- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 65 [1320]
- Online: 1 [30, "Doll Catcher"]
- Approximate amount of time to 1350: 50-70 hours [40-60 hours for 1000 [Depends largely on how much you focus on only trying for achievements]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: "The Executioner"
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats

Peter Molyneux's long anticipated sequel to the original Fable is a terrific game. The achievements themselves are a great variety and very fun to try and collect. However, the fact that a friend can get you most of the achievements without you doing anything drags the difficulty score down.

Welcome to Fable 2. This game has a total of 50 achievements and requires only one playthrough to get 1000. Of the achievements, 8 are unlocked simply by playing through the story and will give you 450. The remaining 42 achievements will require you to perform certain acts, collect items and trade dolls online with friends.

The game offers two playing modes, offline story and online coop. While playing the online coop, the visiting player will not play with their actual character. Instead you will choose the appearance of one of several models and choose weapons similar to those owned by the host. This is important to remember when trading achievements with one another, since a player must be in your character's universe to receive achievements from you.

At the time of writing this road map, there are two game ending glitches in the game. The first occurs after traveling through Rookridge to Oakvale for the first time.

When you arrive at Oakvale, you will be told to go to the Temple of Light to see the abbot. When you arrive the abbot will tell you he has a mission for you, but wants you to earn more renown first. When you walk up to the abbot for the first time, DO NOT LEAVE. Let him finish his scene. Failure to do this will make the abbot unresponsive and thus make you unable to progress the story further
The second glitch occurs with the sidequest called "Rescuing Charlie."

When you accept this quest from Charlie's grandmother at the Gypsy Camp, you will go into the "Tomb of Heroes." The glitch itself occurs after you rescue Charlie and leave the Tomb. If you run forward, you will get the "Skip Conversation" option stuck at the top of your screen and there is currently no way to make it go away. The best way to prevent this is to allow the Hollow Men to kill Charlie after you defend him while he tries to open the sarcophagus. This will also allow you to get Charlie's top hat
The only missable achievement in the game is "The Executioner." The reason this achievement is missable is if you accept the quest at the Temple of Light to defend the Wellspring, you will destroy the Temple of Shadows. The best way to avoid this is to either sacrifice the ten people prior to accepting that quest or join the game of a friend who has the achievement and watch them sacrifice someone.

Step #1: Prepare For Your Playthrough
Before beginning your playthrough, the following is a list of useful links that you will most likely want to use at least once during your playthrough:

Demon Doors, Legendary Weapons & Expression Statues
Ruler Of Albion - Breakdown and Complete List of Properties
The Completionist - List of Expressions
Doll Buying/Selling/Trading/Giving Away Thread
Item or Weapon Buying/Sell/Trading... KEEP IT HERE!
Achievement Buying/Selling/Trading/Giving Away Thread (Co-Op Partners too)

Some of you may notice that there are no walkthroughs linked. This is because they aren't necessary. For the most part the game literally gives you a line to walk to the next location required to progress your current quest.

Step #2: Time to Actually Play the Game
And so our story begins.... The great thing about Fable 2 is that there isn't much you have track while playing through it. Some of you may want to keep track of what Gargoyles and silver keys you've collected. You can do that by taking the lists HERE and HERE and simply marking off the ones you've collected. It's important to note that if you reload your game while in a quest, all the keys and gargoyles you've collected since your last save will be reset. Once you get to the end of the game, it's time to do a little trick.

After you take the seal to the Shadow Court for Reaver, if you return to Reaver's mansion you will not be able to do anything else until you finish the game. Before finishing the game, it will autosave for you right after you spend a day in the perfect world with Rose. After this save you will have a brief showdown with Lucian and then have to pick from one of three choice cards. Figure out which choice you want (I suggest the middle one) and then choose the other two first. Right after you choose a card the achievement will unlock. Once this happens press the menu button and go to your dashboard. Repeat this process for the other card and then watch the ending of your preferred choice.

Knothole Island

Playthrough the quests on this DLC to make all of the items for "The Collector" to become available, then buy them all. Note that there are certain conditions to make these items appear for sale; see the achievement guide for a list. Complete the quest where you sort out the weather problems of the island, and "The Meteorologist" will come naturally as you play through. You will probably have collected a few books around the island, but use guide to collect any you have missing. Collecting all the books will unlock "The Bibliophile".

See The Future

There are a lot of fun achievements included in this DLC. Refer to the achievement guide for the specifics, but these will involve making love, shooting people in the nuts 25 times, scaring, disgusting and making people laugh 5 times, and dressing as a chicken and kicking some poor innocent birds.

There are a few collecting achievements in this DLC. You will need to find dyes for "The Colourist", find demon doors for "The Concierge" and statuettes for "The Con Artist". Full location lists can be found below in the achievement guide.
"The Visionary" is the only story related achievement in the See The Future DLC, but you will unlock this at the end.
Finally, head for the Colosseum. There are three achievements available here. Utilize the flit switches that will increase your multiplier getting you higher scores. "The Gladiator" and "The Multiplier" should come pretty easy if you are doing this right. The hardest Colosseum achievement is "The Combatant". This is awarded for killing the Necromancer; he will be one of the later enemies you face. The time clock spell is good to use against him as this will slow down the time allowing you to bombard him with other powerful spells.

If you are missing achievements at this point you should utilize the achievement trading thread linked above. The DLC adds an extra 10 or 15 hours onto the game and is great fun. Also, if you found that getting 1350 in this game was easy it's because Webb put a lot of work into the guide. You owe him a cookie and a hug.

  [XBA would like to thank Method and Corrupt XBA for this Roadmap] 

Fable 2 Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 66 achievements with a total of 1350 points

  • Play fetch with your dog, or see another Hero's dog play.


    So long as you have a rubber ball, you can play fetch with the dog. Bring up the expression wheel, go to Dog > Fetch to get this achievement. If you need a ball, try the general shop on the east side of the Bowerstone Market bridge.

  • Dig up something the dog has discovered, or see another Hero do so.


    For this one, make sure you have a spade. I'm fairly sure you get one anyway, but if not, try the general shop on the east side of the Bowerstone Market bridge. Then, when your dog barks and it says "Dig Spot" above him, turn to face him and let him guide you to that spot. Once there, stand above him and press down on the d-pad.

  • Teach your dog a trick, or see another Hero's dog learn one.


    This will drop with the story no doubt as you find treasure and use the books inside. If not, go to the book shop in Bowerstone Market and buy one of the many dog trick books on sale. To use it, go to Start > Items > Books/Documents and then press .

  • Convince a villager to give you a present, or see another Hero do so.


    This is a fairly simple achievement. There are times in the game where villagers will want to give you gifts. Maybe some food or a discount. If this is one of those times, a symbol will appear above their head, if it's greyed out, you'll have to socialise with them to get it coloured. As soon as it is, you can press to receive the gift.

  • Impress a villager with a perfect expression, or see another Hero do so.


    The perfect expressions revolves around the extended expression aspect. To perform one, find someone, target them with the and then click to find their likes. If they like Dancing, go to the Expression Wheel, choose, Fun, then Dancing, but instead of pressing it once, hold it down and release when the moving scale is on green.

  • Take a villager on a perfect date, or tag along to one. Location and expressions are all-important.


    Location and expressions indeed. Simply target (left trigger) and press to find out their perfect spot, perfect expression or perfect gift. Some show them, some don't, so find someone that shows the place and expression. Then, get them to follow you there; it might take a bit of groundwork to get them there and be careful of the sexes issue (women might not like women), but once there, perform the perfect expression (see The Show Off) and if that doesn't work, give them their perfect gift. I personally got it with just the place and expression.

  • Marry a villager, or attend the wedding of another Hero.


