Tragical-Comical-Historical Achievement

  • Tragical-Comical-Historical



    Help the celebrated thespians Lambert and Pinch put on the world's greatest play.


    Quest: Missing Play
    Worth: 20 Guild Seals
    Location: Brightwall Village; (North next to Academy)
    How to Complete: You will enter the Academy to find the Missing Play and get sucked into the book. You will need to complete some scenes found in the book. Choosing the Good or Evil route will still complete the quest.

    Getting knocked out at the end of the final scene will not count towards "You Can't Bring Me Down".


  • Sidequest in Brighthall. You pick it up from two guys outside of the academy.
  • i left them partying can i still go back and take them home?
  • this one is kinda fun
  • ^AGREED^
  • Fun achievement :) and just to confirm, for the last scene, pretending to be 'knocked out' does not count towards your actual Times Knocked Out, as you're in a play rather than real combat.
  • How come my achievement description says something different to this one? In fact a lot of my achievements says a different description. Weird. Btw this one, for me says: "Tragical-Comical-Historical Your literary investigations have unearthed a one-of-a-kind play. Shame it stinks".

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