Trick 15 Achievement

  • Trick 15



    Complete a 15 Trick Combo in any run!

    In order to do this you must do 15 tricks in a single combo, which means you must either be flipping or grabbing your board and grinding a rail when you aren't do that. Touching the ground at all will break your combo. Although doable in a few spots in the school (such as a couple of the long staircase railings) this is more easily done in a few spots in rooftops, such as the long chain of beams being held up by cranes that can appear in the lane closest to the screen (requires good jumping skill to bridge the gap) and also in the lower level of the parking garage on the concrete islands in the middle lane.

    For ease of combo, I recommend doing something simple by keeping one finger down on the :dpad: and rotating your other thumb between  to jump,  or  to flip or grap and then  to grind again. Repeat that process rapidly to punch the combo out quicker. For example: I did a Ollie- Kickflip - Crooked Grind - Ollie- Kickflip - Crooked Grind, etc.

  • anybody know how to connect a control to a laptop windows 8 so I can do this achievement

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