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    In single player take pole position and win in Monaco

    Can be done in Career or Grand Prix mode. If doing it in Grand Prix mode, "Short Race Weekend" or "Long Race Weekend" needs to be selected. Qualify in pole position and win. Monaco is quite technical and very narrow, so take advantage of the practice session prior to qualifying. Turn on the race line to assist you with learning the braking points and some of the more difficult corners.

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  • I tried this witn 20% heavy rain with mercedes and redbull and it did not unlocket! After that 1 tried it with ferrari ,long race weekend and 1lap race and it did not unlocked. I got pole and won the race every time and nothing. Someone got any helt with that?
  • Yeah I tried with 1 lap race too on long weekend and didn't unlock. I am not sure why...
  • go with a mercedes short race weekend on easy
  • I got it in career mode, 20% race distance on Hard difficulty.
  • I just got this now in single player grand prix with short race weekend, 10% race and mercedes
  • I got it in short race weekend, 1 lap, as Button. Quite easy, just do a couple of laps to ensure pole, start well, and let no one pass.
  • i hate this track
  • i hate this track but i av eventually won the race and start on pole and got nothing
  • so annoying this track
  • nope am not ever gonna get this

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