-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 48 (1000 )
-Online: 0 (0 )
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 18-25 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Though will possibly have to play every chapter again, if you don't collect everything in each).
-Number of missable achievements: A few, but there is chapter select.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (Hard mode required, other difficulties stack)
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? None
-Is there DLC? Yes

  • Pigsy's Perfect 10
    • -Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
    • Approximate amount of time to 250: 5 Hours
    • Glitchy achievements: None

The achievements in this game are easy for the most part, though for finding all Tech Orbs in a single playthrough of each level would be highly unlikely. Because of this, it's suggested you do a playthrough on easy and then on hard. You'd probably have to replay most of the game anyways finding the rest of the orbs. Your upgrades will carry over since you can level select. The game will not tell you what levels you have beaten on hard difficulty, so you will want to beat the game on easy, then use chapter select and pick hard mode (must unlock the ability to play hard mode on those levels by beating the previous level on same mode). You can also choose to start a new journey from the start and pick hard as well and all of your stats still carry over. It will be good to note how the auto save in this game works. If you reload your last checkpoint, it will most likely erase all of your stats (orbs you've picked up, kills you've made, etc). The saving seems random at times, where you die you might restart right before that specific scene, and reloading in the same spot you died in might cause you to be much further back in progress. Buying an upgrade or collecting a mask will keep all data up to that point as well.

Step 1: Easy Playthrough (Suggested)
Since the difficulties stack, you can skip this playthrough if you want. To make it easier on yourself, you should play through and purchase all upgrades and get most orbs and all other achievements here. That way when you play on hard mode, you'll be fully upgraded and not have to worry about the various random achievements. Instead you can focus on finding the last orbs and just playing through the game.

Step 2: Hard Playthrough
Remember, when starting your hard playthrough, do it using chapter select or starting a new story from the main menu). From here on out, you can just continue the story. If you've already played the game, to make this go faster, hold  to skip cutscenes. If you decided this to be your first run through of the game, it will be pretty hard at first, but as you upgrade you should be able to tolerate it a little more. Having a fully upgraded character makes hard mode a lot easier to manage.

Step 3: DLC: Pigsy's Perfect 10
The DLC is a bit different than the game. There is no difficulty selection and you will concentrate more on being stealthy than fighting as you will be playing as Pigsy. You don't have a shield and usually one or two hits will kill you. So take your time and look for ways around mechs. When you are introduced to a new skill chances are you will be using it throughout the remainder of that level and from there on out. It would be a good idea to follow the collectables guide HERE from the start. Unlike the game, each chapter won't tell you what you're missing from the level select screen. It only tells you the total number of pin-up girls and food you've gotten out of the total found in the DLC. So if you've missed any and don't remember where, you'll have to play through each level again until you find which ones you've missed.

Step 4: Mop Up
If you have any other collectibles to get, or miscellaneous achievements to obtain, go ahead and do them with chapter select on easy. Your character will be completely maxed out and you've beaten the game twice, so you'll know this game very well. You can view your Tech Orb percentage in level select, as well as how many masks you have. You should do this on hard mode, so if you are faced with grinding an achievement in one spot, you can just die on purpose so your stats save (as reloading will usually erase all of your hard work).

Most of the achievements are very straight forward, and the only one that may cause you any concern is getting all of the Tech Orbs for every chapter. The game is fairly short, so you could complete the game in just a few days of dedicated play time. You'll be gaining very few achievements at first, but as you play you'll start gaining more and more at a faster pace. The faster you find the Tech Orbs at 100% per level, the faster you will finish this game. It's the only thing that really throws off the time to finish, by many hours if unlucky.

x360a would like to thank Tyger7 and Skorpion x360a for this Road Map.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
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There are 58 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Free!



    Complete Chapter 1.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    This level teaches you most of the basics and ends when you get to the escape pod.


