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There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points


    Secret achievements

    • 悲劇




      Boss: Cerberus
      Lvl: 27
      HP: 980
      EP: 210
      Attacks: Mega Hell Fang, High Hell Fang, Hell Fang

      This battle can be real fast. Start off by having Atsuma, Sasquatch, House Guardian, and anyone else in your party. Next, attack Cerberus with everyone except House Guadrian if you can, then ues her EP Drain Dance on Cerberus to lower his EP; if not then attack. Everyone should die except for House Guardian with her, just Drain his EP then attack with Poison shoot, then EP Drain Dance again and so on and so forth, this way he can't attack you and you can finish him off easily.

    • 狂信




      Boss: Professor Kou and Knight Avei (Professor Kou Spawns them during the fight)

      Professor Kou's Info:
      Lvl: 28
      HP: 1,300
      EP: 243
      Attacks: Servant Call, High Dark Bolt, EX Pandemonium

      Knight Avei's Info:
      Lvl: 15
      HP: 400
      EP: 161
      Attacks: Protection, HP Drain, High Barrier

      To get this use Raigar, Karin, Astuma, and another strong golem. Have atsuma attack Kou and the others kill the Knight Avei. After that one's dead on the second turn, use your new EX move on Kou and have everyone else attack him. He will summon another Knight Avei but only attack Kou and use Karin's healing ability (and her EX move at the begenning of the fight on Kou and the Knight Avei) and Raigar's shield on the people he can and you'll win getting this achievement.

    • 廃坑道でミノタウロスを撃破

      Boss: Minotaur
      Lvl: 30
      HP: 1,800
      EP: 202
      Attacks: High Quake, Flare Crush

      To beat him use Karin to Heal. Use Raigar's Strongest attack and use both of Atsuma's EX attacks but make sure he uses the thing to power him up. Its a real easy fight if you do all this.

    • 廃坑道で内通者を撃破

      Boss: Giggling Man and Dabrad

      Giggling Man's Info:
      Lvl: 35
      HP: 1,100
      EP: 314
      Attacks: Protection, N-Barrier Touch, Poison, Power Up Plus

      Dabrad's Info:
      Lvl: 35
      HP: 2,000
      Attacks: Mighty Blow, High Dark Blow, Taunt

      Start off by Powering up Atsuma, then have the others attack the laughing man and his monster if they can. On the second turn use Atsuma's EX attack and have the others use their strongest attacks (have them throughout the whole battle.) By doing this, they should both be dead. At the end you should be able to use Atsuma's EX attack again and that should finish off the fight.

    • 因縁




      Boss: Ooka Blood, Blood Fencer, and Lord Onyx

      Ooka's Info:
      Lvl: 30
      HP: 1,120
      EP: 495
      Attacks: Mega Blade, Power Axle Omega, Impulse, EX Cross Flame

      Blood Fencer's Info:
      Lvl: 22
      HP: 1,000
      EP: 355
      Attacks: High Blade, X Cutter

      Lord Onyx's Info:
      Lvl: 22
      HP: 1,000
      EP: 312
      Attacks: High Blade, Impulse

      For this achievement I mainly did Auto Play until one of his golems died then with the rest I used my best attacks and my EX attacks. This fight can take a while but you'll eventually be able to defeat him. Have Atsuma, Raigar, Yuki, and Lord Onyx in your party.

    • 大海




      Boss: Aqua Jelly
      Lvl: 20
      HP: 1,520
      EP: 151
      Attacks: Aqua Giga Blow, Aqua Giga Wave, Recover Body

      For this battle make sure you have the following people with you: Karin, Bulldog, Sasquatch, and of course, Atsuma. Next with Bulldog use Reverse Bite. With Sasquatch use Giga Charge + and with Karin use her EX thing if you can. Astuma should die (on the outer edge) along with Bull dog. Once this happens just use Sasquatche's Ice Giga Blow and Karin's EX attack if you can, if not then use her other water attack. Real Easy Achievement if you follow these steps.

