True racer Achievement

  • True racer



    Win a single player race with all driver aids switched off

    My suggestion is to drive at Montreal, as it is a very short (and easy) track. Go to Grand Prix mode, turn all the assists off and change the distance to one lap. Difficulty on easy, flashback limit 4 and either Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari as your team. Refer to "World Champion - Expert" for advice on driving without aids.

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  • Tryed to get this i won the race with all assists off, will i have to put it on manual aswell??
  • Braking Assist, ABS, Traction control, Racing Line, Gearbox, Pit Limiter, Pit Box Control switch off those and go 4 the achievement
  • i think you need to have expert on aswell, but im not sure
  • No you don't need expert mode on, just have every driving assist off. Braking, ABS, Traction Control, Racing Line, Gearbox into manual, Pit Limiter & Pit Box Control.
  • this is harddd!! lol

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