    Simple... get hitched. All it takes is the same monotonous usage of their favourite expression, preferably perfect with the odd switch around and then a ring. The success of the star rating of the ring value depends on the target of your affections. Whore's will accept 1 star and upper class will insist on 5 star. Once they've taken the ring, you'll need to attach them to a house. So that means, a.) buying one and then b.) getting them to follow you to the house and then clicking on the sign out the front and selecting "Set as Marital Home".

  • Have a child, or be there for the birth of another Hero's child.


    Simply perform "The Spouse" and then woo her upstairs for some unprotected sex. If you are having trouble bedding her, try buying the Come Hither Dear book from Bowerstone Market's book shop.

  • Kill a sweet, innocent, fluffy bunny rabbit (remember, safety's off!)


    Short and sweet one this. Find a bunny, get the expression wheel up, click the skull to turn the safety off and fire the little bugger with . Rabbits can be found mostly in the Bower Lake region and in the fields at Oakfield.

  • Find the gargoyles' legendary treasure.


    There are 50 gargoyles to shoot and 50 keys to collect.

    To shoot the gargoyles, upgrade the Ability → Skill → Dextrous Styles to level 2: Aimed Ranged Attack which allows you to hold and aim using the . Once upgraded, the gargoyles will insult you when you are within a close proximity. Hearing them will help while using this guide.

    To help with the silver keys, upgrade the dog's treasure hunting skills to Level 4 (check the Book Trader often).

    Bower Lake – 4 Keys, 5 Gargoyles
    --1 silver key - On the island in the middle of the lake.
    --1 silver key - North of the Bower Lake region exit, just above center on the map, far right.
    --1 gargoyle - North of the Brightwood exit, near a silver chest, above the archway.
    --1 gargoyle - On the same archway as above on the tall pillar.
    --1 gargoyle - South of the Bower Lake Tomb on the nearest ruin.
    --1 gargoyle - By the gypsy camp. (Available after saving Garth in the Spire.) When inside, head as far as you can west to the cliff edge and look down across the water.
    --1 silver key - By the gypsy camp. (Available after saving Garth in the Spire.) Take the dirt path in the back of the Gypsy Camp, then climb the structure stairs.
    --1 gargoyle - (“Rescuing Charlie” quest) In the Tomb of Heroes, leave the first big room (with a small pool) and turn around and it's above the door.
    --1 silver key - (“Rescuing Charlie” quest) In the Tomb of Heroes, in the next room with Charlie, the key is on the right behind a pillar.

    Rookridge - 6 Keys, 5 Gargoyles
    --1 silver key - On Bowerstone Road on the small, high, isolated island where you meet the ghost for an early quest. Statue of someone looking out to sea there.
    --1 silver key - In the Gemstone Grotto. When the bridge is down and you have to dive down, keep swimming as far as you can go and then follow the trackto the grotto.
    --1 gargoyle - To the right of the Hobbe Cave entrance. (After making the big dive from the broken bridge.)
    --1 gargoyle - In the Hobbe Cave, in the cylindrical room with the spiral ramp round the outside, up in the middle.
    --1 silver key - In the Hobbe Cave, buried before you enter the large central room with an S-shaped pathway. Dog needs to be 3-Star treasure hunter.
    --1 silver key - Around the building with an exit to the Hobbe Cave. Run around the edge and overlooking the canyon.
    --1 silver key - On the broken rail tracks, at the end. The tracks going north.
    --1 gargoyle - In the mountains on a pulley device at the end of some rail tracks.
    --1 gargoyle - In the Temple of Shadows, far right corner as you go in (before descending the stairs). Temple of Shadows is the big church on the hill. To enter, you eat 5 crunchy chicks in front of a guard at the gate.
    --1 silver key - In the Temple of Shadows, from the main room, go left. Room has fancy chairs.
    --1 gargoyle - Above the entrance to the room with the fancy chairs.

    Westcliff - 4 Keys, 5 Gargoyles
    --1 gargoyle - After the first balvarine attack, turn left off the main path, and turn around. It's above the entrance.
    --1 gargoyle - Ascend to the top of the big structure before crossing the 1st bridge. Vault down and he's there.
    --1 silver key - Cross the first bridge and look in the first shack on the left.
    --1 silver key - Found in an alcove by the water’s edge. Before you go in to the the ruins with 3 balvarines over the exit, dive off to the right and swim away from the tunnel. The key is to the left.
    --1 gargoyle - Before entering the Howling Halls, stand at the top of the stairs in the ruins and look behind you, up and left.
    --1 gargoyle - In the far right corner of the main hall in Howling Halls.
    --1 silver key - In the spiral staircase (at the top of Howling Halls).
    --1 gargoyle - On the right of the gravel path down to the docks. Stop on the first wooden part and look up at the cliff.
    --1 silver key - By the docks on the right.

    Oakfield - 6 Keys, 3 Gargoyles
    --1 silver key - In the Manure Manor, first on the right coming from Rookridge.
    --1 gargoyle - On the bridge in front of the Sandgoose.
    --1 silver key - In the corner of the field in front of the Windmill House.
    --1 gargoyle - Behind the sculptures house.
    --1 silver key - Wellspring cave, behind the first water fill up point. Left tunnel from central room.
    --1 silver key - Upstairs in the Porridge Cottage, next to the sculptor.
    --1 silver key - On the south of the lake on the way to the Temple of light.
    --1 gargoyle - On the ruins on the lake near the Temple of Light.
    --1 silver key - (“Hobbe Squatters” quest after saving Garth in the Spire.) In the first large room of the Echo Mine.

    Guild Cave - 1 Key, 1 Gargoyle
    --1 silver key - In the first big room after you enter from Bower Lake, after the big dive, in the left corner on the way to the door.
    --1 gargoyle - In the area with water, beetles and ledges. It's up in the corner of the ledge hiding amongst some stalactites.

    Bandit Coast - 1 Key, 2 Gargoyles
    --1 silver key - Halfway down the path on the left. Dog should trigger, but if not, it’s on the path before it goes 180 and above the circle path shape according to the map.
    --1 gargoyle - Down the left path through the double doors, on the left in a cubby hole.
    --1 gargoyle - At the Western-most camp on the map. Stand between the cart and the barrels at the far end and look left, up high.

    Bowerstone Market - 3 Keys, 4 Gargoyles
    --1 gargoyle - In the eastern outer wall, up the stairs, as far as the walkway takes you.
    --1 gargoyle - Down by the river on the east side of the river on the wall.
    --1 gargoyle - On the second floor of the furniture shop in the town square. Furthest room upstairs.
    --1 gargoyle - In the carriage compartment (east side of the bridge).
    --1 silver key - In the furniture shop’s cellar. Shoot symbol to open cullis gate.
    --1 silver key - Behind a locked door. In the secret passage. To get there, go to the carriage place and follow the path down to the water and jump in. The entrance is under the steps of the south-east dock.
    --1 silver key - Buried behind the pub down the side path left of the door. Dog must be 4-star treasure hunter.

    Bowerstone Old Town - 3 Keys, 2 Gargoyles
    --1 silver key - In a cellar just to the right of central in the furthest alley according to the map.
    --1 gargoyle - On the side of the water tower style building on the side of the big warehouse. On the way to the exits to both Rockridge and the cemetery.
    --1 gargoyle - On the stairs of The Felling Residence. Purchase or kick the door in, your call. It can be found, pretty much in the middle of the map, just a tad lower.
    --1 silver key - Found on the upstairs balcony of the "The Invisible Hand" house which is the first house on the right coming from Bowerstone Cemetery.
    --1 silver key - Found under the staircase in the Old Town Warehouse. Buy or smash the door. Up to you.