    • 樹海




      Boss: Amazonia
      Lvl: 15
      HP: 920
      EP: 126
      Attacks: Giga Breath, Drain Bark, Poison Ball

      This is a tough boss, so make sure you have everyone standing in the shape of a square. Karin in the back,Crazy Pizza or your stronger golem next to her and Raigar and Astuma in the front. Crazy Pizza, Atsuma, and Raigar attack (Raiger also needs to cast shield on the people he can so they dont take as much damage) and Karin heals the person next to her, herself, and the person in front of her (if he doesn't do much damage and your people still have a lot of health and he's close enough then she can attack also.) Make sure you use Atsuma's Summon Phoenix when you can. It may take a couple of tries, but you'll eventually be able to defeat him for the achievement.

    • 暴走




      Boss: Queen of Ice
      Lvl: 1
      HP: 9,999
      EP: 9,999
      Attack: Ice Giga Zone

      This is really easy. The first time you fight her everyone except one person should die. This is supposed to happen. Once it does you'll go into a cutscene (or might have to attack her once or twice) and when you fight her again, hit her three times and you've defeated her for the achievement.

    • 封鎖区画でファイアーゴーレムを撃破

      Boss: Fire Guardian
      Lvl: 8
      HP: 620
      EP: 309
      Attacks: Flare Giga Grasp, Giga Hammer

      The quickest way to get this is when you get here have everyone except Makoto attack. Have him be behind your Golem (if you choose the Battle one before your first match) and just keep attacking it. Use your special abbilities when you can and this will be done in no time.

    • 賭け試合でユウキとバトル

      Boss: Yuki and Taigalion
      Yuki's Info:
      Lvl: 2
      HP: 48
      EP: 72
      Attack: Shot

      Taigalion's Info:
      Lvl: 1
      HP: 48
      EP: 72
      Attacks: Blow, Mighty Blow, Power Charge+

      This is easy to get. Before you can get to this battle, you must get a golem. To get a golem you have to collect 4 tickets (talk to the clown the pizza guy the girl advertising the drink thats off away from everyone else, shes in front of the second pizza place that's in the area, next to the stairs. Walk that way and you should see a girl there. For the last one talk to the girl in front of the Tropical Juice Shop. ) Once you get all four and he tells you the golems, choose the one in the middle (the Battle one) and go to the tent again to fight. Once you beat the first guy you'll go against Yuki for the achievement. Beat her golem and attack her. If you dont defeat her, the battle ends after five turns, awarding you the achievement.

    • 決意




      Boss: Toya
      Lvl: 60
      HP: 10,000
      EP: 1,144
      Attacks: Unlink Spear, Mega Aqua Spike, Gaybolg, EX Heaven Squall, EX Revenge Enchant

      This is yet another easy battle. Have everyone be in the back row, as that's where he normally can't attack much, and keep using everyone that you can (use their strongest attack), and when you have your EX move again (you should go in with a full EX gauge and use Astuma's Force Pain move) then use the EX attack with Atsuma and finish him off with your strongest attacks.

    • 決意




      Bosses: Queen of Ice (form 1) Lady Azlight x3 (shes with Queen of Ice form 1) and Queen of Ice (form 2)

      Queen of Ice form 1's Info:
      Lvl: 66
      HP: 8,000
      EP: 9,999
      Attacks: Ice Giga Zone, EX Skip Field

      Lady Azlight's Info:
      Lvl: 40
      HP: 899
      EP: 318
      Attacks: Ice Sonic, Cute Voice, Protection Link

      Queen of Ice form 2's Info:
      Lvl: 60
      HP: 12,000
      EP: 508
      Attacks: Blizzard, Ice Storm, EX Frozen World
      First off, make sure your team has a lot of HP (aorund 6 or 7,000) and APO in your party. Next, go in with a full EX and Group Attack gauge full, that way you can use your best EX attack in a combo with your whole team (make it last so it does more damage.) After that use your strongest attacks and that should take care of the first form.

