Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
Offline: 44 (885)
Online: 6 (115)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60+ hours.
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 7 seasons in career.
Number of missable achievements: 20. Basically all of the career achievements can be missed (except for completing seasons).
Glitchy achievements: Quite a few will not unlock the first time you meet the requirements. None are permanently glitched however.
Do cheat codes disable achievements? There are no cheat codes.
Unobtainable achievements? None.
Extra equipment needed? No, though you may find the game easier using a wheel.

Welcome to F1 2010. Codemasters gained the F1 license back in 2008 for a reported sum of 20 million (per year). The move appears to have paid dividends, as they have produced arguably the most realistic portrayal of the sport thus far, with strong sales reflecting this.There is a robust career mode where you start with one of the backmarker teams (Lotus, Virgin or HRT) and try to attract the attention of more prestigious racing teams. Spanning 7 seasons, the career includes all 19 tracks, practice/qualifying sessions and the ability to tune and earn upgrades for your car. An F1 enthusiasts dream!

Step One: Career
The majority of achievements in F1 2010 have been allotted to the career portion of the game. They will take some time, around the 25-30 hour mark. Choose a 7 season career upon start-up and whichever team (of the three available) you like. I suggest you play on easy, but turn off brake assist. It actually makes you a lot slower! When you begin your career, for the first race set it to "Long Race Weekend". Participate in each practice session setting the best time and do the same for qualifying. Every subsequent race, you may select "Short Race Weekend". Qualify in pole position and win every race (should be simple on easy) and you'll be well on your way to collecting all the career achievements.

If you're offered a position with a better team (McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, etc) accept it. When asked to choose a rival, pick the highest placed driver.

After 3 seasons of following this pattern, change the difficulty to expert. It's going to be very challenging, but with luck, you'll be able to win the championship. After winning on expert, you may crash in each race (for the last 3 seasons) and retire.

Step Two: Grand Prix and Time Trial
Complete one lap in time trial mode to unlock the only achievement tied to this mode. Note, you cannot cut any corners or go off track, otherwise it will not count.

The Grand Prix achievements. Two of them require you to win at certain tracks with specific teams. Again, you want the difficulty set to easy. One lap is sufficient. Win with Ferrari at Monza, Mercedes in Germany. Next, start a "Short Race Weekend" at Monaco. Qualify in pole position and win. Finally, we have a more challenging task. Winning a race in heavy rain at 20% distance. You can choose any team and track you wish, any difficulty. Easy is recommended however. Be a little more cautious when accelerating out of corners and you should be fine.

Step Three: Multiplayer
Besides one achievement (which explicitly states it must be done in ranked) all others can be boosted in private matches. This is down to personal preference, though boosting is a lot quicker. If you enjoy the multiplayer, simply keep racing and you will eventually obtain the achievements in around 150 hours. Boosting with a friend, it will take 35-40 hours total, for both of you to get to level 50.

Step Four: Miscellaneous
Refer to the achievement guide for information on any achievements you may have missed.

This is a brilliant game, marred by a couple of unfortunate oversights. Achievement wise, 890 is well within reach of anyone, even those new to the sport. The last 110 (Nifty 50/World Champion-Expert) on the other hand, will be obtained only by the most determined and skillful of players.

[x360a would like to thank Shelton for this Road Map]

F1 2010 Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Finish ahead of your Senior team-mate in your first season with a new team

    Rarely will your team-mate finish in the points in the first season, so if you can get one or two top ten finishes, you will unlock this easily.

  • Participate in all 3 Practice sessions of a race weekend

    This can be done in either career or Grand Prix mode. "Long Race Weekend" must be selected. Post a legitimate time (do not cut corners) then accelerate time by returning to the garage and choosing the first option on screen. Press twice to increase the speed to 30x. Do this for each session.

  • Successfully complete your first career race

    You literally need to cross the finish line. Crashing and retiring does not count. Turn off damage to ensure you are able to complete the race.

