Made Top of Leaderboard Achievement

  • Made Top of Leaderboard



    Received a score high enough to make the top of the Leaderboard

    This achievement is a pain, and should be worked on before you do anything else in the game, for reasons that will become clear below. You need to ensure the online leaderboards are set to “On”. The description doesn’t explain the requirements very well at all, what you actually need to be is top of the online leaderboard, above all of your friends. The scores have to be fresh scores, too, so no going back to levels and doing them again. However, you can’t just land there, you have to be second (or lower) first, and overtake a friend.

    You will need a willing friend who has the game and not really played it, or a dummy account on Windows (see THIS link for how to do this without having to buy the game again).

    Follow the steps below on how to do this.

    1. Start the game with your main account, getting a relatively low score on the first level (10-15k), then let yourself die. This should put you in first.

    2. Start the game with your second account (or liaise with your friend) and wait until you see your main account’s score on the leaderboards. One you see this, start the game and score more than your main account, before letting yourself die. This should put your dummy account or friend in first.

    3. Do the same with your main account, then outscore your dummy/friend, putting you in first position.

    4. Finish the level, and your leaderboard achievement should unlock.

    This can be done later on, but if you are trying to do this once you have already played through the game as the scores carry on through the levels, so you may have to play through the whole game a few times for this.


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