The Paramour Achievement

  • The Paramour



    Make love 25 times, or see another Hero do so.


    Simply grab a woman (your wife, someone who looooooves you, not a prostitute) and use the Come Back to My Place expression on them. Once they are following, take them to a bed and select to have relations of the sexual kind. Unprotected/protected ... whatever floats your boat.

    For the location of the Come Back to My Place expression, see the Expressionist achievement for the location of the "Come Hither Dear" book.

    Reminder - Not a prostitute. It's "love", and not "sex".

  • For this achievement, you'll need to make love 25 times. That means that you can't just do it with a prostitute, you'll have to do it with your wife.
  • The best way to get this achievement is to just start a family in every town you can and visit them when they have gifts for you or in between quests for a quickie and off back to your adventure. Try not to move more than one spouse in each town they don't like finding out they aren't your only one. Often an icon will pop up as up on your d-pad to inform you that your spouse either has a gift for you or wants sex.
  • Another good way is to make sex, sleep for 7 day do it again. Im not 100% sure but you can try this.
  • if you have a friend with it, just join their game. then have a 3 way their spouse. you should get it then.
  • What if You Married a Prostitute or... a Prostitute Loves you????? D:
  • @3, yea this is how I'm doing it, sleeping for 7 days, wife gives me a gift and then I ask her to sleep with me.
  • Do you need to have the Knothole island expansion for this? I have had marital sex 51 times and I haven't getten this achievement. . .
  • @Freeze Lancer: No you need just need See the Future DLC for this achievement.
  • If your farming this achievement you only need to rest 24 hours not 7days, I also found if you ask them to come back with you when your right by the bed, if your fast enough you will be able to do it twice, but it will only count as once on your stats and for this achievement. This achievement didn't pop for me and i only had the free versions of both DLCs
  • This unlocked the moment I downloaded "See the Future".
  • I got this- Marital Sex: 23 Paid for Sex: 2 It doesn't have to be with your wife only.
  • I had sex 23 times with a prostitute and 2 times with a wife so it can be done with a prostitute.
  • I think it also depends if the prostitute "loves" you or not. It's amazing how many people will follow you around town with hearts above their heads.
  • I found best place to do this was in bloodstone whilst 100% good. No one there said no for me
  • wat do i do if for some reason i cant get the achievement???
  • @5 that's exactly my dilema on this game, the problem is I still see her on the streets during the night, doing her job *crys a tear*.
  • i don't understand this achievement, can someone help me please?
  • #17 You have to have sex 25 times, with your five, or someone who loves you (With a heart above them) How can you not understand this
  • OK, I have boned the wife 26 times and nothing, any ideas guys?
  • I have the platinum hits version with DLC included. I have done 25 groin shots and made love 25 times, why are the achievements not popping? Any suggestions?
  • easy acheivement
  • Just make everybody loves u and make love to everyone :D
  • I have the free version of "See The Future" the achievemenet will be unlocked with this free version or i have to buy the full dlc?
  • @graemelunn your wife has to love you each time you have sex. if you have sex and she doesent love you the acheivement wont work
  • Have the free version of the DLC and have slept with my spouses 43, never had extramarital sex or paid a prostitute and it isn't popping up (pun...sort of intended). I'm going to go ahead and say you need the premium version.
  • its pretty obvious as with any dlc you have to pay to be able to get the achievements. OT: if you want to farm this the best way is to have a whore fall in love with you. as long as she's got the red heart above her head it will count. just have sex when your done, ask her to do it again, because she's a whore she always says yes. btw even with protecting you can still get an std :/ lesson learned.
  • I have married a prostitute in bloodstone and currently working on it now, i also have a wife in bowerstone i should be getting close to finishing as my prostitute wife loves me 'alot'.
  • I just completed this achievement and my logbook is as follows: Times had Marital Sex: 22 Times has Extramarital Sex: 3 Times paid for Sex: 3 Hiring prostitutes DOES count towards the achievement.
  • Im glad i bought both expansions but i dont see why this achievement isnt a normal one? weird o.O
  • Ok so this is what I'm doing for this: I married Alex from that ghost quest after beating the game(Yes I'm a girl :p) then I went to do the quest to bring Lady Grey (Gray? Sorry haven't played Fable 1 in awhile) back to life. I then moved Alex into the Castle, and Lady Grey into the Bloodstone Mansion. Every time you warp to one of them, one will say "Wants sex" under all the stats. It doesn't matter who you put in which house. I've been moving Lady Grey around a lot and it seems to work if shes living at the Brightwood farm as well.
  • i just went to bloodstone and picked up a prostitute and took her back to one of my many lavish estates. Every time the cutscene for the love making ended, I would just catch up to them as they were leaving and just re-solicit them for another round of "magic" and go back to bed. If it only gives you the option to rest make sure that they have the icon above their heads signaling that they're following you. If you dont see that icon, go and throw them another thumbs up and walk away a little bit until you see the icon appear. you dont need to rest for any length of time, just bust 25 times in a row (you're a hero dont question it) and if you see them starting to fall in love with you so they will no longer solicit you, slap them around a bit until they dont like you as much
  • I married some woman and proceeded to 'make love' with her 10 times in a row and when I completed it for the 11th time the achievement unlocked. I looked at my stats and it showed that I made love to a spouse 11 times and had sex with various other people 14 times. (Obviously the count is really way more than that but I'm guessing only 14 of those times the other person was 'in love' with me for this achievement to count them still). So it doesn't have to be with a wife/husband only. Anyone who 'loves' you (has a heart above their head) it still counts for.
  • Also it CAN be a prostitute IF that prostitute 'loves' you.
  • I put my wife in the castle, then went and opened the final demon door. Now I can't find her... The crib is still's like she said 'forget this' and left...

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