- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 22 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60-75 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 1 ["Score Piece Collector"]
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats

A big thanks goes to The Pants Party for much of the information located within this road map.
Being that this game is an RPG, it will not be a quick 1000. However, if you follow the advice within this map and the guide, the game should not be a very difficult 1000. The second playthrough will give you the most trouble, but even then only a couple boss fights may prove difficult.

Welcome to Eternal Sonata. This game has a total of 22 achievements and requires two playthroughs to get 1000. Of the achievements 12 are unlocked simply by playing through the story. The remaining achievements require you to either collect certain items or clear out an optional dungeon.

The game also has one missable achievement, "Score Piece Collector". Overall, this achievement will take both playthroughs to get, but the missable portion occurs on the second playthrough. In chapter 4, in the hotel in Baroque, there is an old lady that you must speak with. She is located on the second floor in the room second from the left. If you do not speak with her, you will be unable to get Score Piece #31 on that particular playthrough.

Step #1: Preparation
Before you begin it is a good idea to find a walkthrough to follow. Even if you don't follow it word for word, it will most likely get you out of a bind if you find yourself in a situation where you don't know what to do. I personally found this walkthrough to be particularly helpful. In addition to the walkthrough you will find the following links helpful too:
Fort Fermata Map
Mysterious Unison Maps
Score Piece Guide

Step #2: Playthrough #1
For this playthrough, your goal should be to do everything you possibly can. This means collecting every available score piece and completing the Mysterious Unison dungeon. Also, you should do your best to collect the score pieces in the order the guide lists them. The reason being that the game does not actually number the pieces, so of you collect them out of order you will find it difficult to play the correct piece to get EZI pieces. However, do not worry about collecting EZI pieces on this playthrough as you can't get them all yet and they will disappear for the next playthrough. Also, be advised that this game has A LOT of long cut scenes. As such, you will have to wait until you have control of your party again for the "party level" and "chapter" achievements to unlock.
Make sure you follow the clues to unlock the Pirate Dolce fights for this playthrough so you can get the score piece and Werewolf Choker (3 fights in this playthrough). Last, if you're wondering when you can do enter Mysterious Unison, you can go into it right after you kill the boss at the top of the Double Reed Tower of Sand. If you enter the portal after beating this boss you cannot go back.

Step #3: Playthrough #2
For this playthrough, also known as "The Encore," enemies will have more health, better defense and better attacks. You will also only keep your score pieces, party levels and the Hero's Crest from your previous playthrough. Hopefully you followed the advice above and cleared out Mysterious Unison already. Last, you technically don't have to beat the game on this playthrough, but you will have to play to Chapter 7 and beat the Xylophone Tower.
With all of that covered, we can now go over what you need to do on this playthrough. This time around, you'll want to collect all of the EZI pieces. EZI pieces themselves are worthless items, but are needed for a large point achievement. You'll also want to follow the trading sequence to get the glowing orb. This will allow you to access the treasure atop Xylophone Tower. Again, also make sure that you do th Pirate Dolce fights for this playthrough too (4 fights in this playthrough). Last you'll want to mop up the rest of the score pieces (again, trying to get them in guide order).

At this point, if you are still missing an achievement, I suggest you load up a previous save. If you somehow still missed score piece 31, make sure the save you load up is an encore save.
[XBA would like to thank Method for this Roadmap]


Eternal Sonata Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
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Show secret achievements

There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points


    Secret achievements

    • Chapter 1 Raindrops has been completed.

      Note #1: The game will REQUIRE two plays. Some of the musical scores are not available until the second play, and some of the side-quests are also not available until the second play. The second play through you get to keep your Party Level (but not character level), your Score Pieces and the Hero's Crest. However, enemies will have 2x health and 1.5x attack/defense, so getting as much as you can in the first play will make your second play easier and shorter.

