Ghost Brothers Achievement

  • Ghost Brothers



    Make sure Max and Sam get home in time for tea.


    First you must complete the "Bored to Death" quest in Mourningwood.

    Quest: Gone But Not Forgotten
    Worth: 10 Guild Seals
    Location: Mourningwood Cemetery
    How to Complete: You need to help Sam track down his brother. From here Follow Sam and you'll end up at a Crypt in an area called Ossuary. Max will keep running away and you'll just have to follow and fight your way to him.

    You'll come to the last area when Max starts playing the organ. Sam will then join him and you'll need to fight waves of enemies until all the wisps around the Normanonomicon (book) have gone. Once it’s clear, run over to it and pick it up and the achievement is yours.

    Note: The final stage is a good place to rack up kills. Keep getting caught in the spotlights to summon around 5-6 Hollow Men at once as well as the Ghosts and you'll get a fair few kills. This fight is long so try it as many times as possible before you kill all the Ghosts!

  • Sidequest chain (only 2 quests).
  • where do i go for this one
  • After the request for you to get 100 seals the quest should become available to you in Moruningwood, where your asked to get a book from Millifields; complete one quest and the other one for the achievement is a killing spree :)
  • Its actually worth 30 seals not 10.
  • I did this quest, but i dint get the achivement .. : ( anyone having the same problem ?
  • yeah i do . there are two separate max and sam side quests to do. only pops after the second which involves getting a book and 30 seals. pest
  • I think these quests were the only reason i even returned to mourningwood :P
  • i did the quest for the book and i didn't get the achievement. anything else i need to do?
  • Getting the book isnt enough for the achievement, once you have the book wait a few in-game hours until you can fast travel back to find Sam alone. He will tell you that Max has gone walk about and needs to be found in time for tea before Mum shouts at him. Once you have completed this quest the achievement will pop up for you.
  • i did the quests....still no achievement =( when their mum comes and tells them off then they go back!! did it on 2 diff game saves aswell....anything else u have 2 do?
  • You will be required to kill many a Hallow man on this quest and even a few ghosts.
  • Sounds like such a silly achievement

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