  • Complete Chapter 2.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    In this level you'll learn some more of the basics as well as eventually learning about the upgrade system near the end. The last part pits you against a Demolition Mech. Keep attacking away until he gets enraged (appropriate red effects around him). The statue in the middle is where you want him to charge, so get it between you and the mech and press  to make him charge. You must do this 3 times to beat him.


  • Complete Chapter 3.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    At the end of this level you'll face another Demolition Mech, but it's going to be a different situation. There is no statue. You can feel free to use your staff to shoot it with Stun Blasts (the blue ammo). This will stun it and give you opportunity to attack. Once it goes berserk, just taunt it with  and make it charge into a wall. Now just follow with a takedown move by pressing .


  • Complete Chapter 4.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    In the last area of this level, you must raise light platforms in order to jump to a platform that falls on the Dog (the big mech that chases you). The order of the lights: green-blue-red-blue.


  • Complete Chapter 5.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    At the end of the chapter you will have to face the mech Dog. In order to destroy it, make sure you have the stun ammo for your staff (there's lots scattered around). Hold  to aim and shoot it with . Go up to it and hit  until it gets up again. Repeat doing this until you're told to use a takedown on it. Get on the cloud hover-board device (clicking in ). Now race to it and perform the takedown. Repeat this for it's second life bar.


  • Complete Chapter 6.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    This mission is fairly short and is mostly getting from point A to B. There are a few mech fights but no bosses. You will get the achievement as soon as you use the zip line.


  • Complete Chapter 7.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    This mission has a good amount of mechs in it, especially towards the end. You'll be shooting with your staff a lot here, and at the end of the level will be introduced to more powerful mech enemy.


  • Complete Chapter 8.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    The level focuses mainly on working the windmill (wind turbine). First climb to the very top to initiate the puzzle. After you're able to use Trip to control the windmill ( and right or left option), you'll need to ride to the top and stop the windmill there. Press  when prompted to drop the sail. Do this again for the last part. You will have to of course navigate to each side to climb on the correct wing. The end has another robot dog, so use the same tactics as before (this one shoots at you). If you've upgraded your staff a lot, you should be able to take it out very fast with a stun and some headshots (to take out each life bar).


  • Complete Chapter 9.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    A lot of this level is based on using the boat with Trip. As you make your way through, you'll eventually encounter a Dog and it will be chasing Trip on the boat while you follow behind on the Cloud. There is an achievement called "Bad Doggy" which requires you to do this in under 36 seconds. Check that achievement description for more info.


  • Complete Chapter 10.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    This is a pretty short level. You'll have to face an enemy you've never seen called Rhino. It's the only one you'll see in the game. There's an achievement for not getting hit by it's charge attack, so reload checkpoint if you don't have the achievement yet. After that fight, you'll have to chase after it much like the Dog chase. There's also an achievement for doing it very fast, so check the associated achievement for it called "Got the Horn".


  • Complete Chapter 11.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    This is a pretty short level that ends with the Matador.  Don't get hit by it and also catch up to it quickly in the chase sequence.  This will give you the two achievements related to those feats.


  • Complete Chapter 12.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    When you get to the part where there are carts, the end scenario must be the red lights on the carts are both facing away from the sub on the red track in the middle. Once they are both like that, tell Trip to move things forward and the sub will move on a now cleared path. The level will end when you pull Pigsy back up to the sub.

    Solution to cart puzzle: Pull the first switch you get to. Jump on the cart and move them forward holding  and using the forward command. Jump the cap to the next cart, and command to reverse. Get out and press the level on the new side, and get back on. Now command to move forward. Jump on the pipe to your right and use this route to get back to the first lever. Get the first cart to face the dead end and command to move forward. Both carts will go to their dead ends and the sub will be able to move forward.


  • Complete Chapter 13.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    This mission as a ton of acrobatic jumping and at the end, you'll fight the most mechs you've every had to fight in a level. Just keep stunning and attacking the mechs and eventually the level will end.


