Seeking Performance Achievement

  • Seeking Performance



    Successfully complete an R&D test

    In career, every 2-3 races your engineer will say that there are new upgrades that need to be tested. When you hear this, look at your engineer (to the right) and select him. You will see an option called "R&D test". Choose to accept the task.

    Out on the track, you will have a lap time to beat within a specific amount of laps. Successfully complete this task and the achievement will unlock.

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  • You get given R&D challenges during the practice sessions, just talk to the engineer and accept the challenge then beat the required lap time, the earlier R&D tests are very easy and a time that would normally qualify you in the top 10 will usually be sufficient.
  • I've done this over and over and still haven't got the achievement
  • ok vou tentar!
  • can anyone help me?where i have to play this achievement?in career?in career they tell me to finish in a specific position but they don't give me a number to beat him. i have to be the driver one in the team to win this achievement?
  • ok i win this achievement. hey tom you should beat the time in three practice not only practice one,you should play this in practice one and two and three,you try this?
  • basiclly in all 3 practice sessions do the r&d objectives

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