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    Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship on the Expert Difficulty setting

    Well, here it is, the hardest achievement in the game. Let me break down for you what the expert difficulty entails.

    • All assists off--This includes traction control, automatic gears, ABS, racing line, and brake assist (which is useless, so no big deal losing that).
    • Simulation options set to full--This includes realistic rules and flags, tyre simulation, fuel simulation and full damage.
    • The AI is set to legendary difficulty.

    The biggest hurdle for most will be the lack of traction control and the use of manual gears. Without traction control, spinning becomes a common occurrence. Even the slightest mistake and you will be punished. My advice, never brake whilst turning. NEVER. It's just asking for trouble. Go wide, brake, then turn. Do not push full throttle when coming out of a corner. Ease back up to speed, or you will spin. Be very wary of the kerbs and do not go off road.

    Learn the tracks in and out. You need to know the best lines. Also, opt for consistency. No point going flat out if you're going to spin and lose more positions than you gained. Your car setup is important too. This site has great setups for each track. For more hints, see here.

    The achievement must be done in Career, so you are going to need to wait until you get contract offers from better teams, to have any chance of winning the Championship on expert. At the end of the day, nothing beats practice.

    Alternative Method (Easier)
    Start the season (first race, Bahrain) on expert. When you get on the track, enter the pause menu and change the assists to whatever is easiest for you. You're going to trick the game into thinking that you are playing on expert. Before ending the session, whether it be practice, qualifying, or the race, enter the pause menu again and set the assists back to what they originally were (outlined above). The game autosaves at the start and end of the session, so you can trick it in the middle. Continue to do this for the entire season, win, and the achievement will come. A few things to note:

    • Do not save a setup whilst you have any assists on. This will cause the game to autosave, thus ruining the exploit.
    • You can restart a race with assists set to on, same for qualifying.
    • You can enter the garage with assists set to on.

    As long as the game doesn't autosave when you have assists on, the exploit will work.

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  • Do i need to do all of the races on expert difficulty?
  • well... yeah.
  • ...and I've got 880, which is enough for top three, but I'm not there either.
  • Need to make obver 100 comments to see yourself on leaderboards than sign up for it
  • currently doing hard difficulty on my 3rd Season, im with Renault, which was a mistake as racing for a team ut of the top 4 really affects performance, wish i had have stayed at Red Bull now, if hard is anyhting to go by, then Expert should seriously test my patience cause ill try to do it the hard way.
  • when i choose the expert difficulty i can to change the setting and make automatique the gear and the pit limiter?because i choose expert and i change the setting,i put full control and abs on and everything manuel i changed to automatique,i can win this achievement like this?
  • at #7 no you can't you have select expert and leave all the settings as they are. Manual is not expert mode, obviously. There is an exploit in the pause menu but you have to remember to change everything back before you cross the finish line. If you wana cheat that is lol I used it once to my shame lol
  • hehehehe,nice one steve,you are smart:-),i will try it,you try it?anyway,thank you for your comment
  • At #8: Are you saying that you can cheat your way by starting a race with expert settings, change them to whatever you want as soon as the race start and then remember to change them back before crossing the finish line, and do this every race for a whole season?
  • I just did like comment #8 says, and it works - only thing is that the achievement doesn't pop until the season is over, rather than pop when/if you clinch the title before the last race.
  • So i went into my season and used the "easier" method... set my game to expert and started the session... during the session changed to what i normally use and set up the car as i normally do... at the end of the session (qualifying) I was 24th and 7 seconds off the pace while my team mate was 1st... whats happened there? Went into the race doing the same thing and finished last more than a lap down on EVERYONE! Am I doing something wrong?
  • I guess whats happened here is that all the other cars are still racing at Legendary difficulty, which I dont think can be altered.
  • Worst racing game ever
  • very hard achievement not even gonna bother with it tbh
  • While the rules are very strict with how realistic you have to race, there is one huge flaw or exception. You can literally destroy the whole field of cars before the end of the race (races like Monaco, Montreal & other close barrier circuits). Just start the race in last place, and wait off the circuit (or off the racing line) and wait until the field comes up behind you, than as they try to pass you, squeeze them between your car and the barrier. This will terminally damage the AI cars causing them to DNF. You won't get much damage (at most a broken front wing, rarely a tire puncture) rinse and repeat for all AI cars. Note: you will get drive through penalties for taking out cars, be sure to serve them before the laps mentioned and before the end of the race or else you will get D

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