      On her second form, Have APO and Atsuma in the back, your other character (i used Odin) in front of APO and Raigar on the other side of Astuma but one square up. Next, attack with your other characters strongest attack, Raigar's strongest attack, Atsuma's attack that attacks one enemy at a time, and APO's attack that raises your group attack gauge to max. On the next turn, attack with your other character's attack, then Raigar, then Atsuma, then APO's life drain. If you're using Odin and he's strong enough this should do 3,417 damage. On the next turn heal everyone, then rinse and repeat all the steps and you'll have her down in no time.




      Boss: Mystery Man and Yo-Yo

      Mystery Man's Info:
      Lvl: 57
      HP: 2,900
      EP: 669
      Attacks: Cure Ballad, Beat Sonic, Swing Call, EX Galaxy Spear

      Yo-Yo's Info:
      Lvl: 57
      HP: 550
      EP: 312
      Attacks: Mega Light Blow

      For this fight, keep Atsuma in the back row and use his strong attack and heal when needed. If you dont keep him in the back row he will die quickly, so keep him in the back and you'll be fine.

    • 賢者の塔でセイレーンを撃破

      Boss: Siren
      Lvl: 50
      HP: 8,800
      EP: 581
      Attacks: Aqua Sonic, High Return Song, Cure Song, Clear Voice

      This can be another easy fight. Use your strongest attacks and heal when needed and she will die awarding you the achievement.

    • 賢者の塔でオーディンを撃破

      Boss: Odin
      Lvl: 60
      HP: 6,200
      EP: 926
      Attacks: Mega Dark Spike, Gungnir, Mega Dark Spear

      This is a really easy fight, use your strongest attacks on him and he will go down in a couple of turns.

    • 不動




      Boss: Lord of Earth and Woddian
      Lord Earth's Info:
      Lvl: 50
      HP: 1,000 (barrier makes him take 95% less damage)
      Attacks: Spirit Drain, Invoke, EX World Creation

      Woddian's Info:
      Lvl: 34
      HP: 300
      EP: 250
      Attacks: Barrier, Earth Bolt, No-Protect Touch, Clear Aid

      The first thing you need to do at the begenning of the fight is use Atsuma's EX skill Force Pain also, make sure you have enough potions that will cure your health i mean ALOT because this is one tough boss make sure you put on everyone's best skills that way you can do more damage, everytime someone dies, revive them and heal yourself as often as needed. everytime you can use your EX attack with atsuma or karin make sure you it can hit The Lord of Earth before you use it that wya you can do more damage to him. this will take several try's but keep trying different attacks and keep positioning your characters in different ways to find the one thats right for you. By doing all this you will Eventually be able to take him down.

    • 異様




      Boss: Tokimune, Honoka and Kunoichi

      Tokimune's Info:
      Lvl: 40
      HP: 2,800
      EP: 418
      Attacks: Hide Dance, Horseplay, Return Dance, HP Drain Dance

      Honoka's Info:
      Lvl: 40
      HP: 1,600
      EP: 393
      Attacks: High Flare Blade, Flare Impulse, High Power Accel

      Kunoichi's Info:
      Lvl: 31
      HP: 781
      EP: 274
      Attacks: High Flare Blade, Hide Blade, Flare Impulse, High Power Accel

      In this fight, make sure you take out at least one of his guards, that way he won't attack you as much. He'll just focus on bringing her back to life and you'll be able to focus on attacking him and every once in a while, kill the guard again (once he revives the guard kill her again). If you do all of this, it should be a fairly easy fight, as he only has 2,800 HP at level 40!

    • 襲撃




      Boss: Oboro and Ninja

      Oboro's Info:
      Lvl: 42
      HP: 5,600
      EP: 664
      Attacks: Shadow Self, High Blade, Impulse, X Cutter

      Ninja's Info:
      Lvl: 35
      HP: 920
      EP: 300
      Attacks: Impulse, High Blade, Hide Blade, Spoilsport

      This can be an easy fight. Make sure you have enough potions to revive your people and enough to heal them (Fully heal HP) because they will die a lot. Next, work on Oboro and the Ninjas (also his clones but leave one alone), then just work on Oboro and he will die, rewarding you the achievement.

