Commitment is the key Achievement

  • Commitment is the key



    Complete 7 full Championship seasons

    Commitment or ingenuity? The choice is yours. If going the commitment route, you are looking at 133 races. 44 hours of racing. However, if that doesn't sound appealing, there is an easy way out. Turn damage on and crash every race.

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  • at the start of the carrier I set my carrier last to 5 seasons. can I continue after the 5 yeras for this achievement or do I have to start a new carrier where I set it to 7 seasons?
  • Same question here... is possible to continue after 5th season to 6th ???
  • i certainly hope so!
  • I won't think so, or else it would be weird having to choose the number of seasons before starting your career. But I hope for you guys that you can prove me wrong, I chose 7 seasons... have yet to achievete it, though. Very time consuming.
  • Since you only need to complete 7 full seasons, could you just spam the "skip session" button and quickly get through them? Or would you not get any contract offers since you will be finishing last every quali and race?
  • You need to choose 7 seasons, and complete each race...don't have to qualify, but you gotta race.
  • can you just crash your car at each race.. ?
  • at the start u can set ur career to 7 seasons and get all other achievements on way that way there is only few races u gotta either race or crash fr to get this achievement

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