Grind 3,000 Achievement

  • Grind 3,000



    Grind a total of 3000 meters in any run!

    In order to grind, you must have any sort of rail in your lane and then jump and press a corresponding direction on the d-pad and  (See "Every Grind" for a grind list). You will need to grind a total of 3,000 meters in a single run (in endless mode, without bailing), which will take quite a while, even on rooftops, which has far more rails to grind on.

    School Alternative: Stick to the middle lane for pretty much the duration of the run and you'll be able to grind tons of railings and stairs. 

    TIP: It may be helpful to utilize the lane switch (/)to switch lanes after ollie-ing from a grind. This allows you to chain together multiple rails in different lanes for the highest chance of getting at least a 15 combo.


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