    • 改心




      Boss: Sayaka
      Lvl: 40
      HP: 5,000
      EP: 658
      Attacks: Fallen Blossoms, Swallow's Return, EX Cherry Blossom

      This can be an easy fight. Don't attack her until you see her EX gauge is full (and she goes into her stance), otherwise she will counter attack you after each time you attack her. Whens she's in this stance is the only time you should attack, that way she can't counter (make sure you have enough of the potions that heal your HP and your EP, that way when she uses her cherry blossom attack you can heal as it leaves you with 1 health left). After a couple rounds of this she will be beaten and you will have another achievement.

    • 救出




      Boss: Oboro and Shadow Self

      Oboro's Info:
      Lvl: 38
      HP: 4,800
      EP: 616
      Attacks: Shadow Self, High Blade, Impulse, X Cutter, EX Pain & Suffering

      Shadow Self's Info:
      Lvl: 1
      HP: 875
      EP: 332
      Attacks: High Blade, Impulse

      For this one make sure your party is at least in the high 20's before fighting him and make sure you have a full EX gauge because they will help out a lot. When his clones appear, defeat them and on the next couple of rounds you should be able to beat him.

    • 白い花畑でスフィンクスを撃破

      Boss: Sphinx
      Lvl: 40
      HP: 3,600
      EP: 1,100
      Attacks: Gravity Drain, Earth Strike

      (This is a real hard boss, follow this and it will help you beat her.) The fastest way to get her HP down is at the begenning of the fight dont attack just heal and use Raigar's barrier accel. Then on turn two use Raigar's Slash move Karin's Ex move Lohengren and Atsuma's second Ex move Stun Bead Flare in that order if your a high enough level you should do around 1,758 damage or so Doing a good amount of damage (almost killing her.) If you have enough time after then heal Astuma and Karin on the next turn (if she dosnt kill them) and use Raigar's Slash move along with Karin's and Astuma's strongest moves and you should be able to defeat her.

    • 煉獄




      Boss: Emperor of Fire
      Lvl: 40
      HP: 3,800
      EP: 9,999
      Attacks: Blow Crusher, Hellfire, Restoration, Melt Unit, Act Unit, EX Summon Phoenix

      For this battle have Atsuma and Raigar in the front two corners (closest to him) and Lord Onyx and Yuki in the back two. This way he can only attack two people at one time. Then when the light is off, attack him with everyone (use Atsuma's EX last as he'll do the most damage) and heal when needed. If you keep them like this and you attack with your strongest attacks and EX attacks when they're available then you'll beat him easily.

    • 防人




      Boss: Poseidon
      Lvl: 40
      HP: 2,500
      EP: 796
      Attacks: Mega Aqua Spear, High Aqua Spike, Power Rise

      Once you fight him make sure most of your people have their EX attacks (make sure they can perform them a couple times so you'll kill him) and keep Atsuma in the back row so he takes little or no damage at all. Then use all their EX attacks and for the rest of the fight, if you dont have enough Ex attacks to kill him, then attack him with your strongest attack and heal when needed.

    • 決着




      Boss: Ooka
      Lvl: 30
      HP: 1,023
      EP: 280
      Attacks: Mega Blade, Power Axle Omega, Impulse, EX Cross Flame

      Very easy battle. Use High Earth Shake or High Earth Cloud, and heal when needed, to win. (you only use Raigar in this battle)

    • ハッピーエンディング

      Bosses: Infinity (1st form) Atsuma (with 1st Form) Infinity (Form 2) Queen of Ice Magicore Emperor of Fire Magicore Lord of Earth Magicore (Magicors are with 2nd Form only) Infinity (3rd Form, Part 1) Infinity (3rd Form, Part 2) Infinity (3rd form, Part 3) Infinity (Final Form)

      Infinity 1st Form info:
      HP: 1,600
      EP: 1,600
      Attacks: Power Implant

