Save The Princess! Achievement

  • Save The Princess!



    Rescue the princess from the evil Baron.


    Quest: The Game
    Worth: 40 Guild Seals
    Location: Bowerstone Market
    How to Complete: After accepting the quest, you will be shrunk down and be put into a game world. You will progress with ease and once you reach the end, kiss the princess and the mission is over.

    Getting knocked out here will count toward "You Can't Bring Me Down".

  • Rescue Peach from Bowser?
  • Complete side quest "The Game."
  • This sidequest is so awesome. I want to say it becomes available in Bowerstone Market about halfway to becoming king.
  • I loved this so hilarious, :) Fire Breathing Chickens of doom
  • This was the most achievement ever.
  • Easily my favourite achievement of any game, I thought it was hilarious!
  • I can't do this one! I've tried several times and I always get stuck in there! I've killed the Baron and it won't let me leave the place :(
  • Does anyone have an idea why the trophy you get from this quest is called something like: Magicka??
  • I believe I did this
  • NO ONE reads item descriptions! This is the best mission lol
  • This was my favorite achievement! It was really funny, and I loved the part at the end with the princess (because I was playing as a female hero).

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