  • Complete your first media interview

    This is done in career. Following qualifying, exit to the paddock. You will see a bunch of reporters with the word "Interview" above their heads. Press on "Interview", then answer the three questions.

  • Successfully complete an R&D test

    In career, every 2-3 races your engineer will say that there are new upgrades that need to be tested. When you hear this, look at your engineer (to the right) and select him. You will see an option called "R&D test". Choose to accept the task.

    Out on the track, you will have a lap time to beat within a specific amount of laps. Successfully complete this task and the achievement will unlock.

  • Accept a contract with a higher placed team

    You're going to need to complete (some of the) objectives set by your team each race weekend. These include qualifying and completing races above, or equal to, the position requested by your team. Doing so will increase your reputation level. As it increases, other teams will become interested in securing your services for the following year.

    You can check the interest you've attracted from other teams by selecting your agent in the trailer. Also in the trailer, you can see the team standings. Eventually offers will start rolling in. Make sure the contract offer is from a higher placed team, then accept it.

  • Achieve a one-two finish with your team mate in a career race

    This is only possible with a higher class team. As such, you will not be able to get this in your first season. If you receive a contract offer from either Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari, accept it. Win a race with your team-mate in second position to unlock the achievement.

  • Complete a race without being involved in an accident

    Single player only. I would suggest starting at the back of the grid, in a one lap Grand Prix. Allow the other cars to get 10-20 seconds ahead before moving. Simply complete the race without hitting another car or the wall.

  • Travel above 220 mph / 353 kph

    Start a time trial session at Monza. In the garage, go to your engineer and change the quick car setup to the far right option. Since you're doing a time trial, you will start on a flying lap. Hold down the throttle for the entirety of the straight and you'll reach 220mph/353kph.

    [Credit to YouTube user Dazz]

  • Complete a single player race using only the cockpit view

    Choose a short track, such as Montreal. Change the view to cockpit whilst on the starting grid by pressing and complete the race. The cockpit view is through the drivers eyes, see below:

  • Win the German Grand Prix in single player driving for Mercedes

    Quickest way to get this achievement is to start a Grand Prix with race distance set to one lap and the AI difficulty set to easy. Choose Mercedes, then your driver (Michael Schumacher or Nico Rosberg). Hockenheim is the name of the track you must select. Win the race!

  • Win a single player Grand Prix of no less than 20% distance in heavy rain

    Start a Grand Prix of at least 20% distance, weather set to "Heavy Rain". Change the difficulty to easy and the maximum amount of flashbacks to 4. Be aware, there are no mandatory pit stops in wet weather races. Try for consistency, as opposed to blistering speed. It is easy to spin in the wet, so it is better to be cautious. When turning, do not touch the throttle until you are facing out of the turn. The AI are very slow on the street circuits, so if you are confident in your ability to navigate tight turns, choose one of the following tracks:

    • Melbourne
    • Valencia
    • Monaco
    • Singapore

    If street circuits are not your forté, feel free to select your favourite track. Knowing the track well is essential, as visibility is severely reduced. With this in mind, do not drive directly behind other cars. The spray will make it near impossible to see.

    Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari are the best teams to choose from.

  • In a single player race take the win after starting in last place

    "Short Race Weekend" in Grand Prix mode. 3 laps will make this a comfortable proposition, however, if you choose a longer track you may be able to do it in 1 lap. AI difficulty on easy, Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari as your team choice. Immediately skip to the race (option to the right of the engineer). This will mean you begin the race in last place.

    With the difficulty set to easy, you'll be able to overtake the whole field with ease.

  • Win a race using one of your own set-ups

    In the garage, on the screen in front of you, scroll all the way to the right. There is an icon which looks like a gear. Press on this to customise your set-up. Change anything, big or small and win the race. Can be done in single player or multiplayer.