      Atsuma's Info:
      Lvl: 45
      HP: 560
      EP: 350
      Attacks: EP Drain Blow

      Infinity 2nd Form info:
      Lvl: 55
      HP: 7,200
      EP: 1,600
      Attacks: Ice Lance, Flame Saber, Earth EP Drain, Nightmare

      Queen of Ice Magicore info:
      Lvl: 50
      HP: 2,400
      EP: 1,200
      Attacks: Queen's Cure

      Emperor of Fire Magicore Info:
      Lvl: 50
      HP: 4,800
      EP: 1,200
      Attacks: Kaiser's Cure

      Lord of Earth Magicore Info:
      Lvl: 50
      HP: 3,600
      EP: 1,200
      Attacks: Lord's Cure

      Infinity 3rd Form, Part 1's Info
      Lvl: 60
      HP: 9,800
      EP: 1,600
      Attacks: Death Rush R, Death Rush L, EX Apocalypse

      Infinity 3rd Form, Part 2's Info:
      Lvl: 62
      HP: 8,000
      EP: 1,600
      Attacks: Ether Charge, Omega Spectrum, EX Ether Cannon

      Infinity 3rd Form, Part 3's Info:
      Lvl: 64
      HP: 5,000
      EP: 1,600
      Attacks: N-Protect Howl, Death Grasp

      Infinity Final Form's Info:
      Lvl: 40
      HP: 5,000
      EP: 1,600
      Attacks: None

      For the first form you use Makoto and Toya. DONT attack Atsuma, if you do and he dies you have to start over. Make sure when Atsuma and Infinity move you move as well. Have Makoto stay in the middle row close to Infinity so he can hurt him and make sure Toya is one square over from Atsuma (if Atsuma is in the left corner move over one square). After attacking Infinity for a couple turns he will die.

      For the 2nd Form, take out the Magicores first. I had everyone except for Atsuma attack the Emperor of Fire's Magicore first as it has the most HP (I powered up Atsuma's PRM by 50% with High Charge then had him attack the Queen of Ice's Magicore). Once those two were dead I had everyone attack the Lord of Earth's Magicore. Once all three were dead, Infinity had a little over 2,000 HP left for me. Heal when needed and once all three are dead one or two combo moves will finish him off. (I used APO's Mega Link to max out my combo gauge and on the next turn attacked with everyone.) Make sure if you use APO's Mega Link that he goes last, that way you wont get a combo after he does it with the characters that haven't attacked (use your strongest attacks in the combo). This form also dies easily.

      The next form (3rd Form) is a little difficult. For the first form, just Use APO's Mega Link Voice and do combos and he'll go down fairly easy (heal when needed).

      3rd Form, Part 2 was the hardest one. When he steals your EP, you're stuck to the floor and you can't move. Keep doing combos with everyone (when you can attack as he steals alot of EP) and he will also go down failry easy.
      3rd Form, Part 3 was the easiest. Like before, use APO's Mega Link to max out your combo gauge and attack with combos. After a couple of turns he will go down as well.
      For the final form, you don't fight it. When the fight starts, everyone is on the field. You can only attack with Atsuma's EX Attack Enchant Arm (you learn it after you beat all three parts of Infinity's 3rd form and the cutscene). When you use it you go into another cut scene. You have defeated the final boss in the game, BUT thats not all you have to do. You then are at the Festival in Yokohama City and you have to find everyone. Raigar is up the stairs with Sayaka. Karin is buying Pizza. Toya is next to the stairs. You go up to get to Raigar, and Yuki is sorta near Toya with some kids around her (there's little walking distance between where they are at). Once you talk to all of them you go to the meeting point and watch the cutscenes for the achievement.

