Online Obsession Achievement

  • Online Obsession



    You have completed 50 races online.

    This is found in Multiplayer and can be done in Coop Seasons, online quick races or created matches you do not need to win any races just finish 50 races.

  • Glitchy!? Iav done 52 races and nothing
  • @1 did u do split screen aswl they don't count do some more and u will gt it co op races count Asswell
  • This is one achievement i just cant get, completed 69 races online and still nothing. Why does F1 still have glitchy achievements !!!!
  • don't think coop races add to this. as i have 34 wins, only 3 with split screen and the 25 online races hasn't popped.
  • scrap mistake.
  • Looking for someone to do some of the online achievements with - Gamertag: Espnb
  • anyone still up for this, and the coop achievements you may add me GT = SuperWormJim666

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