The Golden Child Achievement

  • The Golden Child



    You have earned a gold medal in each Young Driver Test.

    This can be hard and will take a few retries this video shows gold for every test.

    Thanks to "o H i T a N z" for the use.

    Hairpin Turn Test - 1:17
    Baseline Performance Test - 2:10
    KERS & DRS System Check - 3:18
    KERS & DRS Performance Test - 4:05
    Wet Track Braking Test - 5:15
    Wet Weather Test - 6:06
    Racing Line Test - 7:16
    Tyre Wear Test - 8:43
    Timed Lap Test - 9:50
    Evaluation Test - 12:12

  • Any tips on the hairpin bend ,it's tough as nails. Hard to get to 185mph then stop in box
  • Have you tried the 2 laps in 3:35 yet? Jesus I suck at these!!
  • Hmm...i got gold on each test but no achievement. Any idea's?
  • #3 are you sure you didn't get a bronze, they look very similar. I got one without noticing until I checked the overall stats
  • Stuck on the last one on day 2.. I'm about a second away everytime
  • Perfect example of a terrible learning curve (and game too). this shit is very hard, right from the start.

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