 60
    • Cunning: 65
    Once you have all those to the proper levels, you will then need to find the proper skill trainers and purchase the corresponding skills. You can find a full list of skill trainers and what they teach HERE.

    Upgrading attribute points becomes more costly the higher an attribute goes. You start out with 10 in every category, and from 11-40, each AP increases an attribute by one. From 41-66, it takes 2 AP to raise an attribute by one. From 67-100 it takes 5 AP to increase an attribute by one. Because of this increasing cost, it's important to save any items that permanently increase your attributes until you have increased it on your own to 66. From there, you'll save yourself at minimum 3 AP by using an item instead of purchasing the increase with AP.

    You'll also want to make sure as you're increasing your skills, you don't equip any items (Specializations, Modifiers, or Fancy Glasses) that increase an attribute until you hit 66, then equip them to maximize their effectiveness at that point. Something with a +10 bonus will allow you to bypass actually upgrading that attribute, saving essentially 50 AP and allowing you to spend those points on something without a corresponding item. It appears that there are Specializations and Modifiers for Strength/Dexterity, and the Fancy Glasses can increase Intelligence/Cunning, but that's it. You can see a list of these items HERE.
  • All Jetpack skills learned.

    There is a Jetpack crafting bench in your home at the Bastion, near the wall where the map puzzle goes. You will need an Intelligence level of 55 to unlock all the skills, and you will also need to find 50 Fuel upgrades to fully upgrade the jetpack. These can be found scattered around the world, but you'll mostly get them from vendors. These do get restocked, so check every shop you come to and purchase any fuel tanks you can as you play through the game. Once you purchase every skill and apply all the fuel upgrades at the same time, the achievement will unlock.
  • Level 20 reached.

    This will come naturally as you play through the game, and you'll need to level way past this to get enough AP to max out the various skill trees as well.
  • Teleported 20 times.

    Once you unlock your first teleporter, you could knock this out by using it 20 times in a row. However, this will surely come naturally as you work on the game's multitude of side and main quests.
  • 20 Audio Logs found.

    There are more than 20 audio logs available in the game, but only 20 are required for this achievement. The video below has locations for enough to nab yourself the achievement if you just want to follow along with that.
  • 30 potions brewed.

    Chemistry is a Survival skill that you can purchase with a minimum of 25 Intelligence and 15 Dexterity. This will allow you to create basic potions at a Lab Bench (easiest one to find is in the Bastion, near Adam). You'll need to have the proper ingredients, and higher ranks of the skill will allow more powerful potions, including ones to create attribute and Elex potions. However, you can simply create 30 basic healing potions to unlock this achievement. If you don't have enough ingredients for all 30, save prior to making them and reload to repeat the process until it unlocks.
  • Made a weapon 20 times.

    Build Weapons is a Crafting skill that requires a minimum of 10 Strength and 10 Constitution to purchase. This will allow you to combine multiple damaged weapons into one finished weapon (usually at a 3:1 ratio for basic weapons). Be sure to loot every weapon from defeated enemies so you can do this more quickly. Find any anvil to use this ability. As always, you can save prior to crafting if you don't have enough weapons to combine for 20 total right away, and reload to repeat the process until it unlocks.
  • Fuel capacity increased to at least 30.

    See Free as a Bird (20G) for more info.
  • Unlock at least 35 teleporters.

    There are 47 teleporters in the game, so you don't need to find every single one for this achievement, but the more you find the easier things will be as you move around for quests, so using THIS MAP you can be sure to unlock all of them as you travel around. In addition to that, if you solve the map puzzle for the Legendary (20G) achievement, all the teleporters will be marked on your in-game map as well. The video below has reference for exactly 35 that you can use.
  • Collect 10 map pieces.

    See Legendary (20G) for more info.
  • 100 locks picked.

    Lockpicking requires a minimum of 15 Intelligence and 15 Dexterity to unlock. This will allow you to unlock Easy ranked chests, and you'll need higher INT/DEX to get the upgrade to do Medium/Hard chests. However, you can get this with just a single chest by saving in front of it, unlocking it, reloading your save, and repeating 99 more times.

    To successfully pick a lock, you need to move the pick to the right and find a pin that stays in the up position. From there, move left or right to see if a pin to the side also stays up. Then, move left or right of that two-stack to see which pin to the sides will stay up from there. It will take some trial and error, but eventually you'll find the correct pattern. The nice thing about the save/reload trick is that the locks are not randomized, so the pattern will remain the same each time you do it.
  • 30 successful hacks.

    Hacking requires 15 Intelligence and 15 Cunning to unlock. This will allow you to hack Good locks, and increasing those stats and upgrading the skill will allow you to hack Safety locks. However, as with the lockpicking achievement, you can simply save in front of a safe and hack it, reload your save, and then simply type in the code you learned. Safes are not randomized just like the chests, so this will go extremely quickly from there. In fact, if you check a guide online and know the safe code up front, you don't even need to do the hacking mini-game even once.

    The hacking mini-game, in case you do need to use it, is completed by solving a bit of a math problem. Press button-y.png after accessing the safe to start the hacking process, and you'll need a few blanks with the greater than (>) and less than (<) signs. Choose numbers that fit the pattern, such as 9>4<6>0 and if you got any numbers correct, they will turn green and stay in place. The remaining numbers will be wiped and you'll get to try again. You get four tries before it kicks you out and you have to start fresh. You don't get locked out permanently and the code doesn't change though, so I'm not sure why they bothered with that.
  • 20 merchants found.

    There are around 40 total merchants in the game, mostly housed inside each of the game's faction bases. Speak to each of the merchants at least once to get credit for "finding" them. You can use THIS MAP to see their exact locations.
  • 1,000 elexit shards received.

    See Treasurer (20G) for more info.
  • Banker



    10,000 elexit shards received.