    Brightwood – 5 Keys, 5 Gargoyles
    --1 silver key - Available at the end of the first left path, coming from Bower Lake.
    --1 silver key - (“Cold Comfort Farmer” quest) At the southern part of the bandit camp, to the right of an iron wrought gate. Bandit camp is south of the big black structure on the map, on the west side of the river.
    --1 gargoyle - On the back of the structure on the SE island on the map.
    --1 gargoyle - Above an arch on the way to Westcliff. By the SW water on the map.
    --1 silver key - At the end of the broken bridge above the previous gargoyle.
    --1 gargoyle - (After saving Garth in the Spire. “The Hit” quest, takes you to the Highwayman Camp) In the Forsaken Fortress, go up the first stairs, take the first stairs on the right, and it's on the right.
    --1 silver key - (After saving Garth in the Spire. Complete ”The Blind Date” quest and buy the farm to enter the cellar.) In the final area of the Farm Cellar.
    --1 gargoyle - After buying the Brightwood Tower for 250k, stand by Garth's bed and shoot out the window.
    --1 gargoyle - (Archon's Knot, Location: Warp to Region → Brightwood → Brightwood Tower. Climp the Tower to the glowing Cullis Gate to Wraithmarsh. Vault from the broken wall you see there. If's there's a statue, finish more of the game.) Jump in the hole, climb out of the water and turn around.
    --1 silver key - (Archon's Knot) In the final puzzle room. (Use expression Scary → Bloodlust Roar.) (Exit and the Daichi sword outside on the right.)

    Bowerstone Cemetery - 4 Keys, 5 Gargoyles
    --1 silver key - Up a dirt road in the little camp in a small building near some barrels. On the map, it’s in the NW area.
    --1 gargoyle - Found after going through the main cemetery, up the steps and bear right to the tomb at the end. Stand back and the gargoyle is up, slightly right, on the roof of a large tomb.
    --1 gargoyle - Found up the next set of stairs from the previous one. Go up and look high above the tomb with a chest inside.
    --1 silver key - Directly behind where you just stood at the top of the hill.
    --1 gargoyle - Found by going to the SE corner of the map in the square. Enter, turn around, and it's on the left.
    --1 silver key - (After the first part of the “Love Hurts” quest is completed) In the Cemetery Mansion on the 2nd floor in a fireplace.
    --1 gargoyle - (Complete “Love Hurts” & “The Cemetery Mansion” quests.) Enter the scrapyard and look left on the large wall on the edge of that Pavillion-like area behind the tree. (Can be shot without going in the door. Stand next to the unreadable sign and look up behind the tree and you can see him.)
    --1 silver key - (Complete “Love Hurts” & “The Cemetery Mansion” quests.) In Shelley Crypt, open the first chest, return to the coffin-filled room, go up the new ramp and destroy the wall. Fire spell works well.
    --1 gargoyle - (Complete “Love Hurts” & “The Cemetery Mansion” quests.) In Shelley Crypt, in the room with invisible walkways (lit by blue flames), look to the right at the far end of the room next to a torch.

    Wraithmarsh – 6 (7) Keys, 6 Gargoyles
    --1 gargoyle - In the grass-roof hut where you started.
    --1 gargoyle - Cross the first swamp into Oakvale and look behind what looks like an old carriage building.
    --1 silver key - Before you enter the first swamped town area. It’s up the stairs in the building on your left.
    --1 gargoyle - Just after you cross through the wooden tunnel bridge, look in the next set of ruins. He’s on a pillar on the right side before the steps.
    --1 silver key - On the left as you enter the wide open cemetery with fog covering the floor.
    --1 gargoyle - After the fog-filled graveyard, just before you go under the next bridge, turn around, it’s on one of the tombs on the right.
    --1 silver key - After you defeat the next banshee, look down the path to the right.
    --1 gargoyle - (“Love Hurts” quest) In the Twinblade's Tomb, above the door in the final room.
    --1 silver key - (“Love Hurts” quest) In the Twinblade's Tomb, in the final room.
    --1 silver key - (“Love Hurts” quest) In the Twinblade's Tomb, search the sarcophagus in the final room.
    --1 silver key - (“Love Hurts” quest) Through the Twinblade's Tomb, on a grass ledge as you come out.
    --1 gargoyle - (“Hero of Skill” quest) Use the dark seal and enter the Shadow Court. Cross the spiked-floor hallway and turn around. He's at the other end, above the door.
    --1 silver key - (“Hero of Skill” quest) At the end when you hear crying, defeat a bunch of shadow enemies. Before jumping down, the far left wall can be destroyed. (This is an extra key, 7/6.)

    Bloodstone – 4 gargoyles, 5 keys
    --1 silver key - When you arrive in the area for the first time, enter the 1st door (red) on your right. Use “Pick Up Line” expression and get the key in a crypt up the path on the right (purple door, opens automatically).
    --1 gargoyle - On the middle crane. The crane near a bunch of small buildings.
    --1 gargoyle - Behind the boat launch building (has a ramp down into the water). You'll see/hear it up on a wall.
    --1 silver key - In the cellar next to the furniture shop. Open locked door inside with hit switch.
    --1 gargoyle - Swim out to sea and go right to a small patch of land to stand on. It's on the rocks jutting out.
    --1 silver key - In a dive spot at the end of the dock, near the 3rd crane.
    --1 gargoyle - (“Treasure Island of Doom!” quest on Lion Head’s Isle) Dive into the waterfall area. Up the only path, it's near a waterfall before the cave.
    --1 silver key - (“Treasure Island of Doom!” quest) Don’t enter the cave, but go to the right of it and vault down.
    --1 silver key - (After “Treasure Island of Doom!” quest) Upon returning, reenter Sinkhole Cavern and swim over to the key.

    Fairfax Gardens - 2 Keys, 3 Gargoyles
    --1 gargoyle - Above the entrance to the big castle/mansion.
    --1 silver key - Underneath the steps to the big castle/mansion.
    --1 gargoyle - (“Love Hurts” quest) In Lady Grey’s Tomb, enter and descend the steps. Before jumping down, shoot him up-and-right ahead.
    --1 silver key - (“Love Hurts” quest) In Lady Grey’s Tomb, after getting the head. Look to the right as you come up some stairs.
    --1 gargoyle - (Beat the game and do “Castle Fairfax” quest) Buy Fairfax Castle and he's in the library.

     The Gargoyle Trove is directly under the Bowerstone Market bridge in the water. The prizes are:

    • 10 Gargoyles (1st Door on Right) = Dog Tricks! The Growl
    • 20 Gargoyles (1st Door on Left) = Potion of Life (Health Meter Extension: 50)
    • 30 Gargoyles (2nd Door on Right) = Emerald x 3
    • 40 Gargoyles (2nd Door on Left) = 10,000 Gold
    • 50 Gargoyles (3rd Door on Right) = Ghoul Augment
    • Bonus Chest = Rotten Apple

    Real reward: Shoot the wall behind the Rotten Apple chest, follow the passage to the next room, open the chest and receive The Rammer. Achievement “The Gargoyle” Unlocked.

  • Kick a chicken a good distance, or see one getting kicked.


    I'm presuming 10 feet is the distance here as I kicked chickens for ages getting 7,8 and 9 yards but it finally unlocked at 11 yards. This is obtainable as soon as you start the game, but if like me, you were having trouble getting it,; up your strength stats so you can kick the blighter further. Chickens can be found in Oakfield and the Gypsy Camp, amongst other places. To kick a chicken, simply press the button when close to one.

  • Cliff dive 500 feet, or see another Hero do so.


    When doing the “Treasure Island of Doom” quest in Bloodstone, you’ll be instructed to go to Sinkhole Caverns and beyond to follow up on the pirate ghost lead. When you enter the caverns, you’ll be sent along a shaft and then be prompted to dive with the button. Do it and you’ll have this achievement. Also at Lion’s Head Isle are 15k in gold, 1 gargoyle and 1 key (all in the Bloodstone stats).

  • A Hero must achieve a high-enough chain while performing a job.