      Other Quests you can do:
      The Three Pillar Guardians:
      The Three Pillar Guardians quest becomes available only after you have made the Iris Knuckle. Go back to the locations of the Three Pillar Guardians, and they will fight you before giving up their God Orbs. Once you have defeated each of them, return to the Sage and she will make you a Weapon of the Gods from the orb that you obtained from each of the guardians. Give the Sage the Kindly God orb to recieve the Iris Leggings and Karin's Requium; the Happy orb will earn you Iris Cannon and Yuki's Trigger Happy; the Sad Orb will earn you the Iris Sword and Ethereal Armor for Raigar.


      Black Dragon
      Lvl: 80
      HP: 9,200
      EP: 1,115
      Attacks: Mega Slash, Dark X Cutter
      Location: Raigu Coast Fork
      Rewards for beating Black Dragon: Black Core and Kindly God Orb

      Lvl: 80
      HP: 6,300
      EP: 1,060
      Attacks: Mega Aero Spear, Mega Spear, EP Drain Spear
      Location: Zuala Desert Ruins
      Rewards for beating Anubis: Anubis Core and Happy God Orb

      Gold Squat
      Lvl: 80
      HP: 9,414
      EP: 1,116
      Attacks: Mega Light Blow, Mega Light Force, Mightly Blow
      Location: Sage's Tower Center
      Rewards for defeating Gold Squat: Scout Core and Sad God Orb

      Elemental Temples:
      Te enter the Holy Beast Shrine you will need the four God Orbs that you obtained by defeating the elemental beasts. You may have already been to the locations where the orbs are, but the enemies were just too strong. Once you have made it to the Ice Castle you should be strong enough to take on some of the enemies, and maybe even the boss. After you obtain all four of the orbs, you will be able to enter the Holy Shrine at the end of the path in the Junk City Rock Pinnacles.

      Fire Shrine Boss:

      Lvl: 60
      HP: 9,700
      EP: 1,580
      Attacks: Mega Flare Zone, Mega Flare Force, Reverse Order, Ressurection
      Location:Londinus Plains North Forest
      Rewards for defeating Phoenicia: Suzaku Core and Fire Orb

      Water Shrine Boss:

      Divine Turtle
      Lvl: 63
      HP: 9,500
      EP: 1,750
      Attacks: Aqua EP Drain, Giga Protection, Giga Barrier, Reverse
      Location: Nordnia Mines Abandoned Mine
      Rewards for beating Divine Turle: Genbu Core and Water Orb

      Wind Shrine Boss:

      Aero Dragon
      Lvl: 66
      HP: 10,500
      EP: 1,700
      Attacks: Aero Breath, Aero Gravity, Aero Drain, Reverse Bark
      Location: Yamashiro Marsh Forest
      Rewards for beating Aero Dragon: Seiryu Core and Wind Orb

      Earth Shrine Boss:

      White Tiger
      Lvl: 69
      HP: 11,500
      EP: 1,070
      Attacks: Meteor Fang, Reverse Roar, Earth Grav Roar, Drain Fang
      Location: Vorbios Volcano Wind Tunnel
      Rewards for beating White Tiger: Byako Core and Earth Orb

      Entering the Holy Beast Shrine:

      You can enter the Holy Beast Shrine only if you have defeated each of the four elemental temples. When you arrive at the approach, you will see a large door. There are four stone tablets in front of the door, and to open the door you must insert the God Orbs. Once all of the orbs have been inserted, the path inside will open. Be aware that once you are inside, the enemies you face will be the strongest of their types in the game. Cancel gravity is a useful skill early on. Most of the enemies try to stick you to the floor. The whole shrine is one giant maze and you will find yourself using many elevators and other devices throughout. On level 3,6,9, and 12 there is a teleporter that will take you to the approach. You should use these as much as you can because it will allow you to return to where you were without going through the maze again.The other advantage is that you can use the Recharge Station. To advance past floors 3,6,9, and 12, you must defeat bosses to open doors. All but the fourth and tenth floors contain lost golems.