  • Complete Chapter 14.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Make your way through the level destroying the leeches that land on the mech. The giant mech that looks like a scorpion is indeed the end of the level. Keep following what the game directs you to do, and shooting the targets it indicates. Don't get too stressed out if you miss targets some of the times, as once you are at 0 ammo, the game will give you more at the ammo spawn points. The fight seems to drag on a little bit with a lot of interruptions going on, but you'll finish the game.


  • Free the Slaves.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    After you beat the last chapter, the game will go to the epilogue. After the scene/event is over, you will unlock this achievement.


  • Headshot a Demolition mech 20 times.

    The Demolition mech only makes a few appearances. You'll notice it early in the game, in chapters 2 and 3 (the end enemy in both levels). You'll later find it in Chapter 10, where it will be easier to grind the achievement out. Both types of ammo count for this. Shoot the mech with the Stun Blast (the blue ammo) to disable it. Now just keep shooting it in the head. When you run out of ammo, let yourself die and you'll be at the start of the fight again (reloading checkpoint makes you start the mission over at this point). Upgrades can really help, such as giving you more ammo capacity and the stun lasting much longer.

  • Complete all Chapters on Easy.

    See "Great Sage Equal of Heaven" achievement description.


  • Complete all Chapters on Normal.

    See "Great Sage Equal of Heaven" achievement description.


  • Complete all Chapters on Hard.

    This game is pretty easy, even on hard. Some points will get a bit stressful, but as you learn to block at the right moments you'll be able to take on most enemy encounters just fine. Also upgrading helps a lot, especially if you beat the game on easy first. The reason I suggest easy is because if you beat it on hard, you'll still likely be missing orbs on almost every chapter. Also, you must upgrade completely for an achievement, and you won't have enough orbs until getting close to Chapter 9 or 10. So since you're going to be replaying most/all levels again you might as well make hard mode your second playthrough to make it seem like you're back on easy mode again. You can play hard mode through chapter select and still gain the achievement as well. Hard mode is only unlocked for each level if you've beaten the level before it on hard.

    Note: Difficulty related achievements stack. If you beat the game on hard, you will unlock normal and easy as well.


  • Beat Pigsy to the top of the Decaying Titan.

    A race happens between you and Pigsy near the start of Chapter 10. This is a climbing race. It will most likely be a very close call and might take you a few attempts. You can restart your checkpoint if you see yourself losing at the very end, or just use chapter select.

  • Rescue Trip from the Dog in less than 36 seconds.

    This achievement can be earned at the end of Chapter 9. The Dog is chasing Trip and you must catch up to it with your cloud (hovering device) and use the takedown method like your previous encounters. You will have to utilize the speed boosts extremely well to make it in time. The video below has it beaten in around 35 or so seconds, so if you don't make it by that point you should restart your checkpoint. Doing the takedown ends the mission.

  • Rescue Trip from the Rhino in less than 35 seconds.

    This achievement is much like "Bad Doggy". You have to chase after the Rhino that Trip is on and save her by pressing  when close enough and prompted to. There are no real shortcuts here, you'll have to hit every boost to make it in time. When the rock falls down as a ramp, don't jump, as it slows you down a good amount. If you make it and don't get the achievement (it will show up seconds after the cutscene happens of the takedown) you may dashboard to save yourself from completing the level all over again.

  • Sneak past a group of enemies without alerting them.

    Groups of enemies you can sneak past (usually) are the ones that have a circular blue sensor coming from then (and of course they're in a type of sleep mode). The first area you can get this is in Chapter 2. Just follow the path that doesn't involve stepping into the circular patter being radiated from the mechs.

  • Kill the Rhino without getting hit by his Charge Attack.

    The Rhino is located at the end of Chapter 11. Just make sure not to get hit by the charge attack. If it hits you with it then reload your checkpoint. If you get his by the stomp attack, you'll still be able to get the achievement.

  • Knock an enemy back into a mine.

    The first area you can do this in is Chapter 2 while progressing through the level. There will be a set of mines, and then a bigger set of mines in following area. An enemy will attack in the area, so just press  to knock the enemy in the direction of a mine. You can hold  to stun if you want first if that helps.

