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    Perform the perfect pit stop

    Make sure "Pit Limiter" and "Pit Box Control" (driver assists) are set to manual. Press to request a pit stop. Obviously it needs to be more than a one lap race. When you get to the pits, your engineer will tell you to engage the Pit Limiter. Press to do so. Your speedometer will turn red to let you know it is on. Listen carefully as you make your way through the pits. The engineer will eventually tell you to hit the brakes. Press when he says this. If you have done it correctly, the achievement will unlock before you exit the pits.

    [Credit to YouTube user Dazz for the video]

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  • does any1 know how to get this achievement if you could let me know that would be great
  • only go to the pit
  • I do every pit stop at all races and dont get this frinkin achiev. I am playing the 20% race. I really dont know what to do to get this one.
  • I think you have to do a pitstop in under 4 or 3 sec
  • break before the 1st line and hit limiter on the 2nd line and brake when your pit crew tells you on a manaul pit stop pit control and pit limiter must be set to manual
  • by the way if you hit the guy you fail
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8mkbiK2HzY
  • Fo to driver assists and turn all pit assists off. Then do a pitstop of around 4 secs. I got mine with 4.3 something if I remember right.
  • I couldn't get this in carer no matter how many times i thought I'd done a perfect stop. I then tried for it in Grand Prix and it popped first attempt, even though I got a time penalty for speeding in the pit lane. Clearly not a perfect stop then, but it popped anyway.

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