Nifty 50 Achievement

  • Nifty 50



    Reach level 50 online

    This is obtained by gaining 1,000,000 XP.

    The online levels can be boosted if you do not enjoy racing competitively. XP is awarded for the following:


    • Completing flying laps.
    • Qualifying in the top 3.
    • Finishing in the top 10.
    • Completing a lap without incident (no crashes).
    • Completing a lap.

    To set up a boosting match, go to multiplayer and create a session. Set it to private and invite your friend. You can change all of the simulation settings and alter the race distance. The quickest way to boost, is to set up a 19 race season (all at Montreal), one lap, ten legendary AI, collisions and flags off. Take turns winning, making sure to finish 1-2. Cut corners to make it easier. You should be able to get 30,000-31,000 XP per hour following this method.

    You can check your total XP on the leaderboard.

    Head to the achievement trading thread (here) to find a boosting partner.

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  • What really annoys me about the online part of this game is that it takes ages with loading screens, countdowns and whatnot before you go from the lobby to the race and back. It takes about 6-10 minutes to drive ONE quick race that lasts three laps, and the amount of XP you get barely gets you forward after reaching level 30. You have to be patient for this one...
  • Since level 35 (I'm on 39 at the moment) it has taken med about 4 hours total for completing a level. Also, there's A LOT of asshole players out there that push, shove and does just about everything to win, and doesn't play fair nor realistic when it comes to the sport of Formula 1. You have been warned. Good luck.
  • Dude, if you wanna boost this with me, send a request to Markez23 UBoG. Quick and easy way to do this one...
  • markez23 if me and my friend add you do you fancy helping us pleasee
  • Hi, I'll help out to get to lvl 50. Add me Body 45. Im on line most evenings.
  • Need Help to do this with someone who knows how to boost it - Xblthetires
  • hey i am looking for some drivers 2 boost 2 level 50 with before f12011 comes out if your interested message or add me im starting tonight!
  • need boosting friend add me GT: mapleleafs32
  • Looking to boost to level 50 so send me a message if interested.
  • I'm also looking for help with boosting this one.
  • I need help boosting this one, with someone who knows how to boost, add me if you can.
  • ill b boosting all week so send me a message if ya wanna boost 2!!
  • I still miss this achievement, and need it. I will be available to play until January 8 if someone wants to boost with me! Gamertag is the same as my username.
  • This is the final achievement i need now. I really want to try get it done in the next month or so, so anyone who is willing to really go for it to get it done, please contact. the ping ding
  • im playing it
  • Any 1 want to boost some multiplayer chevos let me know gt: mbe13
  • someone to boost???? gt adamo0kos11
  • if anyone wants to boost for this achievement then add me on xbox live and send me a message saying you want to boost on 2010. my gamertag is Chresss
  • Hi, i would really like to get this last achievement. Add me. gamer tag The Ping Ding
  • I know the games old, but i'm a cheap gamer. Anyways, my bro and I picked up 2 copies of the game. Currently working towards this achievement. If anyone wants to join in there welcome. Message me uCw HavoK. Probably won't have the game past a month with Gears Judgement out in a few weeks.
  • looking to boost this achievement with someone. GT SlayingUrchin3, give me a message and friend request if interested :)
  • Anyone interested in boosting need a partner, please invite me RyanPilbeam96 is gamertag
  • how do you set up AI bots in custom race? Don't see the option.
  • If anyone is interested in getting some of the online achievements, add me - Peanutbag is my gamertag.
  • It's 2015 and I'm still trying the online achievements. Anyone? Add me. JeffSM82
  • Still looking to boost this, if online is still up and running GT: SlayingUrchin3

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