    There are many jobs around Albion that can earn you some pretty serious gold but for this achievement, all you have to do is take one and get a streak of 10 hits in a row. You can be a barman, wood chopper, blacksmith to name but a few. Remember, these are no available all the time, check the Quests/Maps > Jobs section in the start menu to see what's available.

  • Change your Hero's title, or see another Hero change theirs.


    Fairly simple achievement here. All you need to do is seek the help of a "Town Crier" and pay a small fee for a new title. You'll start out as Sparrow, so you need to change it to something else. Town Criers can be found in Oakfield and Bowerstone Market, so head there. Sometimes, you don't even need to pay and your renown and acts will unlock free ones.

  • Make bandits respond to expressions with fear, anger, mirth, and confusion... during combat!


    Considering this is only a 5 point achievement, it's actually one of the trickiest in the game. We're not sure why ... Maybe it has something to do with successfully getting a bad guy to respond to 4 different category expressions while he's trying to rip you limb from limb. Nevertheless, there are 3 distinct strategies to use to get it and we'll start with the easiest out the 3.

    Strategy 1 - The Fairfax Castle Strategy - Fairly simple in the end, but tough to get to. In order to do this strategy, you must have completed the game and amassed 1 million in gold to buy the Fairfax Castle. After buying the castle and sleeping in the bed one night, the place will be invaded by bandits. Firstly, you must fight your way down to the Throne room and clear the room of all but one bandit (preferably the small weak ones and one that uses a sword and not a gun). Then position yourself behind the throne and there is a place there where for some reason (call it glitchy AI) the bandit will not attack and will just stand there. When you have that sweet spot, stand, make sure he is targeted (red glow) and then use of of the 4 expression types on him (Fun, Flirt, Rude & Scary), one after another. Each one he should respond with a short quip to it and on the fourth the achievement should unlock.

    Strategy 2 - The Weaponless Bandit Strategy - Firstly, get down a pack of bandits to the final one and you'll need to shoot his weapons away from his without killing him ... use a weak gun may help? When you do, he'll be swinging his fists around but his reach won't be as good. While he's doing that, get a little distance and use one of all 4 expression types (Fun, Flirt, Rude & Scary) and on the fourth, the achievement should unlock.

    Strategy 3 - The Bandit & The Tree Strategy - Tricky, but possible out in the woods (Brightwood maybe). What you need to do is position a tree or clump of trees inbetween you and a bandit, so much that he literally tries to go through the tree to get you. When he's doing that, make sure he is targeted (red glow) and then use of of the 4 expression types on him (Fun, Flirt, Rude & Scary), one after another. Each one he should respond with a short quip to it and on the fourth the achievement should unlock.

    Seems a lot for 5 points, but completionists will want to nail this bad boy. It also appears that it doesn't have to be done on the same bandit, so if you must, chose 4 different ones.

  • A property must be sold for twice the price it was bought for.


    Simple, choose a property early on, I suggest Bowerstone Market, "The Silk Moon", next door to the tavern. Buy it and then fill it with as much 5 star furniture as possible. Chances are you won't be able to buy it all at once from the furniture store, so either a.) buy and then return a week later (sleep if you must) or b.) buy and then go to Bloodstone and buy it there. Once the house has been filled up. Play the game, do quests to improve your renown and also buy stuff from round town to improve the revenue and richness of the area. Then, go back and sell.

    Chances are you'll get it for that alone, but the good thing with the Silk Moon is that, if not, there is a trophy plaque on the stairs where you can attach trophies whilst in Redecorate Mode which significantly adds to the value of the house.

    Thanks to Olioster for the direction.

  • Steal something undetected from a building while there are people nearby, or see another Hero do so.


    I found this fairly simple when the shops (or even try the local Inn) were open by simply going upstairs and rustling through one of their cupboards or draws. Remember, it says undetected so don't let anyone see you and make sure you weren't followed.

  • Tattoo every part of your Hero's body, or see another Hero do so.


    Fairly simple this one really, especially if you get the two tattoo cards from the https://www.fable2.com site. The tattoos come in two forms. Head and body. Simply buy one for each from a tattooist or select the two in your items menu and the achievement will pop up. Don't worry, you can pay to have the tattoo removed.

  • Sacrifice ten people in the Temple of Shadows, or see another Hero do so.


    WARNING! If you're doing a "Good" play through, you must sacrifice 10 villagers before you complete the quest "Defender Of The Light". This occurs early in the game. If you do this quest beforehand, there will be no Shadow-worshipers to help sacrifice your victims.

    After you complete the quest "A Bridge Too Far" (where you kill Dash for Barnum to repair the bridge in Rookridge) you have access to the quest "The Temple of Shadows" located in Rookridge. Talk to the guard, eat the crunchy chicks to hear his funny comments and enter.

    Now complete the quest "Sacrificing to the Shadows".

    Go downstairs to see the Wheel of Misfortune and the lever to pull and talk to the worshipper there. (If the room with the wheel is full of shadowy enemies, you've missed your chance and will need to start a new game.)

    Go to a well populated area (Bowerstone Market or Old Bowerstone) and convince a total of 10+ people (not kids, they won't leave the area) to follow you. You need high renown for more people to follow you. If you must, just do 3 or 4 at a time. Dance for them, play the Lute and/or show them your trophy several times.

    To make someone follow you, pick a target with a purple outline and pull so they have a white outline (white means you have their attention). Then press , select Social, then Follow. An icon with two heads will appear over them indicating they are following you.

    After you have your group, fast travel to Region --> Rookridge --> The Temple of Shadows. All of your followers will be with you. Get them to stand in the middle and pull the lever. Be sure they die... a sex change is not dead. Repeat until you have 10 total sacrificed.

    (Remember you can invite a friend for achievement credit).

  • A Hero must win 500 gold at a pub game in one sitting, having tried each game type at least once.


    Firstly, make sure you have played each of the variant games; Keystone, Fortune's Tower and Spinnerbox. Each one can be found in a different area -Keystone (Bowerstone Market), Fortune's Tower (Westcliff), Spinnerbox (Oakfield) - Then do the following.

    The best way to win 500 in one sitting is by going to Bloodstone where they play Bloodstone which is a variant of Keystone where the rules are backwards. Bet to lose and you will win. Bet on the 3 outer arch, and then on the inner arch keep betting on 4,5,6,7 and maybe 8 and 9 if you’re feeling lucky. Took me about 10-15 mins to get the achievement this way.

    Note: Once you have made a profit of 500, to get the achievement, you must leave the table.

  • Get married a second time, whilst already married, or attend the second wedding of another Hero.


    Perform "The Spouse" twice, but do it in different regions. I found that having a wife in Oakfield out the way in a cottage worked and then marrying a whore in Bloodstone because they are hella easy to woo.

  • Take part in a debauched bedroom party with several participants.


    Hookers are the way forward here, so Bloodstone seems like the best bet. When they proposition you, simply give them the Thumbs Up or even better, use the Come Back to My Place expression. Do that to 2 ... or even 3 if you must and then find a bed, whether it be a house you've purchased or an inn; it works. It only takes 3 to get this achievement, you and two others.

  • Start a party where at least five villagers are dancing, or see another Hero do so.


    Fairly simple again. All you need to do is head to a bard in a busy place and then when the bard plays, start dancing using the extended expression but don't let go until after the achievement pops. You'll find bards at all the inns pretty much and for 10 gold, this achievement is yours. Personally, I found myself getting this in lil old Oakfield.

  • Get five villagers drunk in under three minutes, or see another Hero do so.


    Fairly simple in Bowerstone Market, especially if you are a loved celebrity. Go to the pub and buy at least 5 bottles of alcohol, then head outside and perform an extended dance until there are at least 5 adults around. Then, nail the finish and start handing out the alcohol as a gift as quickly as you can. Remember, Gift is under the Social part of the expression wheel and the alcohol falls under Food. 5 in 3 minutes. Simple, you can do it in less than 1.

