Speed demon Achievement in F1 2010

  • Speed demon



    Travel above 220 mph / 353 kph

    How to unlock Speed demon

    Start a time trial session at Monza. In the garage, go to your engineer and change the quick car setup to the far right option. Since you're doing a time trial, you will start on a flying lap. Hold down the throttle for the entirety of the straight and you'll reach 220mph/353kph.

    [Credit to YouTube user Dazz]

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  • I managed to get this on the straight in shanghai using a Mclaren.
  • Best place is Monza. Last corner/straight/skip the chicane
  • very easy to get ; )
  • It's very easy to get, race with a McLaren and go into Qualifying. Head out on a flying lap and it will put you on the home straight going around 120mph, all you have to do is reach the end of the corner without somehow crashing.
  • This can b done on quite a few tracks just set ur transmission to manual and hit a deccent straight.
  • very easy!!! thx!!!
  • How Can this be done!!! i have tryed in a maclaren at Shanghai i even tryed it at spa Which corner at monza do you mean the fast left right hander?? Someone help
  • If you go to the engineer before practice or qualifying or race, and go to the quick setup, set it all the way to the right (dry, and fastest), you will hit 220 easily on the long right turn and straightaway on the home stretch of monza

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