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  • CV Submitted



    Beat a member of the Formula 1 2010 Dev team or player who has done so


    This is a viral achievement. You are likely to get this in your first race online, unless you finish last that is, or not at all! Finish ahead of anyone who already has this achievement to unlock it. Can boost if you're having trouble.

    Head to the achievement trading thread (here) to find a boosting partner.

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  • This is a viral achievement, achievement trading will help to get this.
  • i can help if anyone needs this one;)
  • hey im i need of this achievement add me r i can add you GT: mapleleafs32
  • can anyone help me get this one add me gt:bigdogWOOWOOWOO
  • id like this one as well please
  • I'd like to boost this. GT: xCGPx ALEJOROM Thx

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