  • Distract 20 different enemies.

    To perform a distraction, press . Do this when enemies aren't currently targeting you (usually mechs in the distance). This can be done even if Trip is not around, you do not have to distract them away from her. If there are 4 enemies and you use distract, you will have all 4 of them count. Just do this once, because they have to be different enemies. You should be able to get this pretty quickly if you think about it before attacking or moving in an area where the mechs will detect you.


  • Stun 75 different enemies.

    An enemy is stunned in two different ways. You can either hold  and use the stun attack with your staff, or you can use your staff to shoot it with the stun ammo. The mechs will slump down and you'll see electric effects around them. You cannot shoot keep stunning the same enemy, they must be different.


  • Kill a Broadcaster with 1 second on the clock.

    A Broadcaster is a mech who calls in for reinforcements. A countdown appears above it's head indicated when they will be called. To kill it at 1 second, it's easiest to kill everything around it first. The countdown pauses when stunned, so you can stun it first to make sure you won't get caught on the defense while waiting. Get some distance and just shoot it with a Plasma Blast to kill it in one hit right at 1 second.

  • Boom!



    Use the Bomb Takedown to kill 2 enemies.

    A bomb takedown will be introduced to you in Chapter 5. Trip will mention it when you come to a set of mechs who are in sleep mode. There is a mech with an explosion symbol above it's head in the middle of 2 other mechs. Attack the bomb type mech first, and press  when prompted for the takedown. Now try to aim in the direction closest to or in the middle of the other mechs and press .

  • Use the Gun Scout Hijack to kill 10 enemies.

    Some mechs that shoot at you have an icon above their head that looks like a target. Attack them until the  icon appears and you'll have their gun. Shoot other mechs with this. You can possibly gain this in one playthrough, but sometimes you might kill other mechs first or forget to do the takedown. You only need 10.

    Note: The turret you can hijack with the same icon does not count for the achievement.

  • Stun 3 enemies at once with a Radial Stun Blast.

    The achievement describes an upgrade you need but the real name of the upgrade is Stun Effect in the staff menu. You must have at least 3 enemies near each other and shoot with the stun ammo. Hold  and make sure you have stun selected () and press  to fire the shot. If they enemies are close enough, they will all be stunned at once. An easy spot for this is in Chapter 8. After the fence opens and the mechs come to attack, they're all groups up running at you. Just fire a shot into the one in the middle.

  • Use Stun Blast then Plasma Blast to kill 25 shielded enemies.

    The mechs that have the blue shield are your targets for this achievement. They start to appear more heavily in the later missions. You must shoot them twice, once with stun first and then with the other ammo. The combination of buttons should appear as follows: Hold  then press    . You must have ammo for both.


  • Kill 200 enemies.

    This will come naturally through the progression of your game, as all types of mechs count for this achievement. You'll probably kill around 250-300 in the entire game.


  • Perform 20 Counter Attacks.

    You must first purchase Counter Attack (45,000 TP) in your upgrade menu before you can use it. It also helps to have Combat Awareness (5000 TP). First you will want to block with . Now right when an enemy is about to attack (red with combat awareness) press  right before it hits your shield. You will automatically hit the enemy. This can be done multiple times on the same enemy.

  • Kill 3 enemies with a penetrating Plasma Blast.

    To use a Plasma Blast, you must have ammo for your staff (the red ammo). There must be three enemies lined up, and your shot must destroy them all. This is best done against the melee mechs who run at you. A nice place to try this is in Chapter 6. There are a few bridges that mechs will run at you on (feel free to backtrack and make them follow you). If they have shields, stun them first with the blue ammo. You can switch ammo by pressing  and . If you want, you can stun all 3 of them and try to line them up. One shot with the Plasma Blast should kill all of them, and give you the achievement. You may need to reload your checkpoint a few times or try different areas.

  • Perform 20 Evade Attacks that hit an enemy.

