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    Accept a contract with a higher placed team

    You're going to need to complete (some of the) objectives set by your team each race weekend. These include qualifying and completing races above, or equal to, the position requested by your team. Doing so will increase your reputation level. As it increases, other teams will become interested in securing your services for the following year.

    You can check the interest you've attracted from other teams by selecting your agent in the trailer. Also in the trailer, you can see the team standings. Eventually offers will start rolling in. Make sure the contract offer is from a higher placed team, then accept it.

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  • can anyone help me in this achievement?i was in mclaren but i was the driver 2 and i accept a contract from lotus to be the driver 1,and i don't win the achiviement,i should accept a contract with the same team?exemple to be in ferari a driver 2 and accept a contrat to be the driver 1?but mcalren didn't give me a contract to be the driver 1 but i have a full point 475(i win all race).
  • ok i win this achievement
  • You have to accept a contract with a team placed higher on the board i guess. So if you win every race, you will probably never get it, plus your difficulty is set to low even
  • ok guys i got this one. what you need to do is to start off with lotus or one of the lower teams. you can become world champion but if your offered a contract later in the season from the likes of ferrari or mc laren to be a number 2 driver they need to become constructors world champion and plus they need to be your main rival in the drivers championship as in maybe fernando alonso or lewis hamilton but they have to be second in the points so it may take a season or two to get it but it should work that way. :D
  • Another way to do this is, if you are doing well in your first season like i did with Lotus, and i won the championship with 5 races to go whilst accepting a contract with the 2nd placed team, back off for the rest of the season and let them get ahead in the constructors list, then after that u should get it, then just go on and win the constructors if you can. If not you can do it in the following seasons.

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