- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 37 [1000 ]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Although many people loathe this game because of its repetitive gameplay and sub par graphics, it definitely deserves its spot on the Quick 1000s. Even avid gamers will have little difficulty getting all of this game's simple achievements.

Welcome to Eragon. This game has a total of 37 achievements and requires two playthroughs to get 1000 . Of the achievements 36 are unlocked simply by playing through the story and 1 is gained by collecting the secret egg in each level. The reason that two playthroughs is required is the achievements for difficulty are not stackable. This means beating a level on hard mode will not unlock the achievement for beating the same level on normal mode.

As you play through the game make sure that you are following the secret egg location guide found HERE. I also suggest using a walkthrough to help you if you're lost or need more help finding an egg. I found this walkthrough to be very helpful. For your first playthrough a level beat it on normal difficulty and collect the egg. Note that the egg will not count unless you finish the level after collecting it and you only need to collect the egg once even though the game will let you grab it over and over on subsequent plays through the level. After you beat the level and collect the egg on normal mode, immediately replay the level on hard mode. This will make it much easier to beat the level since it will be fresh in your mind and you'll know exactly what to expect.

Overall this game is very simple, but sometimes you can get overwhelmed if you don't know what your doing. The best tip I can give when fighting a large group of enemies is to use your magic arrows to knock some enemies down. While they're close and on the ground press the button to stab them and instantly kill them. Now, while your magic is recharging, simply use the leaping slam. To do this jump in the air with and then press while airborne. This move will prevent you from taking damage for the most part. Then just repeat this process once you magic bar is blue again.

And there you have it. If at this point you are missing achievements simply replay the desired level on the necessary difficulty.

[XBA would like to thank Method for this Roadmap]

Eragon Achievement Guide

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There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points


    Secret achievements

    • You have made it through the DARET DOCKS level on NORMAL.

      See "Daret Docks - Hard".

    • You have made it through the DARET DOCKS level on HARD.

      Very easy level, just follow the course to the end, no trick to it. You will learn to use magic to manipulate objects and enemies for the first time, so once you get the hang of targeting something for magic (same as using your bow, just the opposite trigger button), you'll be through in no time.

    • You have made it through the SPINE MOUNTAINS level on NORMAL.

      See "The Spine Mountains - Hard".

    • You have made it through the SPINE MOUNTAINS level on HARD.

      This is basically a tutorial for your basic movement and attacks. You don't have to fight a single enemy or do any puzzles or anything, so if you can't pass this level, stop now.

    • You have made it through the CARVAHALL level on NORMAL.

      See "Carvahall - Hard".

    • You have made it through the CARVAHALL level on HARD.

      Pretty linear level with a few short battles, just kill all the enemies and move on. The last part with the Ra'zac behind the bars, just keep moving to the right and cutting through water barrels/meat, out the door to the right.

    • You have made it through the DARET TOWN level on NORMAL.

      See "Daret Town - Hard".

    • You have made it through the DARET TOWN level on HARD.

      Protect the citizens while they put out the fire, then go through the building and around the walkway to move the plank with magic. The only hard part of the level is realizing you have to backtrack back to the square after moving the first plank. Do the same with the second building and second plank, then head out the front gate and continue toward the end.

    • You have made it through the DARET BRIDGE level on NORMAL.

      See "Daret Bridge - Hard".

    • You have made it through the DARET BRIDGE level on HARD.

      Very linear. Just follow the story and look for the objects to manipulate when it looks like you can't proceed. Try to use your jumping slash attack (, then in the air) to knock enemies off the bridge.

    • You have beaten the RA'ZAC CHASE level on NORMAL.

      See "Ra'zac Chase - Hard".

    • You have beaten the RA'ZAC CHASE level on HARD.

      Extremely simple. Just hold down the right trigger to continually search for a Ra'zac to lock onto, then fire when it turns green. You shouldn't take much damage at all.

    • You have beaten the TRAPPED! level on Normal.

      See "Trapped! - Hard".

    • You have beaten the TRAPPED! level on HARD.

      Try to get the Ra'zac to fight Brom by hiding behind him, then when they are busy with him, work on moving the roots and logs off Saphira with magic. In the final phase with both Ra'zac, try to pin yourself in a corner with Brom in front of you. Once Saphira is free the level is over.

    • You have made it through the GIL'EAD CITY level on NORMAL.

      See "Gil'ead City - Hard".

    • You have made it through the GIL'EAD CITY level on HARD.

      Use stealth to avoid being seen as much as possible, while using your precision arrow shots and magic arrow shots to take care of any enemies. After you get trapped in the space with the flaming arrows, run straight around the corner to a stone outcropping to use magic on, jump up and open the main gate, then jump down and use magic on the ballista, then run through the door to complete the level. Don't bother fighting enemies, it'll just get you killed.

