The Dark Sanctum Achievement

  • The Dark Sanctum



    Reinstate an ancient, evil temple.


    Quest: Dark Sanctum chain - Peace, Love and Homicide, Excavation, Awakening & Leverage
    Worth: - Guild Seals
    Location: Dark Sanctum (Mourningwood)
    How to Complete: These quests will become available during the "Bowerstone Resistance" chapter. Complete the quests one by one when they are available and once you've completed the last one which finally opens the Dark Sanctum for Lesley the achievement will unlock. Here's a breakdown of each quest:

    Quest: Peace, Love and Homicide
    Worth: 15 Guild Seals
    Location: Dark Sanctum (Mourningwood)
    How to Complete: Lesley tell you he needs a man called Rhys dead. Simply head to Mourningwood and kill him. There’s no “Good” way to do this quest.

    Quest: Excavation
    Worth: 5 Guild Seals
    Location: Dark Sanctum (Mourningwood)
    How to Complete: Lesley needs 5,000 Gold to pay the workers. Pay him and this quest is complete.

    Quest: Awakening
    Worth: 5 Guild Seals
    Location: Dark Sanctum (Mourningwood)
    How to Complete: Simple battle quest. Lesley wants you to kill the monsters inside of the Sanctum. Head inside and defeat the waves of Hollow Men to complete the quest.

    Quest: Leverage
    Worth: 10 Guild Seals
    Location: Dark Sanctum (Mourningwood)
    How to Complete: Lesley wants you to head into the Sanctum to find a missing lever. Head inside and work your way around the Sanctum until you find the Ancient Lever. Make your way back out and hand it to Lesley. Achievement unlocked!

    You now get to see a person sacrificed on the BBQ Pit. Doing the honors is completely optional, so don’t feel you have to do it. If you do, you'll lose 50 Morality Points. From this point you can drag anyone to the Dark Sanctum for a roasting at anytime!

  • I spoke to Lesley and picked up the quest "Peace, Love, and Homicide." I ran to the village and killed the quest target. After turning the quest in, Lesley lets you know that he'll be working on opening the portal. I left the area and came back. The portal was open, and Lesley was inside in some ruins excavating the temple. You can get 5 more guild seals out of him, but the temple is not complete yet, and there's nothing to be done. I left and completed an unrelated quest. After coming back to Lesley, he gives you another quest. This time, you'll clear out the temple of a monster infestation for 5 more guild seals. I left, did another unrelated quest, and then came back. This time he wants you to find a furnace lever handle. Return the handle to Lesley and you’re done! You’
  • Lesley is located in Mourningwood. He'll appear after you've spoken with Page in the sewers.
  • if you keep going with the dark sanctum, you get a new weapon.
  • Stuck on this one
  • mine has glitched on the last part to get the lever handle
  • Ok sok you can get this after the bowerstone part...but I moved on and he is no longer available to speak there going to be another chance I could talk to him?
  • I found this quest line quite humorous, but not as much as the one in fable 2
  • Is this achievement majorly damaging to your moral standing?
  • In my game, Lesley hasn't finished completing building the sanctum yet; I've killed some monsters for him. I want to visit the temple, but I'm not seeing it on the map of Mourningwood... can anyone tell me where it's near?
  • as you leave the fort going towards the cemetery, turn left, it is just up the hill
  • This took meh fourevver
  • can i beat the game then do this quest?
  • @ Comment #12. Yes you can, I finished it yesturday, very fun and quick Achievment. Note #1.) you do NOT have to stay for the ritual, it is optional to roast the sacrafice
  • I can't get to the leverage either because I can't step on one of the platforms.
  • Does the quest affect my morality to negative??
  • Yes, this quest reduces your morality by 15
  • You should make a note that if doing this quest AFTER you have completed the game, you may have to wait a considerable amount of time for the next quest in the set to appear. I completed the game and then went for all the miscellanious achievements and thought that my game may have glitched for both this and the DriftWood quest. After collecting almost all of the keys it has finally appeared with the "Leverage" quest. Still waiting on the DriftWood quests though..... *fingers crossed*
  • When doing the quest with the furnace lever, there's a flint switch. Does anyone know how to get to it? There was a bunch of ruble in the way when I looked.
  • "Thanks for the murder"
  • If you come back after they've cleared more rubble, you can reach the flit switch. Haven't done it yet and haven't figured out how to get a legendary from the place though
  • I've done the peace, love and homicide and I've done the excavation one too. Now the guy is just standing there while people dig behind him.. and has been like this every time I go back to it for a while now.. anything I can do to get the next quest bit to unlock? :/

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