    You must first purchase Evade Attack (50,000 TP) in your upgrade menu before you can use it. Press  to go into a roll and  to follow up with an attack. This move can be done against the same enemy, and if facing a Demolition Mech, you can get them all at once in the same spot.

  • Complete a Chapter without dying (Except Chapter 1).

    The only level you can't do this achievement on, is of course Chapter 1. You may get this while normally progressing through the game. You should be used to the game by Chapter 6, and will likely get it there if you haven't gotten it by that point. There are no areas where you can fall off, no shooting mechs, no bosses, and it's a pretty short level. By this time you should also have been able to upgrade your health considerably. You can play this on any difficulty. Also, feel free to restart your checkpoint if you're about to die or low on health.


  • Rescue Trip 3 times after she has performed an EMP.

    When a Mech gets close enough to Trip to pick her up by her head, she will use an EMP to disable the mechs attacking her. You then must destroy the mechs. Most of these scenes are automatic, and don't happen often at all. Listed are the few times this happens:

    1. Early on in Chapter 2 (automatic)
    2. When you take over the turret (let the mechs get close to her so she uses EMP
    3. Late in Chapter 2 (automatic)
    4. Chapter 3 while on the turret (let the mechs get close to her so she uses EMP
    5. Near the end of Chapter 10

    If you still don't have this by the end of the game, I suggest replaying Chapter 2 again.


  • Complete a Chapter without losing any health.

    The easiest chapter to do this on is Chapter 1, though you can do this on any level. Your upgrades will still carry over to this chapter, you just don't have a HUD. If your screen flashes red, it means you lost health.


    • You can play on easy
    • The Combat Awareness Upgrade helps
    • If your health gets damaged, you may press  and reload your checkpoint, and you can still get the achievement
    • Upgrades carry over to level select
    • Shooting mechs only hurt your shield and won't count against this achievement. But be aware your shield is limited.
    • Melee will bypass your shield and reduce your health. Press and hold  to block attacks which only take away from your shield. Follow up with the quick attack combo using .
    • Fire takes away health and will nullify the achievement if you touch it. At one point you must make a leap where there's a giant timed flame. Run against the ledge, and right when the fire stops for a second, jump and jump again as quickly as you can to avoid.


  • Purchase all Upgrades.

    There are a total of 33 upgrades in the game. You will need a total of 1,212,500 Tech Points to buy them all. You will gain the ability to do these upgrades in Chapter 2. As long as Trip is close by and not doing something story related (some points you leave her somewhere) then you are able to upgrade. To do so, hold  and press down on the . The currency in this game is found in all chapters (except the first one). They are in the form of orbs that you collect in levels as well as get from defeated enemies.

    There are 3 types you can find within the levels:

    • Single Orb: Grants 400 TP
    • Tri-Cluster: Grants 1500 TP
    • Full Circle: Grants 4000 TP


  • Purchase all Health Upgrades.

    There are a total of 7 upgrades in this category. After learning how to upgrade, you can use it whenever Trip is available. Hold  and press down on the . The Health Upgrades are the bottom option. You will need a total of 390,000 Tech Points to buy them all. The upgrades will unlock as you purchase the level before them as well as if you have enough points to buy them.

    • Health Extension 1 (20,000 TP)
    • Health Extension 2 (32,500 TP)
    • Health Extension 3 (50,000 TP)
    • Health Extension 4 (65,000 TP)
    • Health Regen 1 (60,000 TP)
    • Health Regen 2 (72,500 TP)
    • Health Regen 3 (90,000 TP)


  • Purchase all Combat Upgrades.

    There are a total of 6 upgrades in this category. After learning how to upgrade, you can use it whenever Trip is available. Hold  and press down on the . The Health Upgrades are the right option. You will need a total of 247,500 Tech Points to buy them all. The upgrades will unlock as you purchase the level before them as well as if you have enough points to buy them.

    • Wide Attack Upgrade (45,000 TP)
    • Stun Charge Upgrade (42,500 TP)
    • Focused Attack (60,000 TP)
    • Counter Attack (45,000 TP)
    • Evade Attack (50,000 TP)
    • Combat Awareness (5000 TP)


  • Purchase all Staff Upgrades.

