Knight Jumps Chesty Achievement

  • Knight Jumps Chesty



    Defeat Chesty at his own game.


    Quest: Chesty's Chest
    Worth: None
    Location: Sunset House
    How to Complete: After Mourningwood Fort Battle has finished you'll follow the trail to your next destination. You will come across a large set of open gates on the left just beyond a graveyard. Enter through the gates to transition to Sunset House.

    Once in this region, make sure its night (if not exit then re-enter the region). Head to the gazebo to the left and interact with a statue 4 times, then move across and do the same thing with the others. You're trying to move them to the stances they were in during the day. When done right the house will change from a ghostly residence to the real thing.

    Enter the house, read the letter and then sleep in the bed. You'll be transported to a life sized chest board. Once there speak to Chesty to make the game begin. If you don't know how to play don't worry as Chesty will cheat!

    Just play until he lobs bombs at your pieces and changes the rules. Then defeat each wave of enemies to survive the game and unlock the achievement.

  • I love chesty.
  • To do this you need to solve the puzzle to enter the Sunset House. If anyone wants more specific instructions including *soilers* then PM me.
  • Hmm, I still haven't been able to locate how to get to the Sunset House :( I've even beat the game. Well I'll find it eventually.
  • You have to be king to get there. The entrance is in Mourningwood (just after you pass the last crypt-houses heading out from the cemetery past--if you're coming from the fort side). When you enter, go forward and check out the pavillion off to the left. Memorize the expression of the statues during the day time. Come back and night and morph the statues back to how they looked in the day. You'll then be able to enter the sunset house mansion to complete Knight Jumps Chesty.
  • *Spoiler* You have to press A four times in front of each statue to put them in the correct poses (assuming you haven't moved the statues before, obviously).
  • *Slight Spoiler* There are a few rounds in "Chesty's Game". The first one actually only lasts four of your turns (yes, I won that game because I'm super sneaky, but it didn't make a bit of difference in the outcome). You'll understand as you're playing it.
  • i also love chesty and was so happy he came back for fable 3! i wish he gave me another expensive gem tho :(
  • 1st of all it you dont need to be king to enter but you do need to be king to open the demon door, 2nd it has to night time in the region so the house and gazebo look ghostly NOT DAY like the guide says its has to be, 3rd head to the gazebo and interact with the statues 4 times each to make the house real, your trail and quest objective will tell you the rest
  • You do not have to be king to find Sunset House - I got lost and stumbled into it while exploring Mourningwood after the battle with Walter and Ben at the fort. Only the demon door wants you to be king. *SPOILER?* Also, you do NOT need to know how to play chess to beat him. (Whew!)
  • i already changed the statues when i didn't know what they do. could anyone like add in which stance they should be?
  • if you did go to your house sleep till morning, go back take a look at then , sleep till midnight,come back and click them 4 times again (this one relly got to me cuz of same mistake)
  • Where is Chesty?
  • does this has to be a quest to be done, or can it be done at anytime. Cause im having lots of problems with this one
  • im lost in mouringwood help just where is this sunset house ??
  • its retarded
  • does anyone think chesty is quite disturbing? hes really wierd. but once you find sunset house its an easy achievement lots of other rooms to get to. btw xlisa88x sunset house is above mourningwood hope that helps
  • if you cant find it youtube it
  • @louitn The statues won't be able to be moved again once they are in the right position.
  • gotta love chesty ;)
  • I think Chesty is lonely on the inside and just wants a friend and someone to talk to about all of the lady chests ;)
  • Please don't take that the wrong way.
  • I couldn't find the house
  • I beat chesty's first round (the chess part) in two moves!!! Easiest cheevo ever
  • The house is simple to find. If you are in MOURNING WOOD - starting off from the fort, follow the CENTRE PATH all the way into the cemetary towards the statue, stay on the CENTRE PATH as you pass the statue and as you are going up the small hill stay left, when there is a fork in the road turn left and you will see a black iron gate - this is the entrance to the Sunset house. For me, I had to go in during the day and memorize the positions of the four 'ghosts' at the pavilion and then reset them at night, ran up to the house and found that the door had become unlockable.When fighting chesty, you dont need to worry about beating him at Chess, he will send his chess figurines to fight you and you can unlock the achievement that way.
  • POST#2
  • This is annoying as hell, I went to move the statues, screwed up the first time now the statues are NOT moving, Even though they ARE still ghostly, yet the house is STILL ghostly and I cant get in... Anyone Help??? Note that the Gazebo the statues are in ISN'T ghostly, wheras it should be. I have unlocked the demon door.
  • where is chesty?
  • rooster teeth has a good vid on this achievo on youtube
  • Found the Gazebo, moved statues, entered house, beat chesty :-) and then he said he was giving me the house but when i go outside it says there is no owner and that it is not for sale :-( Can anyone help me, how do i get to own the house Cheers, Kev
  • Dear bestest Super Best Friend, once you have pressed A 4 times on each statue in the little statue hut thing, its easy :)
  • To get this you 1: quick travel to the morter fort in mourningwood 2: run up the battle field, up one of the paths for about a minute or 2 3: when you see that maze thing, take a left and run a little bit more, and you're there 4: run forward then to the gazeebo on the left, 5: take note of the position of the statues 6: come back at night and change them to the day time positions 7: go in the house, sleep in the bed 8: play chess for about a minute, 9: kill the guys 10: you got it
  • ^ Thanks dude, your little walk through helped but the most helpful part was from Mr Colossal. Oh btw it's called a Gazebo not a hut lol.
  • i did the 4 move checkmate i learned in chess class to beat this one very easy lmao
  • Woohoo! Another glitch in this game! What a crap-tastic adventure!
  • In my game the pieces stop rotating and the mansion was half ghost and only the doors was accessible, so keep going back and forth my game didn't give a notification that I could go I. Until I checked the doors, and the poses for the statues aren't the same for every game....... Chesty was better in fable 2 more creepy this one not so much very predictable!!!!

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