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    Complete all 8 Scene Searches

    After you've watched or fast forwarded through an episode, the scene search for that episode will unlock. Navigate to scene search in the menu and complete all eight. 

    Scene search is a hidden object game where they give you a looping video and you have two minutes to find the five hidden objects in the scene. Put the cursor over the item and hit . If the cursor turns green, you were successful. If it turns red, you may not have the right item or it may not be all the way in the cursor. You do not have to know anything from the episodes to complete these. 

    Here are the locations of the items you need to find:

    Episode 1

    1. Sergio - He is the one with the ball.
    2. Skateboard - This is on the ground to the far left.
    3. Backpack - On the ground to the far right.
    4. Brazil Flag - Beneath an archway near the right side of the boys.
    5. Soccer Ball - Drawing on pillar towards the left side (not the one the boy is playing with).

    Episode 2

    1. Trash Can - Bottom center in front of the yellow building.
    2. Argentina Sign - On the red area in front of the yellow building.
    3. Sun Emblem - Left side on the left most umbrella.
    4. Light in Tree - Left of the building at the top of the screen.
    5. Woman and Child - Walking down road on the right side of the screen.

    Episode 3

    1. Bird - Flying in the upper left corner of the screen.
    2. Tires - Lower left corner of the screen.
    3. USA Graffiti - Near bottom of far right telephone pole.
    4. Purple Garbage Bin - Behind the player to right of red fence.
    5. Electrical Panel - Near the top of the far left telephone pole.

    Episode 4

    1. Bus - Moving from side to side in center of screen.
    2. Korean Flag - On pole towards middle of left side of screen.
    3. Traffic Cone - On edge of dirt road just below Korean Flag.
    4. Statue - Shaped like a lion, between the Traffic Cone and Korean Flag.
    5. U-turn Sign - On the roof the low wall to the right of screen.

    Episode 5

    1. Palm Tree - Left halfway between top and bottom.
    2. Street Light - Above playground equipment.
    3. Spain Flag - On the building to the left of the boy (Yellow with red edges).
    4. Blue Spring Horse - In the gap beneath the slide.
    5. Ladder - To the right of the playground equipment leaning against a tree.

    Episode 6

    1. Skylight Video - Center of roof just above r in Amsterdam.
    2. Soccer Ball - Drawing on the first m in Amsterdam.
    3. Nabil Graffiti - Portrait on the d in Amsterdam.
    4. Leg Swinger - Woman with white coat sitting on first a of Amsterdam.
    5. Motorcycle - To the right of the last m in Amsterdam.

    Episode 7

    1. 2010 - Just below the center of the screen.
    2. Street Light - At the top right corner.
    3. Yellow Building - Right side of the screen.
    4. Diamond Tiles - Bottom of the stairs on the red planter.
    5. Brazil Flag - Along the white wall behind the diamond tiles.

    Episode 8

    1. Most Valuable Player - Playing with the ball.
    2. Seung Ming - Standing against the wall beside the South Korean Flag.
    3. Orange Hats -Just above the wall near the Spanish Flag.
    4. McDonald's Sign - Halfway down on left edge of screen.
    5. Camera Man - Peering over the wall near center of screen.


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