Rocking the boat Achievement

  • Rocking the boat



    Finish ahead of your Senior team-mate in your first season with a new team

    Rarely will your team-mate finish in the points in the first season, so if you can get one or two top ten finishes, you will unlock this easily.

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  • Does this achievement seem to easy?
  • I've just finished Spa, so more races to go, and this achievement dinged. I thought it would ding at the end of the season? Any ideas?
  • I think I released this dinged because my tally of races can't be beaten by him.
  • It's really easy because all the drives on you're team don't score any points in the season so all you have to do is finish within the Top 8 in one of the races. It's almost too easy this one..
  • If you are in the top 3, further from your team mate, you will get this avhievement
  • Nice tip!
  • do u have to be driver 2 or can u be equal or even driver 1?

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