      Note #2: All of the "Party Level" and "Chapter" achievements unlock once you are back in control of your party. There are a lot of cinematics in this game, so you might go through 2-3 before the achievements actually unlock. These achievements can not be missed, unless stated otherwise.

      Raindrops is complete once you defeat the Orge Champ to save Polka in Agogo Village.

    • Chapter 2 Revolution has been completed.

      Revolution is completed by defeating Tuba on the Cabasa Bridge outside Fort Fermata.

    • Chapter 3 Fantaisie-Impromptu has been completed.

      Fantaisie-Impromptu is completed by defeating the Death Crow in the cemetary.

    • Chapter 4 Grande Valse Brilliante has been completed.

      Grande Valse Brilliante is completed by defeating Fugue outside Agogo Village after passing through the Wah Lava Cave.

    • Chapter 5 Nocturne has been completed.

      Nocturne is completed by defeating Rondo in the Aria Temple.

    • Chapter 6 Tristesse has been completed.

      Tristesse is completed by defeating Waltz after passing through Mt. Rock.

    • Heroic



      Chapter 7 Heroic has been completed.

      Heroic is completed by defeating Chopin at the end of Double Reed Tower.

    • Final Chapter Heaven's Mirror has been completed.

      This is unlocked at the same time as "Heroic."

    • Final Chapter Heaven's Mirror has been completed with all characters remaining.

      This is unlocked by first doing the achievement "Claves's Resurrection" and then beating the game. She does not have to be in your party for the final boss, she just needs to be alive.

    • Party Level 2 can now be selected.

      Party Level 2 is unlocked by defeating the Forest Boar in Heaven's Mirror Forest.

    • Party Level 3 can now be selected.

      Party Level 3 is unlocked by defeating the Killer Knight at the end of Fort Fermata.

    • Party Level 4 can now be selected.

      Party Level 4 is unlocked at the same time as "Grande Valse Brilliante."

    • Party Level 5 can now be selected.

      Party Level 5 is unlocked at the same time as "Tristesse."

    • Party Level 6 can now be selected.

      Party Level 6 is unlocked by defeating the dragon on the first level of the Mysterious Union. You can only get this on your first play through if you backtrack before finishing the game. See "Hero's Gate" for more information.

    • The Hero's Gate has been opened.

      You can only get this on your first play through if you do not go through the purple portal after defeating the huge dragon at the end of Double Reed Tower. Once defeating that dragon, you get the "Hero's Crest" and you will need to leave Double Reed Tower and return to the Noise Dunes. Once there, go four screens to your right and you will arrive at the entrance to the Mysterious Union.

    • Rondo has been defeated in Unison.

      This is unlocked by defeating Rondo on the 11th floor of the Mysterious Union. You can only get this on your first play through if you backtrack before finishing the game. See "Hero's Gate" for more information.

    • Unison has been completed and Claves has been resurrected.

      This is unlocked by finding all seven soul shards inside the Myserious Union to resurrect Claves. Here are their locations:

      1. Level 1 - In a chest.
      2. Level 2 - A boss on the teleporter to level 3.
      3. Level 3 - In a chest.
      4. Level 6 - You need to buy this for 99,999,999 gold. To get this amount, kill the black and orange guys on level 12. They drop three million every fight.
      5. Level 8 - In a chest.
      6. Level 11 - A boss on the teleporter to level 13.
      7. Level 13 (Final) - A boss. You must have the other 6 shards to fight him.

      Check this thread on our forums for a decent map to the dungeon.

    • The soul of Chord, the first mineral powder test subject, has been released.

      This is only available on your second play through. Once you fight Rondo for the first time at the end of Chapter 5 you will get the "Heart Pendant" and soon you will gain access to the teleporter in Baroque City. Return to Ritardando from the teleporter and talk to the man in the cave off the beach. Head back to Baroque and talk to the Former Servant in the east alley of the town (across from the entrance to the snowy peak). Once you've talked to both of them, head back to Fort Fermata and use the key you got earlier in the game to open the locked door on the west side of the first section. Give the man inside the Heart Pendant, but make sure it is not equipped on anyone or he will not talk to you.