  • Commit an act of public indecency, or see another Hero commit one.


    First, you need to purchase (The Perv's Handbook - Vulgar Thrust from the Bowerstone Market book store) or earn the Vulgar Thrust expression. Then, wander out in to a civilised place; Fairfax Gardens or Bowerstone Market are fine. Go to the menu, Clothing > Outfits > No Clothes, and then run around finding people to do the Vulgar Thrust to. Not everyone will be offended, but when someone is, they'll report you and you'll get a 10 gold fine for Public Indecency.

  • Shoot the weapons from a hollow man's hands, blow off his head and then kill him for good!


    Harder and easier than it sounds. Firstly, you need to upgrade your Skill, Dexetrous Styles to Level 4 which awards you with the Sub Targeting skill. Then, when you see a Hollow Man, step back and press and hold to lock on, then press the to select the body parts. Once you’ve shot off his weapons, left and right. Go for a head shot to get this achievement.

  • String together a full-speed chain attack, or see another Hero do so.


    Firstly, you'll need to level up Skill > Speed to level 5 (although it appears this is not a necessity) and then you'll need to level up Strength to at least Brutal Styles 3 (Chain Attacks). Then find some space, I recommend the shore line in the Bower Lake region.

    Once you have all that, all that this requires is around a chain of 5 chain attacks. A chain attack is an attack that rolls off the last attack, so pressing at the peak of the previous swing will unleash a chain attack, which is indicated by the blue swing. You need to chain 5 of these together, one after another for the achievement.

    I say around, because sometimes it didn't register that I did that many. In fact, previous to my attempt for the achievement, I did 6 together, but when I got it, I chained together 9 but got it after the 5th.

  • Hit three enemies with one shot, or see another Hero do so.


    It can be quite tricky this one. You only need to hit them and not kill them, so it's best to move in to a position where you can channel them through a door or something. Best with bandits in some of the dungeons you trawl through. Of course, you'll need to use one of the blunderbuss guns ... Try a master or steel if at all possible. It took me one and a half playthroughs to get this and I got it by luck in the end, but my second playthrough was as an agile, gun specialist. So try that.

    If that doesn't work, Xerofox suggests doing the "Treasure Island of Doom" mission and waiting till you fight the Captain on the ship and running up the stairs and shooting an arrow from the crossbow in to the crowd of ghost pirates that will rush up the stairs.

    If all else fails, try the Crucible and on the Hollow Man stage, run around, get them all to respawn and back in to a corner and shoot like crazy. One of those three methods should help you get this achievement.

  • A Hero must kill five human enemies with one spell.


    There isn't much a level 4 or 5 Inferno spell won't demolish. Notice it says humans so beetles aren't an option. Level up to 4 or 5 as quick as you can and then when you get to the Spire on the way to securing the services of the second hero, you'll be best placed for this achievement. There you are attacked by swarms of human guards and even better is, Garth acts as a decoy. Simply charge up to 5 if possible by holding down the spell and then when there are 5 in the circle, let go and unleash hell.

  • Amass a 2.5 million gold real estate empire, or be there when another Hero does.


    Simply mass a "real estate empire". Easier than it sounds and the best way to get gold fast in Fable 2. Basically, what you need to do is buy and rent out every piece of architecture you can get your hands on; whether you up or lower the rent is up to you. Obviously if you up it, you'll get rich quicker and be able to expand quicker, BUT you'll be a evil, corrupt character.

    Buying and renting is a great way to get a regular income of money and simply going to bed at night while your Xbox rests earns rent as well. So simply, buy, rent out and expand. It should not take you ALL the property in Albion for this achievement, but chances are, you'll need the castle because it's worth a million.

    To check your current real estate value, go to Start > Logbook > Stats and scroll down some.

    Significant Places to Buy:

    • Fairfax Castle - After the game is complete.
    • Cemetery Mansion - After the "Love Hurts" mission.
    • Father Gile's Farm (Brightwood) - After the "Blind Date" mission.
    • Garth's Tower - Sometime later on in the game.
    • Reaver's House - After the game is complete.
  • Collect every silver key, or see another Hero do so.


    See "The Gargoyle."

    For a 50 key case when you have collected them all, buy the Fairfax Mansion after the game to receive 50,000 in gold.

  • A Hero must dye their hair black, and wear a black outfit and black makeup.


    I searched high and low in Bowerstone for the black dye and eventually found it at Fiendish Fashions in Bloodstone. I swear this is the only place to buy this dye. The shop is on the first tier, up from the waterfall, as far south as you can go. Look out for the tailor sign. Then, go to Items, to Dye and then select everything and dye it for this achievement.

    The black dye is called Moonless Midnight Dye. It can also be found, first left on the path to Westcliffe in the chest.

  • Get all expressions, pet tricks and abilities, or see another Hero do so.


    There are a lot of expressions, dog tricks and abilities to unlock in Fable 2 which makes this a tough achievement. If not the toughest in the game.

    There appears to be 33 slots to fill (7 Rude, 7 Scary, 5 Social, 7 Fun and 7 Flirty), they are as follows.

    Rude - Play Dead, Kiss My Ass, Chicken, Beg, Point & Laugh, Middle Finger and Vulgar Thrust.
    Scary - Slap, Growl, Threaten, Scary Laugh, Feign Attack, Bloodlust Roar, Extort
    Social - Follow, Dismiss, Lute, Trophy, Apologise
    Fun - Dance, "Hat, Headband, Moustache" , Fart, Sock Puppet, Laugh, Belch, Victory Arm Pump
    Flirt - Worship, Come Back To My Place, Pick Up Line, Blow Kiss, Seduce, Whistle, Heroic Pose.

    As for the dog, he needs to learn:

    Combat & Treasure Hunting to 5 star, Roll Over, Chase Tail, Play Dead, Beg, Backflip, Bunny Hop, Wave, Hide Snout, Growl, Targeted Urination.

    All the expressions are as follows:

    Rude -
    Play Dead = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dead Handy")
    Kiss My Ass = Earned at 20,000 Renown
    Chicken = You start the game with this.
    Beg = Learned during Adolescence
    Point & Laugh = You start the game with this.
    Middle Finger = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("The Finger")
    Vulgar Thrust = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("The Perv's Handbook")

    Scary -
    Slap = You start the game with this
    Growl = You start the game with this
    Threaten = Learn at 50% evil morality
    Scary Laugh = Learned at 10,000 renown
    Bloodlust Roar = You start the game with this
    Extort = Learned at 100% evil morality
    Feign Attack = www.fable2.com and take the right crown at the end.

    Social -
    Follow = Learned at 100 renown
    Dismiss = Learned at 100 renown
    Lute = Bowerstone Market General Store
    Trophy = Earnt from quests.
    Apologize = Learned at 25% good morality
    Dog Praise/Thumbs Up = Learned during Childhood
    Dog Scold/Thumbs Down = Learned during Childhood
    Gift = Learned during Adolescence

    Fun -
    Dance = You start the game with this.
    Hat, Headband, Moustache = Win playing Pub Games on Xbox Live Arcade
    Fart = You start the game with this.
    Sock Puppet = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Sock It To 'Em")
    Laugh = Learned at 50% good morality
    Belch = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Belching For Beginners")
    Victory Arm Pump = You start the game with this.

    Flirt -
    Worship = Bowerstone Market Book Store (Book of Workship) - Upstairs in bookcase (may need to purchase).
    Come Back To My Place = Bowerstone Market book store ("Come Hither Dear")
    Pick Up Line = You start the game with this.
    Blow Kiss = Learned at 2,500 renown
    Seduce = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("The Art of Seduction") and/or "Till Death Do Us Part" quest
    Whistle = You start the game with this.
    Heroic Pose = You start the game with this.

