Line 5 Achievement

  • Line 5



    Complete 5 Lines in any run!

    In order to complete a "Line" you must gather the letters that appear as you play through a level. The letters randomly pop up in one of the lanes, so always keep an eye out and if you can lane change safely to get it, do so. Once you have collect L-I-N-E you'll hear a sound and the counter at the top will reset, and the Lines counter in the top right of the screen will go up. They'll give you a big bonus at the end of a run, so try not to ignore them. You'll need to collect 5 full lines in a SINGLE run, which means a single run of endless mode without bailing out.

    This is most easily done in the school level, especially if you get multiple screens of the school interior as they LINEs seem to pop up frequently in there. Try and stick to the middle lane as most of the letters will appear there and the farthest lane.

    TIP: In order to get an idea of whether there is a letter ahead of you ahead. Move from a farther lane, to a closer lane ( on a controller) as the camera will move in a way that will show the area ahead of you. Use this effectively to get the letters easier, and to also avoid hitting any walls or jumps you can't make yet.


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