  • Set a time in Time Trial mode

    Time Trial mode is located to the right of Grand Prix mode. Select it, any track, any car, then post a legitimate lap time. If you cut any corners or go off track, the achievement will not unlock.

  • Go on to win the race after using a Flashback

    This will probably come naturally. To use the flashback feature, press , then push the to the left until it rewinds back to where you want to resume the race. Now press . Go on to win the race after using this feature to unlock the achievement.

    Note: Flashback will only rewind the last 10 seconds.

  • Complete your first Season in Formula 1

    This is a Career mode achievement. There are 19 races in the 2010 season. The minimum distance is 20%, so each race takes about 20 minutes. It is however possible (if you turn damage on) to crash your car and retire every race, cutting down the time it takes to complete a season dramatically.

  • Perform the perfect pit stop

    Make sure "Pit Limiter" and "Pit Box Control" (driver assists) are set to manual. Press to request a pit stop. Obviously it needs to be more than a one lap race. When you get to the pits, your engineer will tell you to engage the Pit Limiter. Press to do so. Your speedometer will turn red to let you know it is on. Listen carefully as you make your way through the pits. The engineer will eventually tell you to hit the brakes. Press when he says this. If you have done it correctly, the achievement will unlock before you exit the pits.

    [Credit to YouTube user Dazz for the video]

  • Complete a race using manual gears

    In driver assists, change the gears to manual. shifts up, shifts down. You only need to complete the race, so take your time and get used to shifting the gears. There is a rev counter (on your speedometer) that you should keep an eye on. The sound of your engine is also a good indication of when you should be changing gear.

  • Take your 3rd career victory

    The achievement description is a little misleading. You actually need to win three races in your career in the same season. Put the difficulty on easy and the wins will come in no time.

  • Exceed a career objective set by your team

    You can check your career objective by selecting your agent (in the trailer) and scrolling to the team you're with. Press and you should see the option to "View Contract". The objective will be to finish a certain position in the championship. Finish above the specified position to unlock this achievement.

  • Win a race where a new contract has been offered

    When you receive a contract offer, win the next race. Quite self-explanatory.

  • Meet the contract requirements of a Championship leading team

    Refer to "Impress the Boss" for information on how to view the contract requirements. A Championship leading team is defined as the top three in the Constructors Championship. It is possible to get this in your first season, by finishing in the top three. As long as your team doesn't expect you to finish 2nd or better in the Championship, top three will always unlock this achievement.

    You can view the Constructors Championship leaderboard, by selecting "Standings" in your trailer and scrolling across to "Constructors".

  • Become the No. 1 driver of a team by promotion or moving to another team

    If you perform well through-out the season and complete the objectives your team sets you, you will receive a contract offer to become the number one driver. Alternatively, you may receive an offer from another team to drive for them as their number one driver. Accept either of these for the achievement.

  • Win the Constructors World Championship

    This is the teams total points, so you're going to need a good team-mate. Webber (Red Bull), Hamilton (McLaren) or Alonso (Ferrari) are your best bet. Win as often as you can and this won't be a problem.

  • Outclass your team mate at each race, over one season

    I would suggest picking Lotus as your starting team in career. Jarno Trulli (your team-mate at Lotus) is a horrible driver in the game and nearly always finishes last. Turn off damage to make sure you will not have any DNF (Did-not-finish) results. Finish above him in each of the 19 races. If you're going to finish below, restart the race.

  • Take victory from pole position 41 times in your career

    Qualify in first (pole position) and win. Do this 41 times and the achievement is yours. Changing the difficulty to easy will make it easier to qualify in first, obviously.

    You can check how many times you've finished in pole position and how many wins you have (in your current season) by looking at your team-mate in the garage. You can also check your overall career statistics by looking at the "Standings" in your trailer and selecting your name. Unfortunately, unless you win every time you get pole position, there will be some disparity between the two numbers. Thus, you may be better off keeping track yourself.