    • The hidden treasure in the secret room on the top floor of Xylophone Tower has been acquired.

      To get this, you need to follow a trading sequence started by the achievement "Soul Released." Once you get the orb from Aria Temple and get to Chapter 7, head to Xylophone Tower and get to the top floor. Once there, open the door on the back wall with the orb. Here are the trading locations:

      • Fort Fermata (Chord): Heart Pendant for the Pot
      • Tenuto Village (east house): Pot for the Goat Stew
      • Chorus Plains (Goat Herder): Goat Stew for the Coupon
      • Hanon hills (Merchant): Coupon for the Honey
      • Baroque Castle (Researcher): Honey to the researcher who sends you to get Agogo Droppings
      • Agogo Village (Boy): 20 photos of 20 different beasts for the Agogo Droppings.
      • Baroque Castle (Researcher): Agogo Droppings for the Odd Candy
      • Hanon Hills (Merchant): Odd Candy for the Glass Ball
      • Baroque City (Priest): Tells you to take Glass Ball to Aria Temple
      • Aria Temple (Final Room): Glass Ball for the Orb
    • The mystery behind the the pirates' treasure has been solved and the treasure has been acquired.

      There are four steps to this achievement, all involving fights with Dolce the pirate. This is only available on your second play through.

      1. Pirate's Paper 1: Defeat Dolce on her pirate ship. It's impossible to miss this step because the story progresses through it.
      2. Pirate's Paper 2: Defeat Dolce in the Wah Lava Cave. In the "Middle 3" section there is a flower that has a red dragon in front of it. Kill him and examine the small X on the ground to trigger a fight.
      3. Pirate's Paper 3: Examine the six pillars in the catacombs under the church in Ritardando, then go talk to the employee who is sitting on some barrels in the wine cellar of the inn of Baroque. When prompted with a choice say Dolce's skin is looking saggy and she will appear.
      4. Treasure & achievement: Return to Woodblock Grove (the poisoned woods) and in the "South Center" section where you have to go left on a hard to see path there is a small device/sign. Input 3214 when prompted for the code and Dolce will appear for the final fight.
    • All the score pieces scattered throughout the world have been collected.


      Some score pieces are available on your first play, and I highly recommend following this guide closely so you can immediately begin working on "EZI Worshipper" once you begin your second play through. The score pieces are not numbered inside the game, so if you do not get them all, you won't be able to follow the "EZI Worshipper" description correctly. You can get them out of order and the game will reorder them, but they are still not numbered.

      1st Playthrough

      Chapter 1

      1. In a shrine next to Salsa's house in Agogo Village

      Chapter 2
      2. In a chest at the end of Fort Fermata, directly after the boss

      Chapter 3
      3. In a boat outside Cantabile Inn on the path
      4. In a chest in Woodblock Groves
      5. In a storage room in Andante City
      6. Hidden near a rock in the entrance of Andante City (you must first find a note in some boxes next to the house that triggers the event to go to the graveyard)

      Chapter 4
      7. On a bookshelf on the Baroque Ship
      8. On the bow of the Baroque Ship
      9. Pirate Ship Dolce
      10. In a record player in Baroque Castle
      11. In a clock in Baroque Castle
      12. On a desk in the Baroque City Inn
      13. In a snowman at Baroque City Entrance
      14. In a cave in Sharp Mountains
      15. In the fireplace in the Sharp Mountain Lodge
      16. In a treasure chest in Wah Lava Cave

      Chapter 5
      17. In the back of the Ritardando Bakery (inside)
      18. On the side of the Ritardando Bakery (inside)
      19. In a treasure chest in Mandolin Church Tunnel
      20. In a barrel in the Baroque tavern wine cellar (must trigger Dolce fight first)
      21. From a merchant at the Celesta Forest entrance

      Chapter 6
      22. Cello Tree at Cowbell Heights

      Chapter 7
      23. Mysterious Unison Floor 4
      24. Mysterious Unison Floor 9
      25. Mysterious Unison Floor 12
      Note: These can only be received on the first play if you backtrack before the final boss.

