Strength of character Achievement

  • Strength of character



    Chose to pit your self against the toughest Championship Rival

    After the race in Budapest (Race 12) and before Spa (Race 13) you will be asked to pick your rival. Of the three available, pick the one in the highest position.

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  • i think to do this you need to join maclaren so you are teamed with button the world champ. please correct me if im wrong and i hope this helps.
  • Sorry can you help me? I don't know what do i need to do
  • When I got the chance to chose who your championship rival is (NOT my team mate), I chose Alonso and I got this achievement.
  • I did this on my first season. I was with Lotus, picked Lewis Hamilton, and the Achievement pinged. If I remember correctly, Hamilton was 2nd in the Driver's Championship.
  • I misunderstood this one completely and thought I had to go to the pits simultaneously as my Championship rival during a race, but this will unlock as you play because you at some point will be asked in a press conference to choose a Championship rival of yours.
  • how do you pick a driver as a rival?
  • dont worry i just got it
  • if you are top of the drivers championship the rival will be the guy below you
  • How do you know who the toughest championship rival is?
  • To unlock this achievement you have to select the driver who is highest up in the world championship whether that be first or if you are first then choose whoever is in second
  • this achievement is all about early contract offers from bigger teams. you can get this in season 1, but if you're unlikely to beat your toughest rival, i'd choose one you are likely to beat. when you beat them, their team offers you a contract regardless of reputation required as long as you haven't already signed for someone else. it's the quickest way of climbing the career ladder. so, unless you're playing this on easy-peasy, i'd go for this in season 2 or later.

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