    There are a total of 12 upgrades in this category. After learning how to upgrade, you can use it whenever Trip is available. Hold  and press down on the . The Staff Upgrades are the left option. You will need a total of 337,500 Tech Points to buy them all. The upgrades will unlock as you purchase the level before them as well as if you have enough points to buy them.

    • Fire Rate 1 (7,500 TP)
    • Fire Rate 2 (12,000 TP)
    • Ammo Increase 1 (10,000 TP)
    • Ammo Increase 2 (20,000 TP)
    • Ammo Increase 3 (35,000 TP)
    • Stun Time 1 (15,000 TP)
    • Stun Time 2 (27,500 TP)
    • Stun Time 3 (45,000 TP)
    • Stun Effect (22,500 TP)
    • Plasma Penetration (35,500 TP)
    • Plasma Damage 2x (42,500 TP)
    • Plasma Damage 4x (65,000 TP)


  • Purchase all Shield Upgrades.

    There are a total of 8 upgrades in this category. After learning how to upgrade, you can use it whenever Trip is available. Hold  and press down on the . The Shield Upgrades are the top option. You will need a total of 237,500 Tech Points to buy them all. The upgrades will unlock as you purchase the level before them as well as if you have enough points to buy them.

    • Shield Recharge 1 (15,000 TP)
    • Shield Recharge 2 (22,500 TP)
    • Shield Strength 1 (20,000 TP)
    • Shield Strength 2 (30,000 TP)
    • Shield Strength 3 (50,000 TP)
    • Block Strength 1 (20,000 TP)
    • Block Strength 2 (30,000 TP)
    • Block Strength 3 (50,000 TP)


  • Collect half of the Masks.


    See "Mask Curator" achievement description. This achievement is first possible in Chapter 7 (since you must collect 13 of the 26 total masks).


  • Collect all Masks.


    There are a total of 26 masks in the game. To see your progress in each level, go to chapter select from the main menu and highlight any chapter you've unlocked and it will show you your total out of how many possible. If you've gotten them and are replaying a level, be aware that some do appear story related so you will see those again, but most you won't be there if you've already collected them. Most of these are very easy to find, but if you need help please check out the mask collectible guide below:

    Mask Collectible Guide


  • Collect half of the Tech Orbs.


    See "Tech Curator" achievement description.


  • Collect all Tech Orbs.

    This will be the hardest achievement in the game. It may cause you to replay levels, maybe even many times over again. The way to see how many orbs you have, is to look in chapter select. Level 1 does not have any orbs. The rest of the levels will how what percentage you have. Because levels have various numbers of orbs, just because gaining 1 orb in one level gives you 1%, it doesn't mean each orb is 1%. Sometimes you may grab one and it will give you even more percentage. There are 3 types of orbs you will see. Single orb, orbs grouped in 3, and orbs grouped in 8 (a full circle). Orbs do not count from enemies, only from finding within the environment.

    A complete guide for every orb would be quite redundant, as over 75% of the orbs are found in your path and on the ground. You'll see most orbs in the game. There are a few however, that may not be so noticeable. If you're having problems with any orbs, check out the link below:

    Tech Orb Guide: By Brambledamble

DLC: Pigsy’s Perfect 10

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Complete all chapters.

    Story related and cannot be missed.


  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Kill 4 Mechs with 1 Bomb device.

    See "Quadruplets!".


  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Collect all hidden food and pin-up girls.

    Use  excessively! You should be able to find the majority of the items with just the button. There is a girly poster right at the beginning (after your first grapple) and a few are somewhat hidden but the vast majority are in sight when you use the green lens. Make it a habit of backtracking especially at the start of chapters and check for food. Rule of thumb, if you see a chapter heading look around for free space and explore those areas. If anything a good guide like the one posted on this site will allow you to finish this off.

    thegingerfat1 has created the guide and it can be found here.


  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Stun 5 enemies using one single EMP device.