    See Treasurer (20G) for more info.
  • 50,000 elexit shards received.

    For this achievement, you must collect 50k elexit (the game's currency) by either looting it from corpses, finding it in chests/safes/etc, or redeeming the "bag of elexit" collectibles. Unfortunately, selling items doesn't count which is where you'd make the most of your money. Fortunately, the same save/reload trick for all the other repeat achievements does work, so you can for instance purchase or find a large number of the "bag" collectibles, and save your game. Now redeem all of them from your inventory so the tracker goes up, then reload your save and repeat until you hit 50k.
  • Healed by potions 100 times.

    This one is quite obvious, but use 100 healing potions to unlock this achievement. You can link these to the quick menu wheel so they are easier to access in combat. You'll be using well more than this naturally.
  • Collected 100,000 items

    There is no weight limit or space capacity to your inventory, so be sure to loot anything and everything you see. You can sell things after you've picked them up and still receive credit for this. The tracker will increase as soon as you pick up the item. I also noticed that selling and purchasing huge stacks of items counts each time, so you could sell and repurchase a big stack of arrows to knock this out quickly.
  • Destruction is below 10.

    See Destroyer (20G) for more info.
  • Destruction is over 90.

    Destruction is the replacement for the first game's "Cold" system, and is essentially a morality system. Where in the first game you'd be judged based on how "human" your choices were, this game takes a more traditional approach and you'll be judged on how nice or mean your choices are. You can't actually see the specific number you are at for this unfortunately, but there is a meter on your Attribute screen to give you an idea of how far the bar is moving in one direction or anything.
    Choices you make during conversations will be the biggest way to affect this, as well as which faction you may choose to join. Choosing the top options in conversations will usually be the "nice" option and decrease your Desctruction, while the bottom options are usually more rude and will increase your Destruction. Killing innocent creatures and attacking non-hostile NPCs would be the easiest way to increase your Destruction.

    You should be able to get both of these achievements in one playthrough. You'll want to start by playing nice and keep lowering your Destruction until you unlock Creator (20G) and then you can go on a killing spree in the faction hubs to unlock Destroyer (20G). Obviously save prior to doing that, and reload once you've unlocked the achievement. If instead you choose to play a bad character, you can get Destroyer first, then donate a ton of money to Thialg in the Bastion to continually lower your level for Creator.
  • Hunter



    20 monsters killed.

    See Enforcer (50G) for more info.
  • 20 Skyands killed.

    Skyands are the white and purple alien enemies that you will encounter throughout the game. You'll kill well more than the 20 required for this achievement.
  • 10 kills by hand grenade.

    Grenades can be used without any special attribute or skill, so as soon as you find some you can begin working on this. They do about 300 damage, so you'll need to be facing some of the weaker creatures in the game to get one-hit kills, or be sure to weaken an enemy with regular attacks before throwing the grenade. Once equipped, hold rb.png to aim and toss the grenade. Your companion will likely kill weak enemies before you can get these off, so dismiss them when you want to go for kills so you don't waste the grenades.
  • 200 monsters killed.

    See Enforcer (50G) for more info.
  • 500 monsters killed.

    Pretty much any enemy in the game actually counts toward this, and you'll be killing a ton of enemies throughout the game, especially while working toward leveling up enough to max out the skill trees. You can roam the wilderness and run into a few dozen enemies at a time, so this can come quickly once you try for it, if it doesn't come naturally.

Secret achievements

  • "Billy Idol Concert" completed.

    You can receive this quest at any time when a radio is playing nearby and you hear an announcement about the concert in question. Once you track it, you can see the theatre is just north of Bastion. Head to the yellow marker to watch the concert and unlock the achievement. You can use your jetpack to easily get up the side of the waterfalls if you're coming from Bastion, and you can get this achievement even if you haven't picked up the quest from a radio as well. Just head to the marked location below.

  • Wardek found.

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Lover



    "Old Love Doesn't Rust" completed.

    Old Love Doesn't Rust is the romance quest for Caja. You must first recruit her during the beginning of the game, then complete her companion quests under Securing the Land whenever they become available to receive this quest, which will trigger directly at the beginning of Chapter 3. You must ensure your relationship with her is good. She prioritizes good behavior, so don't choose rude dialogue options and solve quests through speech over combat when possible.
  • "Smuggling Toys" completed.

    Once you reach the Depot, the home of the Albs, you'll want to find the school building run by Alzea. Here you will find a child named Makar. During your conversation with him, be nice and when the option arises, mention that children outside like to play with toys. He'll have a few more things to say, then tell you he needs to study. You won't get any quest notification, but this is the first step to unlocking the quest in question.

    Go do some other quests and return to Makar a bit later and he will ask you to go get a toy from the children at The Fort, starting the quest for real. Head to the Fort, bring the toy back, and unlock the achievement.
  • Decide Irissa's fate.

    See Alb (20G) for more info on this. You will earn this while joining the Albs.
  • "Khan's Execution" completed.

    See Morkon (20G) for more info on this. You will earn this achievement when joining the Morkons.
  • 5 companions in your party.

    There are a total of seven companions to recruit in this game. One will essentially be introduced in the first location (Caja) and two can then be recruited immediately after if you simply walk to their locations (CRONY U4 and Fox). From there, you'll meet the other companions as you work through the main quest. Be sure to always choose to help each of them (Nasty, Bully, Falk, and Nyra) so you can recruit them. You can only have one follower at any given time, so choose who you like once you get more than that. You can find the full list and how to recruit them HERE.
  • 30 innocent creatures killed.

    Innocent creatures are ones that are not hostile towards you such as rats or chickens. Bear in mind, killing these will slightly increase your Destruction meter, so you could save and reload prior to doing this achievement if you needed to.

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