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  • Taking it online



    Win your first online ranked Grand Prix

    This is the only ranked achievement in the game. Select multiplayer from the main menu, then when the modes come up choose Online Grand Prix. There is 15 minutes of qualifying, followed by a 7 lap race with a mandatory pit stop. Be extremely cautious around the first corner, as 99% of the time there will be a crash.

    Win to gain the achievement.

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  • think im bugged on this achievement, iv won numerous races but none have given me the acehivement, iv won 2 endurances, 5 springs and 2 grand prix today and nothing!
  • You have to do it in the full length Grand Prix mode otherwise it won't unlock.
  • some people online have said that they got it doing a 3 lap sprint race???? that makes some more sense than winning a 3 lapper, i wonder if the people are as classy racers as they are in quick mode. :(
  • On the thrid lap when im in the lead i always spin :(
  • Has anyone found out how you actually get this achievement?
  • anyone wanna try boost this one add me gt:bigdogWOOWOOWOO
  • Looking to boost with others, GT is shoutie1980, if you are interested message me!!! :-)
  • are the online achievements still available for this, i av tried and cant find any available games

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