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  • The big one



    Meet the contract requirements of a Championship leading team

    Refer to "Impress the Boss" for information on how to view the contract requirements. A Championship leading team is defined as the top three in the Constructors Championship. It is possible to get this in your first season, by finishing in the top three. As long as your team doesn't expect you to finish 2nd or better in the Championship, top three will always unlock this achievement.

    You can view the Constructors Championship leaderboard, by selecting "Standings" in your trailer and scrolling across to "Constructors".

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  • I missed that thing! What should i do to unlock this?
  • Not a clue, its not popping for me either so i'm gonna leave it
  • Don't know how I got it. It just popped (6th season). I was working to be 2nd of the constructors and choose my rival in the leading team hoping that when I would beat him, I would have a seat in the world champion team. But the achievement just popped. I still don't understand...
  • I think it pops when the team leading the constructors title offers you a contract. At least it did for me when my Toro Rosso team offered me a contract.
  • You can see how to unlock this achievement by going into career, then agent then select your team, then view contract and it will say what your season objective is

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