    And for the dog:

    Combat - 5 star = All books to upgrade can be bought from the Bowerstone Market Book Store.
    Treasure Hunting -5 star = All books to upgrade can be bought from the Bowerstone Market Book Store.
    Roll Over = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! Roll Over")
    Chase Tail = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! Tail Chase
    Play Dead = In a chest in Bowerstone Cemetery
    Beg = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog tricks! Begging")
    Backflip = Win a 2-star Fortune's Tower Tourny in Xbox Life Arcade Pug Games
    Bunny Hop = Can be found in a silver key treasure chest (requires 1 key)by the Bower Lake Demon Door.
    Wave = Bought from the Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! The Wave")
    Hide Snout = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! Hide Snout") and/or random NPC, Gift, Dig Site or chest
    Growl = In a chest in Gargoyle Trove (must do the Gargoyle Quest)
    Targeted Urination = Bowerstone Market Book Store ("Dog Tricks! Targeted Urination")

    Note: If the books aren't there when you go to the Book Store, try again later on in the story, please don't ask, "why isn't this there?". The appearance of books seems to be random. Try buying everything and then going back later if all else fails.

    Then finally, to finish, you have to max all your attributes out (Skill, Strength and Will). This is a lot of grinding, if unlike me, you have the Temple of Light still available, sizeable donations could help speed this process up. If not, try and buy the Thunder Strength Potion, Expert Skill Potion, Undiluted Will Potion and the Pure Experience potion for around 10,000 gold, but they give you 62k experience each.

    If you are unfortunate to have stepped down the road to darkness early on and have no Temple of Light to donate to, then a good strategy is to buy a Thunder Strength Potion, Expert Skill Potion, Undiluted Will Potion and the Pure Experience Potion from the Bowerstone Market Alchemist and then run to the inn (or your house) and sleep for a week. You must have gold to burn to do this though.


    Note Update: Due to a recent patch, The Completionist no longer needs one of the Fable 2 Pub Games reward to complete, so you should be able to get it without the need for any extra software.

  • Reach 100% good or evil, or see another Hero do so.


    Notice the word "or" here. Your choice. Either be ridiculously good which involves saving people, do what would be the "right" choice and acting as a righteous hero (try donating money to the Temple of Light), or be bad to the bone and this can be done by killing innocents and town guards, choosing the evil choices in the two choice quests and easily by joining the Temple of Shadows and sacrificing villagers (easiest way).

    To get more good points: Eat tofu, accept gifts, free slaves, play the lute, donate to the Temple of Light, donate gold to beggars (a gift of 200k gold gives you 2,000 good points which is enough to go from 100% bad to 100% good!).

    To get more bad points: Kill guards, steal, sacrifice people in the Temple of Shadows.

  • Reach 100% purity or corruption, or see another Hero do so.


    Again, either or. I personally found the easiest way to get this was by buying property and either jumping the rent up 100% (corrupt) or letting folks live there free (pure). Obviously, jumping the rent up 100% means you can get more money and more houses and get there quicker. Remember, it pays to be bad.

    Other ways to affect the scale are as follows (list non exhaustive):

    To get more purity: Protected sex, eating fruits and vegetables.

    To get more corruption: Unprotected sex, bigamy, sleep for 7 days.

  • Reach 50,000 renown, or see another Hero do so.


    All quests shell out renown points, so do as many as you can. Quests later on in the game obviously get tougher and net more points, 50,000 isn't really that much when considering some of the later quests are worth 5k plus. Here's a list of worthwhile renown quests which give loads of renown and become available after you’ve achieved the Hero of Will achievement that is tied to the story:

    • Westcliffe Development – Renown 1500
    • Hobbe Squaters – Renown Reward 3500
    • The Blind Date – Renown Reward 3500

    The following will become available at some point after you travel through Wraithmarsh:

    • Treasure Island of Doom! – Renown 7500
    • T.O.B.Y – Renown 4000 (Bloodstone)
    • Love Hurts – Renown 8500 (Bowerstone Cemetary)
    • Evil in Wrathmarsh – Renown 4000
    • Something Rotten – Renown 3500 (Rookridge Inn)
    • Brightwood Tower – Renown 3000
    • Rescuing Charlie – Renown 5000

    Completing the game is worth 10k renown as well, so bear that in mind.

  • Succeed at one job to Level 5, or see another Hero do so.


    There are many jobs around Albion that can earn you some pretty serious gold but for this achievement, you have to go from 0 star to 5 star of whatever chosen profession. You can be a barman, wood chopper, blacksmith to name but a few. Remember, these are no available all the time, check the Quests/Maps > Jobs section in the start menu to see what's available.

    The jobs are simple timing mini games. Build up your combos and streaks to get bigger multipliers to save you some time. Time consuming achievement and boring as hell, but I think, the best option is the Wood Chopper as far as gold goes.

  • Collect all the Hero dolls, or see another Hero collect them.


    Talk about an annoying achievement. There are 6 (Garth, Reaver, Hammer, Lucien, Theresa and Hero doll) hero dolls in Fable 2. 1 of which can be bought from the General Trade store (the Hero doll (generic with British pants) but you can only unlock one of the other 5 in your game, so swapping them with friends is a necessity. You'll get your character hero doll from the Shooting Gallery in Westcliffe which is the second prize; between 150 and 175 points. It can be quite tricky, but if you concentrate on head shots; you can get +3 for every target instead of +1, so take your time if needs be... But not too long.

    Tips for the Shooting Gallery:

    • 1 headshot is equal to 3 body shots, so take that extra second to line up.
    • Practice makes perfect; learning where they pop up and moving is a good way to get ahead.
    • Try to aim for about 60 on sections 1 and 3 (easiest) leaving yourself with 30 for section 2 (although it's more than easy to get a lot more than that).
    • Sticking to one area on the shooting gallery can help. e.g. The roof on section 1, the far left of the bridge and hut on section 2 and the platform on section 3.
    • If it seems impossible to get a headshot because of the scenery, chances are the bullet will pass through it, so take that in to account on some (namely the dude in the doorway on section 1 and the dude on the far left of the bridge on section 2).
    • If you can, try and use the Master Flintlock Pistol because it has good accuracy, good rate of fire and a quick reload time, although, the Championship Pistol is just as good.
  • Inspire the Bard to compose songs celebrating your great deeds.


    Once you have done enough to warrant your own song, head to an Inn (anywhere in Albion) and pay a bard 10 gold and he'll sing about you. Very amusing achievement and the songs are entertaining as well.

  • Perform a perfect co-op expression.

    Join together with a friend for this one. Find someone to use this on first and foremost (try a populated area) and then select the same person, doing the same action and extending it to finish at the same time. Do that and the achievement should unlock.

    If that fails, try starting at the same time as well and then if that fails, try to find an extendable expression that someone likes and doing it on them.

  • Get a co-op combat bonus.

    Attacking the same targets in co-op gives out a bonus (I presume in XP), so either select the same target to X attack, or even easier, shoot them from far away with your guns (that's how we got it).

  • Send a gift to an Xbox LIVE friend, or watch another Hero send one.

    I presume it has to be someone on your friend list because of the description, at least, that's how I got it. Simply find a friends orb (speak to them and arrange a meeting place if necessary) and then select with Left Trigger, A to interact, then select Gift and literally give them anything. Hell, it doesn't even need to get there to get the achievement, my first attempt failed but I still got the achievement.

    Make sure you can see orbs first; check your settings (Start > Options > Game > Online Orbs - Then set to Friends Only preferably).

  • A child Hero must collect five gold pieces.


    Simple achievement here. When you'll start Fable 2, you'll be a wee "whippersnapper" and you'll have to get 5 gold from around Bowerstone Old Town in order to advance in the game. The 5 tasks you need to do to get the 5 pieces of gold are as follows:

    • Collect 5 arrest warrants.
    • Pose for a photo.
    • Clear the warehouse/sabotage it from the bug attack.
    • Collect the drunks booze.
    • Deliver a love letter.
  • The terror of Bower Lake must be defeated.


