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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Acquire your first artifact.

  • Acquire one artifact from each book.

  • Acquire all artifacts.

  • Reborn



    Complete your journey and begin life anew by entering the Evergate.

  • Acquire crystal essence in Gate 7 of Underlands before void breaks any crystals.

  • Acquire all the time essences.

  • Acquire all the crystal essences.

  • Purist



    Complete all books without using artifacts.

  • Beat the entire game with no deaths. Resetting is allowed.

  • Demonstrate your excellence with each artifact.

  • Experience all memory moments to their completion.

  • Talk to all the Seekers about their past.

  • Acquire all the petal essences.

  • Earn the crystal complete essence on any level using the Forgotten Memory artifact.

  • Land on a caribou's back. They can be a bit shy though.

  • You already beat the level! What went wrong?

  • Quit bouncing back and forth, reincarnation awaits!

  • Your kindred spirit does not appreciate being set on fire.

  • The Grovekeeper can tell you're easily entertained...

  • That's embarrassing... You've died after protecting the Kindlewheat.

  • Connect to me with your Soulflame. What are you waiting for?

  • Nobody said this journey was going to be easy.

  • Ki has died and reformed from the Source 100 times.

  • Make the largest platform possible.

  • Beat the game in under 2 hours.

  • Beat the game in under 1 hour.

  • Reach 5 Gates in under 4 seconds.

  • Reach 20 Gates in under 7 seconds.

  • Reach all Gates consecutively in any China book without dying. Resetting is allowed.

  • Reach all Gates consecutively in any Alaska book without dying. Resetting is allowed.

  • Reach all Gates consecutively in any England book without dying. Resetting is allowed.

  • Reach all Gates consecutively in any New York book without dying. Resetting is allowed.

  • Reach the 10 blue flowers.

  • Have 5 jump cell charges at once.

  • Reach any 5 Gates without touching the ground.

  • Reach any 5 Gates without jumping.

  • Beat the game only using instant fire.

  • Beat the Storm book without dying.

  • Spend 20 continuous seconds in the air.

  • Destroy one drone with another.

  • Collect all essences in one attempt in 10 Gates.

  • Launch yourself as high as possible on Gate 3 of the Secret Garden.

  • Hop over the center pillar for a shortcut to Gate 7 of the Darkwoods.

  • Reach any Gate using the Soulflame only once.

  • Beat Gate 6 of The Blizzard before the first snowfall ends.

  • Beat Gate 5 of Falling Sky using six crystals or fewer.

  • Beat Gate 1 of Underlands using only boost crystals and no artifacts.

  • Reach any 10 Gates without breaking a crystal.


Secret achievements

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Evergate Achievements FAQ

  • How many Evergate achievements are there?
    There are 50 achievements to unlock in Evergate worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.
  • Are there any secret achievements in Evergate?
    There are 2 secret achievements in Evergate. Our achievement list contains a full list of all secret achievements in Evergate.

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