      2nd Playthrough

      Chapters 1-5

      Chapter 6
      26. Play Score Piece 24 with Easygoing Flat in Tenuto Village
      27. Last area in Heaven's Mirror Forest, squirrel on a tree trunk
      28. Forte City Tavern, upstairs on a table
      29. Forte City, near door to Inn
      30. Baroque City, rescue man with dogs sidequest

      Chapter 7
      31. Forte City, man in pain. (Note: You must talk to the old lady in the in the Hotel during Chapter 4 or you will not be able to get this one.)
      32. Play Score Piece 19 with Disappointed Note at Cabasa Bridge (north side)

    • All the items related to EZI have been collected.


      All of your EZI items disappear going to your second play through, so don't even worry about them on your first play. You can't get them all until you have most of the score pieces, so try to follow the guide for "Score Piece Collector" closely, because the only way to play the right score piece is to have them all and count from the top to get to the right number. If you have missed any score pieces, counting to the right one will be impossible.

      Chapter 1

      Chapter 2
      EZI Cracker - Play Score Piece 2 for the Gentlemanly Pop in the square of Forte City.
      EZI Certificate - Play Score Piece 5 with Wiseman Maracas in the Glissando Cliffs.

      Chapter 3
      EZI Photo - Play Score Piece 20 with Lonely Pitch at Lake Reverb.

      Chapter 4
      EZI Scarf - Play Score Piece 4 for Captive Congo on the Pirate Ship Dolce. (3F-NW Door)
      EZI Egg - Play Score Piece 14 for Killer Bell Lyre in a hidden cave in the Sharp Mountains.
      EZI String Phone - Play Score Piece 1 for Celebrity Marcato in Baroque Castle. (2F-East)
      Smiling EZI - Play Score Piece 6 for Contrary Marimba outside Hotel Ensemble in Baroque City.

      Chapter 5
      Cherry EZI - Play Score Piece 3 for Worrywort Horn by the fountain in Ritardando.
      EZI Pajamas - Play Score Piece 11 for Shallow Sweet in Baroque Castle. (2F-West)

      Chapter 6
      EZI Paddle - Play Score Piece 7 for Granny's Girl Quena in the upper room of Hotel Ensemble in Baroque City.
      EZI Handkerchief - Play Score Piece 18 for Conceited Choir in Baroque City.
      Elite EZI - Play Score Piece 21 for Solitary String (cat) in Tenuto.
      EZI Pendant - Play Score Piece 27 Methodical Gospel in Ritardando.
      Small EZI - Play Score Piece 29 for Precocious Flute by the cave in Agogo Village.
      Swimming EZI - Play Score Piece 15 for Twilight JuJu in the Chorus Plains.
      Laughing EZI - Play Score Piece 9 for Strolling Ghost Note in Hanon Hills.
      EZI Pocketbook - Play Score Piece 13 for Tenacious Coronet in Cantabile Inn.
      Weekly EZI - Play Score Piece 16 with Gentle Harp in Baroque City.

      Chapter 7
      Rainbow EZI - All the way to the east of Elegy City, inside a small urn. It is in front of the steps that takes you to the dunes.
      EZI Bun - Play Score Piece 28 for Glamorous Oboe in Elegy City.
      Chapel EZI - Play Score Piece 13 for Desolate Saburo in the Noise Dunes.

      Note: Huge thanks to Ray5555 and Kaens from our forums and Kiryn Silverwing for her guide on Gamefaqs. If you are stuck at any point, check that guide out here.

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