    Once you're all grown up and left the Gypsy Camp, you have to clear the Bandit Camp of Thag the Impatient before you can get to Bowerstone. Follow the golden quest path to find your way there are take out the 3 or 4 waves of bandits before finally taking down Thag.

  • Complete The Hero of Strength.


    The first of three of the major quests where you'll have to assist Hammer in getting the water from the The Wellspring Cave. This is story related and cannot be missed or messed up on the way to completing the main story arch.

  • Complete The Hero of Will.


    The second of three major quests in the main story arch. This time you'll have to enlist the services of Garth, The Hero of Will. This is story related and cannot be missed or messed up on the way to completing the main story arch.

  • Complete The Hero of Skill.


    The third and final of the main quests which this time has you heading through Wraithmarsh to Bloodstone to enlist the help of the Hero of Skill. This is story related and cannot be missed or messed up on the way to completing the main story arch.

  • A Hero must choose 'The Needs of the Many'.

    After defeating the Grand Spire and enlisting the help of The Hero of Skill, the final but albeit brief showdown with Lucien takes place in the Spire. Here you will be offered 3 choices, each with an achievement. For this achievement choose the "Sacrifice" card.

    Note: This and the following two achievements can be earned if you save before this final confrontation, choose one, then quit out either by powering down (or go to the dashboard, hit and sign out). Then reload your save and choose the other. Repeat one last time to have all three.

  • A Hero must choose 'The Needs of The Few'.


    After defeating the Grand Spire and enlisting the help of The Hero of Skill, the final but albeit brief showdown with Lucien takes place in the Spire. Here you will be offered 3 choices, each with an achievement. For this achievement choose the "Love" card.

  • A Hero must choose 'The Needs of the One'.


    After defeating the Grand Spire and enlisting the help of The Hero of Skill, the final but albeit brief showdown with Lucien takes place in the Spire. Here you will be offered 3 choices, each with an achievement. For this achievement choose the "Wealth" card.

DLC: Knothole Island (Store Link)

There are 3 achievements with a total of 100 points

  • Acquire all the mystery items in The Box of Secrets shop, or see another Hero do so.


    For this achievement you need to get every item in The Box of Secrets shop in Knothole Island. You need to finish all three main quests before doing this otherwise not all the items will be available.

    The economy rating of the items is very important in your quest to find the rarest items. The items the seller sells are equal to or one star lower than the region economy, so, a low rated region economy means low rated items in the shops. To raise the economy in a region simply put the prices in your shops under 0% and each time you are awarded the money from your shops the economy will raise a bit; to lower the economy, just put the prices over 0%.

    To buy multiple copies of an item, buy all of available copies of the item, then sleep for a week and return to the seller. They should have the item back in stock.

    Here is a list of every item needed, where to get it, its economy rating and the reward you get:

    Need: Regal Purple Dye
    Where to get: Traveling Dye Trader/Clothing Trader (Fairfax Garden)
    Economy Rating: *****
    Reward: Brodican Mace

    Need: Crucible Peanuts (x2)
    Where to get: Crucible Food Trader
    Economy Rating: ****
    Reward: Chasm Outfit

    Need: Crunchy Chick (x3)
    Where to get: Food/Fish Trader (Westcliff/Bloodstone)
    Economy Rating: *
    Reward: Wretcher’s Blade

    Need: Lute (x2)
    Where to get: General Store
    Economy Rating: *
    Reward: Axe of Disharmony

    Need: Monk Robe (x1)
    Where to get: Oakfield Clothing Stall
    Economy Rating: ***
    Reward: Judge’s Steel

    Need: Murgo’s Big Book of Trading (x2)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Bookstore
    Economy Rating: *
    Reward: Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit

    Need: Pure Experience Extract (x1)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Market/Potion Trader (Fairfax Gardens)
    Economy Rating: *****
    Reward: Hal’s Rifle

    Need: Diamond (x1)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Market Jeweler
    Economy Rating: *****
    Reward: Staff of Wrath

    Need: Eternal Love Ring (x1)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Market Jeweler
    Economy Rating: *****
    Reward: Greaser Wig

    Need: Marriage and How To Survive It (x1)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Market Bookstore
    Economy Rating: *
    Reward: Knothole Skirt

    Need: Pretty Necklace (x1)
    Where to get: Jeweler/ Gift Trader
    Economy Rating: ***
    Reward: Black Wheel Gang Outfit

    Need: Puny Carrot (x2)
    Where to get: Bowerstone Old Town (Food Stall)
    Economy Rating: **
    Reward: Assassin Outfit

    Need: Table Wine (x2)
    Where to get: Bar
    Economy Rating: ***
    Reward: Cascading Hair


  • Bring all of Knothole Island’s weather problems under control, or help another Hero to do so.


    For this achievement simply complete all three main quests on Knothole island. Once you've finished one quest, leave the island and return to the main continent of Albion, before coming back to the island. The next stage of the main quest will be available when you return.

    The achievement will unlock after you finish the final quest.

  • Find all the books detailing the history of Knothole Island, or help another Hero to do so.


    For this achievement you need to collect all ten volumes of the Knothole Island books. They are very similar to silver keys and can be found floating above the ground around the island.

    Volume I – Given by the guy that brings you to Knothole Island with his submarine, when you first talk to him.

    Volume II - Inside the Ice Shrine, you will need to hit four orbs to stop lightning barrier. On the right, you will see icicles that you can destroy, revealing a spot where you can then vault down. Proceed to the ladder, climb it up, destroy some more icicles and the book is yours.

    Volume III – Inside the Sun Shrine, in the chamber with the red floor, you need to stand on a blue button to open a door. On the left side of the chamber, as you enter, destroy a broken section of the wall and the book is inside a small alcove.

    Volume IV – As soon as you enter the Storm Shrine, to the right in a small alcove.

    Volume V – For this one, enter Knothole Island and go to the ramp that takes you to the Ice Shrine. When you get there drop down (Sun or Storm Totem must be activated in order to be able to drop down). Go left and keep following the path. At some point you'll see some trees (usually you get attacked by Hobbes here) turn right and you should see the book next to a cliff.

    Volume VI – Below the Warriors Rest House (left of The Box of Secrets) in between the bridge pillars (You need to have the Sun Totem activated).

    Volume VII – Next to the west wall of the Sun Shrine entrance.

    Volume VIII – As soon as you arrive in town turn left and head to the graveyard, turn left again, and you can see the book in the middle of the trees.

    Volume IX - As soon as you exit the Sun Temple, to your left, there is a book next to a dig spot.

    Volume X - As soon as you exit the Storm Temple to your right.

DLC: See the Future (Store Link)

There are 13 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Score 25 groin shots, or see another Hero do so.


    In order to perform a "groin shot," you will need to upgrade your Skill, Dexetrous Styles to Level 4 which awards you with the Sub Targeting skill.

    Then, when you see your target, step back and press and hold to lock on, then press the to select the "groin area" (their nuts basically, thus the achievement name) and fire. Repeat 25 times and you'll be awarded this achievement.

  • Make love 25 times, or see another Hero do so.


    Simply grab a woman (your wife, someone who looooooves you, not a prostitute) and use the Come Back to My Place expression on them. Once they are following, take them to a bed and select to have relations of the sexual kind. Unprotected/protected ... whatever floats your boat.

    For the location of the Come Back to My Place expression, see the Expressionist achievement for the location of the "Come Hither Dear" book.

    Reminder - Not a prostitute. It's "love", and not "sex".

  • Open all the Demon Doors in Albion, or see another Hero do so.


    There are 9 Demon Doors dotted around Albion and they are basically stone doors with a personality that will require you to do a certain task for it before it opens and gives you its reward.

    The locations of all 9 demon doors and what they contain can be found here:

  • Take a look into the future, or see another Hero do so.