    • You have made it through the GIL'EAD KEEP level on NORMAL.

      See "Gil'ead Keep - Hard".

    • You have made it through the GIL'EAD KEEP level on HARD.

      Best to use stealth through this level to avoid large fights. Stick to the inside wall around the keep and you should make it to the walkways on top with only one fight in the cellar. Once up there, you can make a mad dash all the way left, then up through the covered corner area, and taking the first right, then the first left, you'll get shot at by a catapult and knocked into the dungeon. Head out the door to the right to complete the level.

    • You have made it through the DURZA'S FORTRESS level on NORMAL.

      See "Durza's Fortress - Hard".

    • You have made it through the DURZA'S FORTRESS level on HARD.

      Not very difficult, but there are some small puzzles to this level. Once you figure out the basic premise (go up, then around and across through the middle, then up, around, across through the middle...etc) you shouldn't have a problem. The only hard part is Durza himself. The tactic I used was to let Brom get in close to fight him and stand back using quick arrow shots (just hold right trigger to target and keep tapping ), then using your new fire magic any time it's ready (pull the left trigger and hit ). When he shields himself, run around him in circles to avoid the blades and continue with the previous tactic. Takes a long time, but it's effective.

    • You have beaten the FLIGHT FROM GIL'EAD level on NORMAL.

      See "Flight From Gil'ead - Hard".

    • You have beaten the FLIGHT FROM GIL'EAD level on HARD.

      A second annoying level in a row. Your best bet is honestly to ignore using Saphira at all. What I did was just hold right trigger and pound on the A button to fire magic arrows with Eragon. Try to follow the very first path you take without turning at all, that way any time you get low on health, you can take the first underground tunnel on your right to eat the dove. When flying through enemies, do a circular motion and just keep firing magic arrows. Long and tedious, but it works.

    • You have beaten the RUINS OF ORTHÍAD level on NORMAL.

      See "Ruins of Orthíad - Hard".

    • You have beaten the RUINS OF ORTHÍAD level on HARD.

      To defeat the first Krulls, shoot them in the face with an arrow, then use magic to pull them forward twice, then jump on their backs and run them off the cliff. In the underground, make sure to activate all the crystals on the wall along the path, then open the door and head up the spiral staircase. When fighting on the gem, don't ride the Krulls, it takes too much time and the gem will shatter before you can finish. Just blind them and hack away. The puzzle in the next are is: red, green, yellow, red, green. And finally, on the bridges, clear the enemies until you can grab the ledge (rocks will tumble away when you can proceed) and just make a mad dash for the end, getting health from crates along the way - there are way too many enemies to actually fight.

    • You have made it through the BEOR MOUNTAINS level on NORMAL.

      See "The Beor Mountains - Hard".

    • You have made it through the BEOR MOUNTAINS level on HARD.

      After a few hard levels, a very simple one. Follow the river and fight some battles to progress. Toward the end, keep killing dudes until one comes from the other side of the fallen cart to smash it, then you can proceed toward the finish.

    • You have made it through the URGAL ENCAMPMENT level on NORMAL.

      See "Urgal Encampment - Hard".

    • You have made it through the URGAL ENCAMPMENT level on HARD.

      Pretty simple level, but it helps a lot to use stealth and headshot the guards so you don't alert the whole camp. Just follow the one and only path, run by enemies when you can to avoid long fights and you're done in no time.

    • You have made it through the MISTY GORGE level on NORMAL.

      See "Misty Gorge - Hard".

    • You have made it through the MISTY GORGE level on HARD.

      When you get to the mists, just keep jumping to move forward quickly and the Urgals shouldn't be able to get you. If they catch up and knock you down, fire a magic arrow to knock them to the ground and continue your kangaroo quest out of the mists. In the next section, there is one pressure plate right in front of you, the other is in the back left corner of the mists, up on a ledge. For the final battle, try to knock as many off the cliff as possible and use the magic arrow+stab combo to make it go quickly.

    • You have beaten the URGAL ATTACK! level on NORMAL.

      See "Urgal Attack! - Hard".

    • You have beaten the URGAL ATTACK! level on HARD.

      Very simple level, just fly around and kill as many guys and catapults as possible. It doesn't matter if you lose a few towers, just don't lose them all.

    • You have beaten the DEFEND THE VARDEN level on NORMAL.

      See "Defend the Varden - Hard".

    • You have beaten the DEFEND THE VARDEN level on HARD.

      This one isn't very difficult, but it's long and annoying. You have to defeat literally 400 troops, but along the way Saphira kills about 100 of them for you. Otherwise a very linear level, just keep killing enemies and following the path you're led on. In the final square, avoid the Krull and run in circles using magic arrows until your Saphira call comes up, you will need three of these and she will burn the remaining enemies to death.

    • You have made it through the FINAL BATTLE on NORMAL.