  • Top the time sheet for all 3 Practice Sessions

    Play on easy, either in your Career or in a Grand Prix. Must be a "Long Race Weekend". Set the fastest time in practice, then accelerate time. Repeat this for the 3 sessions.

    Refer to "Practice Makes Perfect" for information on accelerating time.

  • Achieve your first pole position in a single player race

    Can be done in Career or Grand Prix mode. Post the quickest time in qualifying to achieve pole position.

  • Finish on the podium in a Career or Grand Prix race

    The podium is reserved for the top 3 drivers (picture probably gives it away). Finish a race in Career or Grand Prix mode in either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd to unlock the achievement.

  • Win a Career or Grand Prix Race

    Play on easy, any distance. As always, Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari are the best teams to choose from. Finish first, that's all there is to it.

  • In single player take pole position and win in Monaco

    Can be done in Career or Grand Prix mode. If doing it in Grand Prix mode, "Short Race Weekend" or "Long Race Weekend" needs to be selected. Qualify in pole position and win. Monaco is quite technical and very narrow, so take advantage of the practice session prior to qualifying. Turn on the race line to assist you with learning the braking points and some of the more difficult corners.

  • Win the Formula 1 Drivers Championship


    Refer to "Triple World Champion".

  • Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship on the Expert Difficulty setting

    Well, here it is, the hardest achievement in the game. Let me break down for you what the expert difficulty entails.

    • All assists off--This includes traction control, automatic gears, ABS, racing line, and brake assist (which is useless, so no big deal losing that).
    • Simulation options set to full--This includes realistic rules and flags, tyre simulation, fuel simulation and full damage.
    • The AI is set to legendary difficulty.

    The biggest hurdle for most will be the lack of traction control and the use of manual gears. Without traction control, spinning becomes a common occurrence. Even the slightest mistake and you will be punished. My advice, never brake whilst turning. NEVER. It's just asking for trouble. Go wide, brake, then turn. Do not push full throttle when coming out of a corner. Ease back up to speed, or you will spin. Be very wary of the kerbs and do not go off road.

    Learn the tracks in and out. You need to know the best lines. Also, opt for consistency. No point going flat out if you're going to spin and lose more positions than you gained. Your car setup is important too. This site has great setups for each track. For more hints, see here.

    The achievement must be done in Career, so you are going to need to wait until you get contract offers from better teams, to have any chance of winning the Championship on expert. At the end of the day, nothing beats practice.

    Alternative Method (Easier)
    Start the season (first race, Bahrain) on expert. When you get on the track, enter the pause menu and change the assists to whatever is easiest for you. You're going to trick the game into thinking that you are playing on expert. Before ending the session, whether it be practice, qualifying, or the race, enter the pause menu again and set the assists back to what they originally were (outlined above). The game autosaves at the start and end of the session, so you can trick it in the middle. Continue to do this for the entire season, win, and the achievement will come. A few things to note:

    • Do not save a setup whilst you have any assists on. This will cause the game to autosave, thus ruining the exploit.
    • You can restart a race with assists set to on, same for qualifying.
    • You can enter the garage with assists set to on.

    As long as the game doesn't autosave when you have assists on, the exploit will work.

  • Become a double World Champion

    Refer to "Triple World Champion".

  • Win the World Drivers Championship for a third time

    In the World Drivers Championship, points are awarded as follows:

    1st: 25
    2nd: 18
    3rd: 15
    4th: 12
    5th: 10
    6th: 8
    7th: 6
    8th: 4
    9th: 2
    10th: 1

    You need to have the most points at the end of the season to win the Championship. If playing on easy, you should be able to win each race, making this a foregone conclusion.

  • Chose to pit your self against the toughest Championship Rival

    After the race in Budapest (Race 12) and before Spa (Race 13) you will be asked to pick your rival. Of the three available, pick the one in the highest position.

  • Tifosi



    Win a single player race in a Ferrari at Monza

    Quickest way to get this achievement is to start a Grand Prix with race distance set to one lap and the AI difficulty set to easy. Choose Ferrari, then your driver (Felipe Massa or Fernando Alonso). Monza is the name of the track you must select. Win the race!