    This is a SeeThe Future story-related achievement and is unmissable.

  • Find all 10 of Murgo's statuettes, or see another Hero do so.


    1. Murgo "Pay Me" Model - You get it from Murgo when you speak for the first time.
    2. Murgo "Chicken" Model - Inside the snow globe, down the well in an alcove to the left in the first semi large opening. Dog should bark & detect it.
    3. Murgo "Dancing" Model - On the beach in the snow globe when you are saving the children. Tucked away to the left near a statue overlooking the sea.
    4. Murgo "Begging" Model - After saving the children and getting the red seal in the snow globe. After the second set of stairs where the corridor goes left. Turn around and smash the wall behind you.
    5. Murgo "Dismissive" Model - In the snow globe, once you free the school teacher by saving the children, take the low path back, you'll cross a bridge, dive off the side and underneath is a dive spot.
    6. Murgo "Sycophantic" Model - As soon as you use the cursed skull and enter the new world, the model is on the left, you can see its glow.
    7. Murgo "Slanderous" Model - After you use the Hollow Man Outfit in the cursed skull and chop down the bush, before you head across the shallow water, chop the bush on the right and follow it down to get the model.
    8. Murgo "Tickled Pink" Model - As soon as you get out in to the open shallow water, hug the left wall and follow it, remove bushes and pick up the model.
    9. Murgo "Optimistic" Model - When you pick up the Hobbe costume in the cursed skull, turn around and jump to the left (dye right, model left). Make sure you jump on the rock ledge and not down to the bottom.
    10. Murgo "Mad Trader" Model - After using the Hobbe suit to do the puzzle round the lake you can't cross. The statue is the otherside ... blow up the crates and pick it up. Pretty much behind the mill.

  • Scare five people while dressed as a balverine, or see another Hero do so.


    Simply dress up as a Balverine and gather a crowd of 5 or more people (Bowerstone Market is a good place). This can be tricky if you try to hard and use the expressions. Simply use a spell and this will pop straight away. Try the fire, worked first time here.

    The Balverine outfit will be picked up whilst doing the second Murgo quest in the cursed skull.

  • Make five people laugh while dressed as a hobbe, or see another Hero do so.


    Simply dress up as a Hobbe and gather a crowd of 5 or more people (Bowerstone Market is a good place) and then pull an extended sock puppet expression (fun part of the expression wheel) and hit it on green. Other expressions will work, but this is a dead cert.

    The Hobbe outfit will be picked up whilst doing the second Murgo quest in the cursed skull.

  • Disgust five people while dressed as a hollow man, or see another Hero do so.


    Simply dress up as a Hollow Man and gather a crowd of 5 or more people (Bowerstone Market is a good place) and then pull an extended middle finger (rude part of the expression wheel) and hit it on green. Other expressions will work, but this is a dead cert.

    The Hollow Man outfit will be picked up whilst doing the second Murgo quest in the cursed skull.

  • Score a total high score of 20,000 points or more in the Colosseum, or see another Hero do so.


    This achievement sounds a little harder than it actually is. Remember, Flit Switches multiply your score, and chickens give you a score bonus. You don't lose points for dying but the precious seconds it takes to recover from being knocked down could cost you a thousand points easily.

    It shouldn't take more than a a couple tries to get this.

  • Achieve a multiplier of 10 or more in the Colosseum, or see another Hero do so.


    The multiplier in the Colosseum relies entirely on Flit Switches. As soon as you hear the announcer declare the presence of a flit switch, drop whatever you're doing and find the switch. You need to hit ten of these during the course of one game. Also remember that being knocked down removes a point from your multiplier.

  • Defeat the necromancer in the Colosseum, or see another Hero do so.


    The easiest way to do this is to use a Time Control spell in slot 2, and a shock or fire spell in slots 4 and 5. Use time control to slow the clock, then kill many enemies at once with the shock and fire spells.

    After defeating Beatles, Bandits, Hobbes, Balverines, Highwaymen, a Banshee, and some Hollow Men, the Necromancer should spawn. The achievement should unlock as soon as he dies.

  • Dress as a chicken and kick five chickens during the Colosseum battles, or see another Hero do so.


    Dress as chicken by playing the puppet show game on Xbox.com and choosing the middle crown at the end of the game.. Once you've successfully become live poultry, enter the Colosseum and proceed to, well, kick chickens. Every time one spawns. Kick five of your own kind and the achievement is yours. You big meanie!

  • Collect the dyes hidden in Murgo's magical items, or see another Hero do so.


    Snow Globe Dyes:
    Well Red: It is at the end of the path as you pass the schoolhouse. Available after you free the snowglobe of the curse.

    Performers Blue: In the windmill next to the house by the wheat field.

    Cursed Grey: In the shadow court in the hallway. As soon as you come to the first room with shadows. Go down the path with the gated entrance, it will be right there. Available after you free the snowglobe of the curse.

    Gory Glory Red: After clearing the snowglobe of its curse, inspect the house in the wheat field on the way back to the mission exit. Look at the clock inside to find a flit switch. It will lead you to another flit, which in turn leads to a chest with a note. Go to the house where the note instructs It is The is first house on the left as you enter from the first gated area you open to proceed into the village. You will notice a sign in front of it. From there you will find another note on the table. after picking it up go to the mirror upstairs and activate it with the A button. The dye is on the other side.

    Jaunty Jaundice: In the well after you dive under water into the second area. Make your way until you see a side room filled with knights armor. It's on the raised platform to your right. Available after you free the snowglobe of the curse.

    Cursed Skull Dyes
    Wisp White: Directly across from where you pick up the hollow man costume. It's in the first tomb behind, the door, in a sarcophagus.

    Balverine Brown: In the sarcophagus from where you free the first group of wisps.

    Nightly Blue: Just before you grab the Hobbes costume turn to the left and look for a space to jump down, it's right there.

    Ethical Green: In the treasure chest in the Last Beacon of Hope inside the cursed skull. It is down the path on the way to the swamp area. Just before you reach the water you will see an archway to your right take that path until you reach the gate. Use your Hobbe costume to interact with it. Then use the costume to control the other Hobbe statues to help you with the Flit switch puzzle. After that head to the open area with all the statues of heroes, using the corresponding expression on the statue by the gate to start a fight. Kill the statues and then go through the portal. the dye is on the other side.

    The Colosseum
    Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye: First you need the Wizardly Bear to get him walk along the side of arena when out of combat and over to a telescope on a dais(stand). Read the inscription then turn around and face the moon. Start firing your gun at the gargoyle statues underneath the moon.One of them will release the bear right into your inventory.

    The King Bear is behind a locked door next to two unlit candle holders. Light them up with a fireball to unlock the door and claim the bear.

    The Captian Bear is the hardest of the group. You need to score exactly 1985 in Colosseum points to unlock him. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you do not pick up any multiplier flits or kick any chickens. Kill all enemies until you reach the point where only bandits are spawning. Now kill all non-bandits, and save your game.If you happen to mess up you can quit without saving, reload, and start again. Start fighting the bandits and when you manage to get an 85 as your last two digits stop killing them and take a step back.

    Now the strategy comes in. The large bandits are worth 30 points each, the medium size ones are 25. Avoid hitting the easiest bandits as they will mess up your score . Now just simply pick off these bandits until you hit the magic number, remembering to kill them in multiples of 100(4x25= 100/30x5+25x2=200). You can also use the multiplier flit now and double all these values, as well as use the chicken kick for a 100 or 200( if using one flit multiplier) point boost. A great tip is to also use your slow time spell so you can take your time and aim carefully. Once you hit 1985 you will see a message come up saying you unlocked the bear. After this you can kill as many other creatures as you like, it will not effect you getting it. After the battle is over pick the bear up on the dais(stand) that was empty before. It is directly across from the one with the telescope on it. Upon picking up the bear you receive your last dye,and the AAA Teddy.

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