For Albion! Achievement

  • For Albion!



    This is where you *spoiler* the great, big *spoiler* and then it all *spoiler*.


    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • The pic for the Achievement looks scary WTF dose it Mean Tho!
  • its fable it cant be that hard to get
  • Mandatory story progression.
  • wot do you need to do to get it
  • this is where you "masturbate" the great, big "dick" and then it floods all of Albion
  • this achievement comes by just "finishing" the game. After you are king (or queen) for one year, something big happens and you get this ach.
  • should be noted, your last "day" to do anything before the event is when you make a decision about a fort in aurora and the dwellers mountain
  • That Picture's The 'Crawler' Which is supposedly the big bad guy, but he's alrite, he kills *spoiler* tho in the end, sort of, with some help of yourself.
  • i would get this achevemnet but i hate this game its just too boring
  • its the crawler but he posseses *spoiler* and you have to kill him
  • .... i had 11mil then reset my game by accident looks like im not getting this acchievement
  • the creators of fable sed they'll intro kinect into fable WTF???
  • the creators of fable sed they'll intro kinect into fable WTF???
  • Great description...
  • the kinect cant have fable3 only shit games would you wana stand an swing a sword all year anyways.
  • The Fable games are alright. but im more into games like GTA and Saints Row
  • I don`t get it.
  • Is there any way that I can post-pone the 365 days? I want to get enough seals to open all the chests in the road to rule almost ther but need 360 more :/
  • you can continue playing after the year is up to finish opening the chests etc
  • @ 19 just dont goto the thorne room
  • Basically beat the game
  • They are putting kinect into fable but not fable 3, fable 4 will use kinect.Unfortunately theyve decided to take out guns and swords and let you only use magic.
  • final story related achievement
  • Pretty easy
  • I don't get any of these achievements after the credits :S also the achievement progress counter ingame continues after I've reached 500 kills this is really annoying, managed to get the dye hippie dye though. I'm really confused >
  • So after I beat the game, and the Achievement popped, I pushed the guide button to see it, and it signed me out and saved my game... Guess its karma for getting the 3-ending achievements in Fable 2 on only 1 playthrough... :(
  • spoiler alert! you have to kill w***** to defeat the d***n*** and rule albion
  • So what exactly needs to be done here?
  • hmmmmmm
  • This is where you "hop on" the great big "Dilznick" and then it all "covers you in me bozack sauce".
  • I beat the game but never got this achvmnt. Do I have to go back and replay this all over again?

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