  • Win your first online ranked Grand Prix

    This is the only ranked achievement in the game. Select multiplayer from the main menu, then when the modes come up choose Online Grand Prix. There is 15 minutes of qualifying, followed by a 7 lap race with a mandatory pit stop. Be extremely cautious around the first corner, as 99% of the time there will be a crash.

    Win to gain the achievement.

  • Reach level 10 online

    This is obtained by gaining 10,000 XP.

    Refer to "Nifty Fifty" for more information.

  • Reach level 25 online

    This is obtained by gaining 70,000 XP.

    Refer to "Nifty Fifty" for more information.

  • Reach level 50 online

    This is obtained by gaining 1,000,000 XP.

    The online levels can be boosted if you do not enjoy racing competitively. XP is awarded for the following:


    • Completing flying laps.
    • Qualifying in the top 3.
    • Finishing in the top 10.
    • Completing a lap without incident (no crashes).
    • Completing a lap.

    To set up a boosting match, go to multiplayer and create a session. Set it to private and invite your friend. You can change all of the simulation settings and alter the race distance. The quickest way to boost, is to set up a 19 race season (all at Montreal), one lap, ten legendary AI, collisions and flags off. Take turns winning, making sure to finish 1-2. Cut corners to make it easier. You should be able to get 30,000-31,000 XP per hour following this method.

    You can check your total XP on the leaderboard.

    Head to the achievement trading thread (here) to find a boosting partner.

  • Complete a multiplayer race without making contact with an opponent

    Best done in a private match. Refer to "Nifty 50" for information on setting up private matches. If you're feeling particularly brave, you can try to get this in public games. Hope you are fine with losing! From the starting grid, move to the side and wait for 20-30 seconds. Continue normally from there. If you're catching up to the car ahead, slow down again.

    Head to the achievement trading thread (here) to find a boosting partner.

  • Beat a member of the Formula 1 2010 Dev team or player who has done so


    This is a viral achievement. You are likely to get this in your first race online, unless you finish last that is, or not at all! Finish ahead of anyone who already has this achievement to unlock it. Can boost if you're having trouble.

    Head to the achievement trading thread (here) to find a boosting partner.

  • Complete a season ahead of your Championship Rival

    Refer to "Strength of Character" for information on Rivals.

    When you select your rival, if going for this achievement you may want to choose the lowest of the three available. He will be easier to beat. Finish the season with more points than your rival to unlock the achievement.

  • Complete 7 full Championship seasons

    Commitment or ingenuity? The choice is yours. If going the commitment route, you are looking at 133 races. 44 hours of racing. However, if that doesn't sound appealing, there is an easy way out. Turn damage on and crash every race.

  • Qualify in pole position setting the fastest time in each sector in a single player game

    Can be done in Career or Grand Prix mode. Put the difficulty on easy and select your favourite track. Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari as your team. Be consistently quick through the whole of the track to earn the achievement. You can check your sector times in comparison to the other drivers by entering the garage and choosing the far left option on the screen in front of you.

  • Score a point in every round of a season

    Finish within the top ten in every race of the season. Turn damage off and put the difficulty on easy. If you're going to finish outside of the top ten, restart the race.

  • Win a single player race with all driver aids switched off

    My suggestion is to drive at Montreal, as it is a very short (and easy) track. Go to Grand Prix mode, turn all the assists off and change the distance to one lap. Difficulty on easy, flashback limit 4 and either Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari as your team. Refer to "World Champion - Expert" for advice on driving without aids.

  • In single player set the fastest time in practice, take pole position and win the race

    Can be done in Career or Grand Prix mode. Choose "Short Race Weekend" on easy. As the description states, you need to post the fastest time in practice and qualifying, then win the race. Not much I can say about this one, just set it to easy and it should be a walk in the park.

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