    I got this one by accident and the only thing I remember is that a turret was involved. Your best bets are in the final chapter and in "Under Fire" I went back and replayed most levels and couldn't find a good spot to get this one. The majority of the groups of enemies in the game come in packs of four, so when you find four and a turret go for it. You can also try and find a creative way to do it in "Under Fire."

    XperimntNterror recommends this method:

    • Start up the chapter "Spring up the Pipe".
    • Clear the first area with the turret and two melee mechs that are patrolling around it.
    • Once you use the grapple point to get to the next area, there will be three melee mechs in the room in front of you and two gun mechs on the other side of the bridge. Using Trouble vision (), you will also spot another melee mech on the same side as the gun mechs, but it will not come out unless you reach the middle of the bridge, which unfortunately, is exactly what you are going to have to do.
    • To start, toss a DECOY towards the doorway directly across from your starting position (the one that leads out to the bridge).
    • Wait for the melee mechs to gather around the area and then toss an EMP to stun them.
    • Now snipe the gun mech on the top level of the building on the other side (preferably with a headshot to kill it instantly) and leave the one on the bottom level alone.
    • It will fire in your direction for a few moments, so just stay behind cover until it stops.
    • Now it will start walking across the bridge to your side of the area and the other melee mechs will basically, still be in the same location as when you hit them with the EMP.
    • Wait for the gun mech to enter the area and when all 4 mechs are in the radius of another EMP, toss it (don't try using a DECOY at this point because it will just make the gun mech run all the way back to it's home position).
    • With those 4 stunned, now comes the tricky part. QUICKLY, run out to the bridge and be ready to nail the hidden mech with your cattle prod. (DO NOT STOP to hit the mech; mash  while running so you can keep moving).
    • Afterward, get to the door with the lever and get ready to toss another decoy back onto the bridge.
    • At this point, you may also need to stun the mech that is closest to you with your cattle prod.
    • Once the others come running, lob an EMP and you should hit all 5 with it.
    • Achievement Unlocked!


  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Ally 4 enemies using one single Ally device.

    When you reach the chapter "Under Fire", there is a midpoint in the chapter right before you turn on the turret to fight off another wave of mechs. Do not turn on the turret (do not pull the lever) there will be a group of four mechs that will come to assault you. Simply toss a distracting ball to group them up and then an EMP bomb to keep them still while you place your ally mine or bomb them. It is best if they are grouped on the platform just below the one with the cover and the turret (the one you start on). Do not be afraid to die because the checkpoint is at that very point. You will probably need multiple attempts since the ally ability will scatter them.


  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Find all the parts to build Perfect 10.

    Story related and cannot be missed.


  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Use all 4 devices on one enemy.

    When you reach the chapter "Old School Mayhem" there will be a wall that you blow up to the right of the turret. Behind that wall there is a single mech patrolling. Just use the distract bomb to lure him to a location, the stunning one to stop him, then the ally ability and finally use the bomb ability. You might have to stun it again to use the bomb ability on it. Use the bomb last!


  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Ally a single Mech 2 times.

    When you reach the chapter "Organized Chaos", you will be granted the ability to turn enemies into allies for the first time. Select the ability by hitting  and  to drop the mine on the floor. Then use the  button to detonate the mine when the mech is near you. You must use this ability on the mech nearest you at the beginning of the chapter, but then you crawl your way toward the turret on the left hand side to kill the other mechs in the area. Just use the ally bomb on that turret twice.


  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Reach the top of Dead Man's Peak.

    Story related and cannot be missed.


  • Pigsy's Perfect 10: Finish the Shooting Gallery under 40 seconds without shooting any pin-ups.

    This is practically the first thing you do in this game besides walking. Concentrate on the white robot looking targets. Note that there are blue and white female targets that you should not shoot. This is not really hard and shouldn't take more than a few tries to get. Do not fret if you did not get the achievement your first time doing it. You can always come back after you beat that game to grab this achievement. You will have more practice with the gun.

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