      1st Level Battles:
      Lost Golem: Earth Guardian
      Lvl: 60
      HP: 3,676
      EP: 556
      Attacks: High Earth Blow, Strong Charge, Earth Wave

      Lost Golem: Great Mammoth
      Lvl: 59
      HP: 4,000
      EP: 640
      Attacks: Earth Giga Gasp, Gravity Gasp, Mega Earth Gasp

      2nd Level Battles:
      Lost Golem: Lenialis
      Lvl: 67
      HP: 1,307
      EP: 689
      Attacks: Cure Voice, Earth Sonic, Reverse Sonic, No-Protect Sonic

      3rd Level Battles:
      Boss: Fire Guardian and Minotaur x2
      Fire Guardians Info:
      Lvl: 75
      HP: 14,000
      EP: 9,999
      Attacks: Flare Giga Gasp, Giga Hammer

      Minotaur's Info:
      Lvl: 58
      HP: 1,643
      EP: 345
      Attacks: High Quake, Flare Rush

      After battle Rewards: Moon Fist Core

      4th Level Battles:
      No Battles

      5th Level Battles:
      Lost Golem: Ground Breaker
      Lvl: 82
      HP: 12,400
      EP: 2,200
      Attacks: N-Barrier Shot, No-Power Sonic, Mega Shot

      Lost Golem: SG Dominion
      Lvl: 77
      HP: 3,110
      EP: 752
      Attacks: X Cutter, Aero Impulse, Mega Slash

      6th Level Battles:
      Boss: Hydra and Medusa x2
      Hydra's Info:
      Lvl 90
      HP: 17,000
      EP: 9,999
      Attacks: Octo Giga Vour, Octo Devour, Poison Field

      Medusa's Info:
      Lvl: 57
      HP: 1,413
      EP: 646
      Attacks: Gravity, High Aqua Bolt, Mega EP Drain

      After battle Rewards: Moon Leg Core

      7th Level Battles:
      Lost Golem: Aqua Jelly
      Lvl: 85
      HP: 4,200
      EP: 483
      Attacks: Aqua Giga Blow, Aqua Giga Wave, Recover Body

      Lost Golem: Woddian
      Lvl: 68
      HP: 1,308
      EP: 442
      Attacks: Barrier, Earth Bolt, No-Protect Touch, Clear Acid

      8th Level Battles:
      Lost Golem: Raiko
      Lvl: 91
      HP: 13,500
      EP: 3,300
      Attacks: Mega Blade, Iron Cut, Dark Impulse

      Lost Golem: Pegasus
      Lvl: 85
      HP: 2,122
      EP: 765
      Attacks: Power Up Plus, Mega Cure Aid, High Light Bolt, Body Attack

      Lost Golem: Folly Carol
      Lvl: 82
      HP: 2,787
      EP: 756
      Attacks: Snow Gift, Snow Gravity

      9th Level Battles:
      Boss: Wind Guardian and Lilly-Lilly
      Wind Guardian's Info:
      Lvl: 90
      HP: 19,000
      EP: 9,999
      Attacks: Aero Giga Breath, Aero Breath

      Lilly-Lilly's Info:
      Lvl: 79
      HP: 1,504
      EP: 564
      Attacks: Mega Hammer, Mega Quake, Gravity Hammer, Mega Crush

      After battle Rewards: Moon Gun Core and Wind Core

      10th Level Battles:
      No Battles

      11th Level Battles:
      Lost Golem: Executor
      Lvl: 92
      HP: 19,000
      EP: 2,600
      Attacks: Justice, Mega Burst

      12th Level Battles:
      Boss: Sphinx and Lenialis

      Sphinx's Info:
      Lvl: 90
      HP: 22,000
      EP: 9,999
      Attacks: Gravity Drain, Earth Strike

      Lenialis's Info:
      Lvl: 65
      HP: 785
      EP: 486
      Attacks: Cure Voice, Earth Sonic, Reverse Sonic, So-Protect Sonic

      After battle Rewards: Moon Sword Core

      God Temple Battle:
      Boss: Omega
      Lvl: 100
      HP: 99,999
      EP: 9,999
      Attacks: God Scream, Burning Edge, Near Death Edge, Impulse
      Rewards for beating Omega: Omega Core

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