Gold Digger Achievement

  • Gold Digger



    You have earned a gold medal in all scenarios in Scenario Mode.

    This is found in Proving grounds and there are 4 sets of scenarios to complete, plus the classic three, make sure to use the to tab through untill you are aiming for gold difficulty.

    These scenarios involve things like stop for fresh tyres and then catch 4 cars up or manage tyres to the end of the race, etc.

    You will also have to complete the Classic scenarios section as well for this achievement.

    There is an interactive video below courtesy of TayTheDay.

  • I got gold in all but didn't get it am I doing somthing wrong !
  • Did u do f1 classics scenarios?
  • Ditto guys, I got all gold but no cheevo. Will do the F1 Classics scenario and post back here.
  • Yup, did the F1 Classic scenarios - what a riot! Anyways, got the golds and the cheevo popped.

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