      See "Final Battle - Hard".

    • You have made it through the FINAL BATTLE on HARD.

      Tough battle, but once you get the hang of the pattern, you'll be alright. Hold the left trigger and pound on A to reflect his magic back at him while doing a clockwise circle around the screen to avoid any other fireballs coming your way. Any time he gets in close enough for Saphira to breathe fire, make sure you use it, as this does the most damage. Just keep repeating that until he's down. If you get low on health a dove will spawn, but chances are if you get that low you'll die anyway.

    • You have collected all the secret eggs

      In each level there's a secret egg. You only need to collect each egg once, you can do it on any difficulty. So if you miss an egg while you're getting the difficulty achievements, just load the corresponding level on easy and grab the egg. You MUST complete the level to have the egg count.

      The Spine Mountains: After you learn your sword moves, you'll come to a stone archway that'll require you to jump and shimmy over a river. Once you land, turn the corner in front of you and jump onto the ledge on your right. Follow the patch about 20ft and you'll collect your first egg.

      Carvahall: Once you finish the fight outside, you'll find yourself in a house. As soon as it loads, jump up onto the rafters right in front of you and head right to find an egg.

      Daret Docks: Right after you use your magic to swing the ship's bow to get to the other side, turn left and head to the very end of the dock where you'll be rewarded with an egg.

      Daret Town: After you unlock the right side of the gate, you'll get to the third flaming house. Once the citizens put out the fire, go to follow the stairs to the top of the house. Instead of going out the door, head away from the door (onto a beam) balance along the beam until you get to the small platform with the egg on top.

      Daret Bridge: After you drop the gate, you'll find yourself at a "U" shaped bridge. Go down and around and you'll find yourself at a ramp leading up. Do NOT go up the ramp yet, instead, fall off the right side of the ramp (directly across from the shack on the left of the bridge). You'll fall down a ledge, walk down another ledge and you'll find the egg.

      Ra'zac Chase: When you exit the cave you'll do a circle under the waterfall. The egg's at the bottom of the waterfall. Don't hug the wall too much or you'll hit it and bounce away from the egg. If you miss it just press start and load last checkpoint (beginning of the chase).

      Trapped!: As soon as the level starts, run towards the camera and to your right. You'll hit the egg like nobodies business.

      Gil'ead City: After ringing the first bell and going through the gate, you'll find a big cement slab circle on the ground. Stand on this and do a running jump to your left. You'll grab the ledge, pull yourself up then jump onto the windowsill on your right. Walk through the building then shimmy to the other building on the wooden plank. Keep going right and you'll drop onto a ledge with the egg on it.

      Gil'ead Keep: You wont be able to see it, but once you get up to the "higher grounds" aka the upper ledge of the city's walls, the egg is directly to your right. You went onto the left ledge, the egg is on the right. So what you have to do is navigate the path to get to the other side. If you're confused think of the upper ledges as a compass. You got up on the southeast. The end of the level's at the north (more center, but for the sake of the description), and the egg's at the south.

      Durza's Fortress: After you use your magic and pull out the two huge stones, head left and hug the wall to your right. When the path turns left, there will be a gap in the ground in the corner. Fall down the gap and you'll land in a room with the egg.

      Flight From Gil'ead: When you see the first underground tunnel, fly into it. (here you can get a dove to raise your health) The egg will be at the bottom/right of the transition to the next tunnel.

      Ruins of Orthiad: After you use magic on the purple stone to your left in the wall. You'll see a statue ahead of you on the right. The egg's behind the statue.

      The Beor Mountains: When you get to the part in the level where archers hide behind stones that you can break apart with your magic you're close to the egg. When you get to the top you can either go straight up an incline, or turn left and head towards the camera. You want to go on the path to the left to get the egg.

      Urgal Encampment: When you get to the part in the level where there's a bunch of layers of rocks that require you to climb, and there's a bunch of archers firing at you you're close to the egg. When you get onto the same level as the archers, head to the left by the magical spears. To the left of the spears you should see a flickering blue light that indicated a level below the level you're standing on. Walk along the edge until you fall down and you'll find the egg.

      Misty Gorge: After you come out of the mists you'll come to a broken bridge. Jump off the right side, then run all the way around and take the far left path. It'll wrap around and the egg will be at it's dead-end.

      Urgal Attack!: As soon as you start look at your mini-map. There's a V and you can either go left or right, go right. Just follow the path, you'll see the egg at the top of a tree, can't miss it. It's the only blue thing in the level.

      Defend the Varden: When you come to a long bridge, halfway through it there will be a staircase heading down. Take that all the way and the egg will be at the bottom.

      Final Battle: There's actually no good tip to get this. Durza pretty much controls where you go, and it will show up in the clouds sometime, so you have to keep an eye out to swerve and get it at the right time.

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