Coronation Chicken Achievement

  • Coronation Chicken



    Perform a royal judgement while dressed as a chicken.


    This is a missable achievement and you can only obtain it from the 2nd half of the game onward.

    To unlock the Chicken suit you'll have to complete the following:

    Quest: Chicken Chaser
    Worth: 10 Guild Seals
    Location: Brightwall
    How to Complete: Locate the farmer and he'll give you the suit. Round up all nine chickens to complete the quest and the suit will be all yours.

    When you become ruler of Albion you have around 10 judgments. The rulings section is quite large, so it may take you a few hours to complete. The best way to do this is as soon as you're told to go to the Throne Room to decide on your brother fate, go to the Sanctuary and put on the Chicken suit. Go to the ruling and once it’s finished it'll unlock!

    This is missable as if you do all these judgments without wearing the suit, that’s it! You'll have to play a 2nd playthrough as these Judgments won’t come back.

  • Win.
  • Ha!! Classic Lionhead :L
  • Very easy. You get the chicken suit for free from an early sidequest in Brightwall. It is also available for sale by clothing venders, but I'm not sure if you have to do the sidequest for it be become available. Then just change into the suit after your king and sit on the throne.
  • I wish you had to dress up as a chicken for every achievement. Thanks Lionhead
  • loved this achievment! i played the entire game in the chicken suit so all my road to rule statues were chickens :P
  • I have the chicken suit somehow already and I havnt completed chicken chaser quest. I actually am posting here to ask if that quest is glitch because I can't get them to follow me. I've heard ppl getn em to follow after doing a chicken dance but can't get em in the pen... any comments or help with this quest is apreciated. Thanks.
  • This achievement is missable, so watch out, you have to make around 10 judgement as a king, so be sure do have the chicken suit on during one of them.
  • Shellman, When you approach the chickens (they are in groups of 3, and your dog will help you by barking when the Quest chickens are around) -- just press and hold the A button when you are close enough. It will say "Lure Chickens". Once you have pressed and held the button, just follow the breadcrumb trail back to Bernard. If you are not finding any of this, make sure you have started the quest with Bernard at all! Visit him in his pen and talk to him about the chickens. That should get you started.
  • Missed it! Oh well, now I get to play whole game pure evil chicken style!! Awsome game!!
  • I think this was my favorite achievement for this game.... It is much easier to do than some of the others and way funnier.
  • What's with lionheads obsession with chickens anyway?
  • I'd have done this even without it being an achievement - this is hilarious!
  • This is definitely one of my most favorite achievements.
  • Getting this achievement is simple. Make sure you get the chicken suit from one of the early quests in Brightwall, the one that involves finding chickens and bringing them back to their owners. You'll earn a chicken suit in order to complete the mission. Once that's accomplished, continue the game until you've become king. Once you become king, head back into the Sanctuary, put on the chicken outfit, then head straight to the throne room and make a royal judgement in one of the ten judgments that you have to do in Fable 3. As long as you do that, the achievement should be yours forever. I did this on my second playthrough, when I decided to do what I thought was right for Logan. I didn't get it the first time because I didn't have the chicken suit on, but I corrected that and now the a
  • fun achievement :)
  • The best thing to do is to put on the chicken suit on the beginning of the day (when you are a king/queen). Because some judgements require you to be in the throne room for 2 or 3 times without access to the Sanctuary.
  • lol did anyone miss this?
  • i bought the suit from a clothes shop cant remember which one though and i got the achievement.
  • I forgot to do this and have to play all the way through again. Be sure to make a check list.
  • missed it, will have to play whole game again :(
  • Almost missed this one
  • LOL I love Fable 2 and 3s achivements. I only tackle fun achivements and both games have fun achivements.
  • This one was really fun to do. If you know it ;>
  • funny
  • Chicken!
  • if u dont wanna miss out on this one, wear the chicken suit right before u enter the throne room for the first time, to decide wether to kill or pardon ur brother just press start change cloths and u get it
  • If you missed it, you can play with someone else and still get it when they do their judgements.
  • be careful, missable achivement, but so easy
  • Make sure you do sidequest chicken chaser when it comes up early in the game

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