Air 5,000 Achievement

  • Air 5,000



    Catch 5,000 total meters of air in any run!

    You need to go a total of 5,000 meters in the air cumulatively in a single run (in endless mode, without crashing). This is easier on rooftops as there are many huge jumps allowing you to gap the buildings, and in general you should also ollie (jump - ) as much as possible to rack up a few meters whenever possible.

    If you want to get this with relative ease and you don't care about scoring high, try this on the school level. It will take longer, but there are far less objects that get in your way and may cause you to wipe out. Pick Hosoi or Danny Way for their Air/Speed respectively, upgrade their lower stat of the two if you want, then roll through the middle lane of the school. As Hosoi, the only problem should be the hug stair gap in the school and as Danny the only problem should be the tall jump at the top of the wood covered stairs. Pair attention and avoid those, and just keep tapping otherwise, to get this achievement.


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