The Guild Seal Achievement

  • The Guild Seal



    Unleash your heroic potential.


    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • This is a story related achievement.
  • This is a story-related achievement and cannot be missed.
  • you will get this doing story mode I played as a good character!!
  • So this is story related?
  • @4 yes i guess so
  • hey guys is this story related?
  • This is an achievement.
  • haha cant miss it
  • easy
  • It would show more skill to be able to MISS this achievement.
  • i miised this achievement, is this cause of some glitch
  • if u also read this hahahaha is you fell 4 it
  • Story related.
  • This is a story-related achievement and no one can miss out on this at all. It is not hard to do.
  • UMM is this story related??
  • If anyone wants a good quality guide for this game, my wesite is going to have very detailed guide for these achievements, it's taken me 3 days to complete fable 3's acheivements.
  • ok
  • easy achievement will eventually happen in the beginning of the game
  • Nice!
  • easy one
  • so you need the dlc right ?
  • collectors edition has dlc already :)
  • Awesome game btw :) Enjoyed playing this one alot
  • Haha the comments on this so many people trying to be funny lol, this was such a hard achievement took me forever to get it... Lol kidding it took no time at all and is story related obviously...
  • This is story related. The meaning of that is that getting this achievement is gonna happen automatically by playing the game. If by some chance you didn't get this one it's because you didn't play the game. So go ahead and play to get it or be a douche and don't. Also if you are playing this game under your friends gamertag it wont appear on your account. Go figure. If you have any trouble understanding this in any way, then please by all means, proceed to shoot yourself in the face with a blunderbus. Thank you for your time.
  • I love this site haha.
  • Easy. cant miss it.
  • Hardest achievement in the game
  • I'm amused at how many comments are on an unmissable achievement. Lol
  • I can presume I won't miss this then?
  • Nope, can't miss it, absolutely unmissable..... unless you miss it. Which you can't.

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